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White Supremacy at Western, Cultural Chauvinism at Ottawa: Against Identity Politics and Multiculturalism

Against Identity Politics and Multiculturalism

Over the past week or so, we’ve seen some frankly bizarre things coming out of Canadian Universities. I’m talking, of course, of… 1,671 more words


What we know about the 4channers who may have shot 5 Black Lives Matter protesters

On Monday night, as I noted yesterday, someone (or more than one someone) shot five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis. Witnesses to the shooting and others who have been following the protest say that the shots came from a small group of white supremacists who had been hanging around the protest for days. 632 more words


Racism has never been uglier

Last week I conversed with a lefty who was gushing over Waleed Aly and venting their spleen at the fact that every time there’s a terror attack or the issue of refugees and immigration comes up in Australia, someone gives Pauline Hanson a microphone and air-time on radio and TV. 1,012 more words



I think you’ve misinterpreted these colors.

perhaps you see the sky when you get dressed in the morning, but that blue doesn’t mean you’re heavenly or something… 110 more words


Practical racism?

American history is often described as a quest for liberty. But was it? Whose liberty? Acquired from whom? These are questions that Americans struggle to answer. 558 more words


Hints & allegations

I watched a documentary recently about the ‘Black Panther Party’ in USA between 1967-75. They showed old footage of the party’s activities during these years & other footage of more prominent figures.. 164 more words

Chris Matthews: Anti-Syrian Demagogue or just stupid?


Years ago in university a close friend of mine was a Chris Matthews devotee. She imbibed his brash brand of “I know everything” pulpit-journalism the way people adored FoxNews personalities.   1,486 more words