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Some comments on race and class

My second piece in the link above discusses race and I believe that one of the ways White supremacy continues is through trauma.  (Trauma and my dad’s racism were inseparable for this little White kid growing up.)  I was reminded of the links between child abuse and racism again when I came across this article by an upper class White man.   257 more words

Child Abuse

Working this out, #1

It was never really clear.

I had gotten an inkling of what might have been going on behind the scenes, but the great problem with consciousness is that, it seems, one can only explore it from within it.   478 more words


Why a British Fight Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Matters to the Rest of Us

Robert Mackey writes for The Intercept:

At first glance, the heated argument two members of the British Labour Party conducted in front of reporters’ iPhones on Thursday, sparked by accusations that one of their colleagues posted anti-Semitic comments on Facebook, seems like a story of interest mainly to political junkies in London. 300 more words


Schoolyard Blues Part One

The tears dripped slowly down his face, as he stared into the mirror, hating the figure that stood before him. Ade was big for fifteen, but he felt two feet tall, as he examined the bruises on the side of his face. 1,780 more words


Toying with Equality

For years, toy companies have worked to incorporate a representation of multiple races in their doll lines. While adding culturally diverse dolls into the mix proved to be somewhat of a struggle for some brands, others, like the Cabbage Patch Kids, have always been racially integrated. 929 more words


Putting the Bowl Back on the Table

For four years running, I have gathered with my friends at the same dark bar every Wednesday night at the same time.

It’s a dark bar. 738 more words


Politics is one of the most popular and oldest businesses in the world. Politics determines how we live our lives in almost all spheres. Services such as housing, health, transport and education are usually controlled by the politicians of the day. 686 more words