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John Cleese Joins Brendan O'Neillism: Blasts "Lazy, Fat, Beer-Sodden Belgium Bastards."

Biggus Dickus Rails at Lazy Fat Belgium Bastards.

The world is in the grip of Brendan O’Neillism.

After Paul Embery’s whinges about Left Wing Zealots, John Cleese, star of the occasionally funny Monty Python is replaying his old parts. 430 more words


A Need for Closure

While I had a very nice trip for the most part, there were unpleasant moments, one of which occurring near St Kilda while I was on a tram. 366 more words



Flint #Race We use language differently. It affects interpretation. Some say “N” I cannot. Some say Racism and White Supremacy I cannot say Black Racism and Black Supremacy without inflaming a tinder box if spoken by a white which I am.  76 more words

What is wrong with tolerance

Jewish Haim Addad posing with his Arabic neighbour near Djerba, Tunisia, May 2008. Photo by Patrick Zachmann/Magnum

The ideal of religious tolerance has crippling flaws. It’s time to embrace a civic philosophy of reciprocity…

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Betrayal, Gossip, Rejection...

When someone stabs you in the back, 
take out the knife and cut yourself a slice of cake.

Jennifer Schweppe presents at the EU High Level Group on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance

Jennifer Schweppe, Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, and co–Director of UL’s Hate and Hostility Research Group (HHRG), was invited to the Fifth meeting of the EU High Level Group (HLG) on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance to present the findings of the HHRG’s ‘Lifecycle of a Hate Crime: Comparative Report’. 297 more words

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When Pope Pius XII died, LIFE magazine carried a picture of him in his private study kneeling before a black Christ. What was the source of their information?

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