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The tributary dynast despots of Asia

Why is the history of Asia the history of dynasties and tributary states? When one looks at how scholars write about the history of greater Arabia, Central Asia, Hindustan and East Asia, one looks history dubdivided into the ruling families of some designated period, like the Achaemenids, Sassanids, Abassids and Ottomans, or the Mauryans, Guptas and Srivijayas, or the Tang, Song and Yuan. 1,124 more words



The film BlacKkKlansman written by Spike Lee and others and also directed by Lee, is based on a memoir written by Ron Stallworth in 2014. The film is set in the early 1970s and tells the story of Stallworth who was the first black African-American detective in Colorado Springs. 789 more words

2019 Trip To Southwest United States

Chaska High Principal Calls Students' Racist Social Media Post 'Teachable Moment'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Chaska High School’s principal is condemning the behavior of two students over alleged racist social media posts.

According to a letter sent to parents Tuesday, Principal Jim Bach says said two students posted a picture that showed them wearing a charcoal cosmetic mask, and using a racist hashtag. 58 more words


Difference in Privilege

sometimes I wonder

when I walk from the market

on a sunny day

in my black skirt

proud of my shadow

does the person checking… 56 more words

Jussie Smollett, the boy who cried Trump.

In downtown Chicago some time last month, roughly at 2 am in subzero temperature, a man was allegedly attacked with a rope by two white men wearing MAGA hats. 663 more words

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