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The Forgotten Issue - Police Violence Against Black Men (and Women)

A photo of  Colin Kaepernick tweeted out by Jennifer Lee Chan on August 26, 2016 launched a public debate.  Kaepernick stated his action (sitting, which led to kneeling, during the anthem) was due to the oppression of people of color and ongoing issues with police brutality.  492 more words


#formymisses Caught up in the Headlines: Racism at the Races & Why Art Always Wins

Regardless of whether you write, paint, make music, take pics; or if you are one of the lucky few who have been blessed with a combination of talents, I think we could all agree that now is a tricky time to be a creative. 651 more words

More smart analysis from Ta-Nehisi Coates

The focus on one subsector of Trump voters—the white working class—is puzzling, given the breadth of his white coalition. Indeed, there is a kind of theater at work in which Trump’s presidency is pawned off as a product of the white working class as opposed to a product of an entire whiteness that includes the very authors doing the pawning.

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Mortal Reflection or Don't Punch Cats

When people described Dom they invariably said, “He’s kind of an asshole.” The gypsy who worked at the dry cleaners where Dom got his shirts done disagreed. 856 more words


North East, India

The recent report of the mysterious death of a north-eastern resident of India has shown the atrocities to which the discrimination against them has reached. The body of the deceased had been cremated by the police itself without informing the family, despite the missing report filed by his family, soon after he went missing. 724 more words


Crimes against humanity are sometimes left unsolved. The further evidence turned up, the deeper the mystery becomes. Equally if the offense has ended badly, it may just point the way to further uncertainty and disorder. 1,376 more words

We Earned It, You Didn't

I’m going to keep this one short, or at least I’ll try. 

Earlier this week, Issa Rae was asked who she was rooting for at this year’s Emmys. 615 more words

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