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The riots in Baltimore draw a lot of different emotions and words when brought up today by different people. One side of the spectrum thinks that there is no reason for violence and destruction of public and private property. 858 more words


I'm sorry, Baltimore

A young black male I follow on Twitter, a gentleman heavily involved in student politics and excelling in his university career, made the statement that fuelled this post:  707 more words


From Rhetoric to Solution

In the wake of tragedy, we can always be found discussing what happened, why it happened, and who is at fault. It human nature to examine problems and find causes. 675 more words

Positive Inspirations

State of Emergency? No Shit!

For Baltimore, this was going to happen eventually.  When I read the Baltimore Sun’s story about systemic police brutality back in September I was unsurprised given the history of my beloved home state’s most cherished and infamous Gotham equivalent.  541 more words

5 Examples of Our Government Treating BlackLivesMatter Movement Like a Terrorist Group

By Adam Johnson

We learned in the wake of the Occupy Wall Street movement that the government’s use of its anti-terror apparatus at a local and federal level was both routine and pervasive. 216 more words

News From The Soul Brother

"Everybody knows"

Everybody knows

(I will never understand why you would burn down your own city. If you are pissed off. Demonstrate. Government fear when the people gather as one. 512 more words


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A sorry state of affairs, but could this occur near you. Everyone needs to be listened to and understood. Peace is always a best alternative and so is understanding the needs of others.

Emojis: Inclusive or Intrusive?

By: Taylor McKenna

Emojis are a fun way for people to communicate using a smart-phone. While there are many reasons people love using them, like the fact that there is an alien, there is a ton of controversy due to the race indicated by many of the emojis. 565 more words

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