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The chasms fixed between us

A sermon on Luke 16:19-31: the parable of the rich man and Lazarus

The parable describes a way of life which starkly separates the rich man from the poor, the privileged from the dispossessed. 948 more words

Lectionary Reflection

Missing Hope and Change already

When Barack Obama ran his presidential campaign on the premise of Hope and Change, anticipation ran high for what his election might bring. Perhaps people of color reasoned that a black president would transform the nation, eliminating racism or at least quelling the ardent discrimination that still exists. 936 more words

Society at the Breaking Point

There was a time, oh, 10 years ago, when I thought there could be some understanding between the left and the right. But that gap has gotten so large now in some individuals, the hatred expressed by the far right so different than the fight for equality on the left, that it seems to me that all we can do is cut the ties… that we’re not going to convince anyone who’s determined to believe that white, cis, straight, male privilege is at stake and that they have a personal stake in maintaining that, either because it’s THEIR privilege, or because they believe some god gave that privilege as a mandate. 435 more words

In The News

They Will Come For Us

The world hurts so bad right now. The screams of the oppressed ring in my ears.

I’ve seen so many cop footage videos that have had me in tears. 328 more words


For me, Tuesdays have become Patria-Kaye’s Day.

I never miss one of her excellent columns.  Her writings exemplify what I’ve been trying to teach Booklist Boyne (unsuccessfully) for years 750 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Humanity and Kindness 101

Just a reminder that oftentimes we do live up to the word humankind.



A powerful image of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush for the ages

A striking image from this weekend offers some symbolic hope for Americans troubled by the country’s stark division along ethnic, political, economic, and gender lines. 136 more words