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The Transition from Blackness as Property to Blackness as Pathogen in the United States

(Derived from a course paper for a Historical Institutionalism class taught by Jim Mahoney at Northwestern University)

One of the central stories within United States history is that of the development of its racial regime. 3,160 more words


Nasir Andrews Goes Viral To End Bullying And She's Only 9 Years Old

Nasir Andrews is only 9 years old but she’s pleading for someone to help stop the racial bullying she’s experiencing in her fourth-grade classroom.

She is not suffering silently. 620 more words

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SJW - Some Jaundiced Words

The topics included under the umbrella of “social justice” have come up a lot in our house lately. From the Netflix show “Dear White People” to the discussion of “Gender Neutral” terms and other similar things regarding feminist-friendly terms. 1,122 more words


Grotesque Racism


The story goes that it is bizarre to single out Jews on the grounds of their being ‘just another religion’. How is it then that the Jew is unlikely to be confused with a Lutheran or a Baptist? 693 more words


Christopher Cantwell Claims He's 'Not Even a Hitlerite' But Wants to 'Gas' the Jews

On a recent episode of the Exodus Americanus podcast, libertarian vlogger and white supremacist Christopher Cantwell announced that he’s not, in fact, a National Socialist, but nevertheless believes the Jews should be exterminated. 566 more words


Blog Ambitions

Why do some people believe that ethnicity constitutes the “right of way” to the subjugation and domination of “subordinate” or “inferior” ethnicities? What are the dangers of using the term “racism” too loosely? 104 more words


Legends of Myself 107

107.  Vancouver, 1962: Juvie

Consider Teddy captured and sobbing in a Woodward’s office.  Consider Teddy now as a child precious to you, a child known to you and under your protection.  2,107 more words