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Not all Republicans are racists, but...

…it sure seems sometimes that all racists are Republican.

Look, here’s a bunch of racists holding a protest in front of a NAACP building while proudly wearing their Donald Trump hats. 188 more words

Skin and Sin

Suppose in the midst of whirlwinds

Of bullets piercing young brown men’s skins

We carry on singing in what’s His Name’s name

Blasphemy you say… 42 more words

Lisa Kemmerer in London 06.09. 7PM

We are happy to announce that Dr. Lisa Kemmerer will spend an evening with us in London, speaking on ‘Ecofeminism: Bitches and Bollox’.

Dr. Kemmerer, professor of philosophy and religions at Montana State University Billings, isĀ  227 more words


I'm So Sorry

I’m sorry for the daily atrocities that my hair makes. I’ve tried to calm it down but it just has none of it. I’m sorry. 394 more words


Silence gives Consent

Today I came across Ireland social media account stunt backfires after user cops racist and homophobic abuse online. I was beyond saddened to read this level of racism still exists in a so called “first world” and “developed” country. 503 more words