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Echo Chamber

I live in an echo chamber
The people I choose to be around me
Are the ones who reflect my opinions
Ideas, judgments, have my set of values… 565 more words

White Lies

people people everywhere
but no humanity
all aboard to flee the bombs
that nato mecifly
rained abroad to liberate
dark children from their lives
demonise and militise… 32 more words


Portrait of a Modern White Police Officer: Monosyllabic, Emotionally Deficient, Unable to Empathize with Poor Communication Skills

Darren Wilson, the police officer that shot Michael Brown recently gave an interview to The New Yorker magazine. It was meant to be a detailed, in depth article about who Darren Wilson is and how his race, occupation and the way he carried out his duties as a cop has affected the larger macro environment of the Greater St. 2,229 more words

Current Events

Philosophy and Black Mass Incarceration Part III


Hi again and welcome to the third and final part of this piece on Jason Stanley’s recent CHE article on the role of propaganda and ideology in connection to the mass incarceration of Black people at the hands of euro-americans. 11,214 more words

First-World Chauvinism

Louis Farrakhan Channels His Inner Nelson Eddy!

By Mick Dumdell

Ah, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you! From Breitbart we learn that Louis Farrakhan is channeling his inner Nelson Eddy in calling for 10,000 stout hearted men! 378 more words


"It is in Loving that we are Loved"

(Reprised from Facebook posts and texts with my priest…and a bit long)

Last month, I became very emotionally involved in the goings on in Charleston, South Carolina.  1,622 more words


2015 Purge On Blacks By American Law Enforcement 

**By Contributing Writer Clarence Kwame**

There is a trend that I see going on in today’s world, in reference to race relations in America. It appears there is a “Purge” going on against Black people with law enforcement. 566 more words

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