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Muhammad Ali

Vietnam Draft 1967

“And you want me to go somewhere and fight, but you won’t even stand up for me here at home.” -Muhammad Ali


Arrival of the White Man Pt. 6

“By nature man was not made to destroy himself unless he is guided by a destoyer. We die quickly under the guidance of the white man because he came here to live for just a few days and then go away forever.” – Elijah Muhammad…

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Oscars 2017: Better but Hollywood Still Has A LONG Way To Go

by Tammy Lee

Compared to the last 2 years where the major complaint has been the lack of diversity in Hollywood as all the Academy Award nominees were all white, it got a little better in 2017, but not by much. 529 more words

Arise 2.0

I Don't Think You're Racist...

I guess what they say is true…you know, that a good writer never gets a vacation…well…Maybe, I’m the only one that says that, or could be that I just made it up for the sake of this blog… 1,299 more words


Should We Abolish Black History Month?

Each year, the notion that Black History Month should be abolished is enthusiastically resuscitated under the pretense of promoting racial harmony. Those who emphatically oppose the institution of Black History Month tend to argue that it amplifies division between ethnic groups by serving to elevate blacks above everyone else. 256 more words

KO Essays

Dr. Luebke on the 'lessening' of Union soldier racism towards blacks as the war went on.

                   Dr. Luebke creates a very well designed argument to the popular belief of other historians that, during the civil war Union soldiers became less racist as they encountered black people in the south. 189 more words