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Trump or Jesus: We Do Have to Choose

Originally posted at Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice.

America’s new President is controversial, to say the least. Saying outrageous things concerning women or ethnic minorities to gain massive media attention and popularity, just to then lie about the statements ever being made, sounds like an absurd way to become the most powerful person in the world. 691 more words

Bible Study

The Pussyfooting of Racial Realism

Racial realism all over the western world is somewhat of a taboo subject (unless it’s to bash white people of course). People do not want to take into account that certain ethnic groups exhibit traits specific to them on average. 308 more words


On Being Black and Middle Class by Shelby Steele

Logos: On page 698, Steele dedicates an entire paragraph to logos. He brings to the attention of the reader that “class and race are both similar in some ways and also naturally opposed.” Steele explains that it’s all in how class and race are defined. 284 more words

Culture And Society

Racism is America's Original Sin

A few days ago Teer Hardy and I spoke with Bishop Will Willimon about his new book Who Lynched Wille Earle? The conversation also covered a number of other topics including the inauguration of Donald Trump, the black church, and prophetic preaching. 17 more words


The 'New' South Africa

We live in the era of ‘I’m but racist but…’ For those of you less familiar, it’s called the era of ignorance. It’s a time where people want to say that they accept everyone and don’t judge based on race, sexual orientation or religion when in actually fact, the live and breathe stereotypes. 247 more words

Inauguration of President

Stop. Take a minute. Step back from your high horse and your prejudicial thinking for a little. Today is a new day. Today is the start of making America Great Again. 287 more words

Hard Truths