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I made a conscious choice to pierce my ears

I should have anticipated the shocking reaction from my peers

“Dude! I would never do that to my ears!” 156 more words

The Fears of a Father

The other day my 17-year-old asked me to teach him how to drive, of course, I said yes I will teach you. I started to think about how this is one of the father-son bonding moments. 447 more words

How to tell if you're a Libtard Snowflake 

New terms of endearment pop up rather frequently across the internet, one such term is a portmanteau of Liberal and Retard – Libtard, you likely would have heard all about it by now, but have you asked yourself – am i a Libtard Snowflake? 709 more words


The Corporate Afro

Friday is the day of the Feature! This Friday welcomes The Move co-founder Priscilla to the Controversial side, as she questions the taboo of black hair… 937 more words


Quotations, Words, and More

For years, I have kept a document that I call “things to think about.” Whenever I come across something interesting that I want to be reminded of… 1,006 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

Seriously? We have to argue about Confederate statues? Really?

I love telling a person regaling me with tales of his or her brave Confederate ancestors that my great, great, great uncle/grandfather/whoever was a part of Sherman’s March. 508 more words


No Dream Deferred: Why Black and Latino Families Are Choosing Homeschool

“In traditional schools, both public and private, we are systematically taught that Western culture is the best culture. We are taught that the greatest thinkers, scientists, authors, and political figures are White and that there is a serious absence of talent and historical achievement among people of color. 826 more words