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Has bullying increased as a result of Trump's election? It certainly has a new quality to it

Measuring bullying and its causes is no easy task, and it’s far too soon to draw conclusions about upticks in bulling in our nation’s schools following on Donald Trump’s electoral college win. 364 more words

Several incidents of attacks, racist graffiti reported in NYC

A woman was followed and attacked on the subway by three possibly drunk men who tried to pull off her hijab. The reactions of bystanders are unknown but definitely didn’t stop the attack. 83 more words

Now Is the Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About - The New Yorker

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writing for the New Yorker, urges that now is the time to “burn false equivalencies forever” and “refuse the blurring of memory.” We agree. 230 more words

Will the next Jackie Robinson please kneel down

What is the greatest moment in sports history?

If you’re thinking of a specific play or a great game, you’re not thinking big enough. Perhaps I should rephrase the question: “what is the most meaningful moment in sports history?” For that, I’d say we would have to go back to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1947, during Brooklyn Dodgers infield practice. 3,593 more words

Richard Spencer's host at Texas A&M is the country's "Strongest Skinhead" | The Texas Tribune

The fellow who’s responsible for inviting white nationalist demagogue wannabe Richard Spencer to Aggieland (a.k.a., Texas A&M University) has actually won an award, “Strongest Skinhead,” at a neo-Nazi festival (yes, we think that’s cognitively dissonant, too) in Georgia. 338 more words

Brilliant - Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Race Paving Way for Keith Ellison...

Oh, the good news just keeps on coming. We are one step closer to actually seeing Keith Ellison as the Chairman of the DNC. We should do everything possible to ensure his success in this quest. 108 more words

White Bards’, Black Lies

…So Ezra Pound was a grandee, so to say
Since Anti-Semitism ain’t sin, “for Jews caused the two world wars…”
And David Mamet ain’t, just another anti-Muslim, anti-gay… 136 more words