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Passenger asks taxi driver if he's Pakistani before shooting him

A man shot a Muslim taxi driver in Pittsburgh after asking if he was Pakistani, in what local authorities are saying might be a hate crime. 574 more words


A Thanksgiving message from actor, writer, and activist Billy Talen from NYC .

Billy Talen is an actor, writer, and activist from New York City.  His ‘full time’ acting job is as ‘Reverend Billy’  the evangelist for his ‘Church of Stop Shopping’.  638 more words


The Frying Pan #14: Our Didactic (?) Experience

Louis wishes all his fellow Scots a happy St. Andrews Day and recognizes some casual racism while Rowan checks his privilege and tries to figure out how to talk to people. 9 more words

Gods of Egypt, the same old story

“Here we go again.”

That was the thought that tore through my mind when I saw the posters for “Gods of Egypt”. In typical fashion, the movie houses involved and casting decisions had placed the vast majority (five of six) of roles in the hands of white actors and actresses, with a token Black actor as Thoth. 563 more words


My Interview With Jack Canfield!

Check out my recent interview with world-renowned author, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For the Soul) about the Global Kindness Revolution and its mission to get 51% of the planet’s population to join the cause and eradicate racism, hatred and meanness, the underlying theme in my upcoming book: 9 more words

The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)

Watching The Mask of Fu Manchu today, one is very likely to wonder if this movie was the inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark. 1,191 more words


The Truth About Modern Racism

Some people believe that racism

No longer exists

Because they themselves don’t practice hate

They have friends who are minorities, and therefore don’t discriminate 435 more words