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Insidious Racism Is The Worst Kind, Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne, the former football star is an alcoholic but not a comedian. During ‘An Evening With Gazza,’ he insulted Errol Rowe, his Black security guard.   629 more words


The One Lesson We Need to Teach Our Black Sons in 2016

Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Terence Crutcher. Keith Lamar Scott. Those are just a few of the many Black men that were killed by police officers this year.

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Coming Up for Air — AdoptiveBlackMom

After being pulled over last week, I just needed to step away. I threw myself into work and into making sure Hope was ok. I still watched the news, but I muted it when stories I couldn’t handle jumped on the screen.

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Cartoon frog called Pepe the Frog officially classified as 'hate symbol'

A little green frog has been officially classified as a hate symbol after gradually transforming into an icon of white supremacy.

In case you’re not familiar, the frog – known as Pepe the Frog – is a meme that is incredibly popular with the so-called ‘alt-right’, a group of far-right, tech-savvy, racist misogynists who tend to fester in online forums such as 4Chan’s /pol/. 516 more words


The black, the white and the grey


The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. And when it comes to children’s literature the power of words to shape the attitudes of the child reader is awesome. 538 more words

Children's Publishing

Poem by Poetic Taee

by Tiese “Poetic Taee” Austin
12th grade, Truman Middle College

CPS done CPD’d my education. 

Seized every lesson plan planned to educate me about my people and killed my dreams. 339 more words


Listen up.

I have never been much of an activist.

I stay away from public action. I don’t attend protests. I don’t publically speak on issues. I think it’s my introverted side coming out. 588 more words