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What happened to Sandra Bland?

Sandra Bland of Naperville, Indiana was supposedly found ‘hung’ in her prison cell in Waller County in Texas.  I will start with what we do know: 183 more words

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Serena Williams is greatness and you will bow down..

Serena Williams has been a dominating force for nearly 20 years in the world of tennis. Snatching titles left and right and leaving a trail of white women in her rear view mirror. 444 more words

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With racism and police brutality in the headlines, I feel the need to engage and educate the ignorants on the issues of race and how to know if you are a racist.   562 more words

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Netanyahu Thinks You're an Idiot

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a simple diagram to explain the world what would happen if Iran were to enrich uranium.  Natanyahu used this more detailed diagram (pictured below) to  reveal their plans if Iran tries to blow them up.   15 more words

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Romney Not Popular Amongst Tweens

A 12 year boy has written a letter to Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying that if he’s elected he would be bad for America. Romney has responded by going to the boys school at lunch, holding him on the ground, cutting his hair off and calling him a fag.   16 more words

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A Beekeeping Nazi

In Nazi news, Vladimir Katriuk a 91 year old man living in Quebec has  been added to a notorious list of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals. 42 more words

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Girl Wears Racist Prom Dress.

In backwoods hick news, Texana Edwards a Tennessee high school student was recently told to go home and change, after showing up to her senior prom in a custom dress designed with the confederate flag.   34 more words

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