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Looks Like It's Still Lose-Lose For Democratic Voters And The Democratic Party In Chicago


This congressional race encapsulates all that is wrong with the Democratic Party. Here you have a Nazi (his denial is laughable) who got the GOP nomination only because this is Deep Blue district no legitimate GOP politician wanted any part of. 185 more words


9 Cringeworthy Commercials That'll Make You Glad The 90's Is Over

Sure, we see racist, tone deaf, cringeworthy ads all the time these days. But in the 90’s, it seemed as if there was no filter or fear of offending anyone — which means they went there when it come to advertisements. 98 more words


racist Donald Trump's Bump and Grind is coming back to haunt him

all these women coming forward and are threatening to turning

the money in and would rather fess up about the sleazy

and arrogant  Bum He truly is. 52 more words

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The Racist Game - Fanning The Flames

Please pardon me while I call out at least one derp from the caverns filled with batty-type creatures

– So here we are in Texas, experiencing an exploding packages epidemic.  70 more words


Hotel Boss in the news for all the wrong reasons

I saw this review posted on the reviews column of the Hotel Boss favebook page. In case you all do not know, Hotel Boss is a hotel located along Syed Alwi Road. 688 more words


Racist Screams At Black Flight Attendant

It’s rough in the friendly skies. There have been countless reports of racism on airplanes, from Maxine Waters being stalked while onboard to a Black female doctor being ignored who was trying to help someone in need of medical assistance. 179 more words

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