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Racial Insensitivity: Alive and Well at Saks Fifth Avenue

**CRAP. I didn’t realize until after I posted this that I initially spelled “fifth” wrong in the title. Forgive me, I typed this whole entry on my IPhone. 904 more words

Billy Bob Craker's Interview with Bro. Tevin X

In this heated and akward interview between KKK member, Billy Bob Cracker, and host Bro. Tevin X where they discuss racial and sensitive topics such as the KKK agenda and why the KKK hate minorities. 15 more words


Former Orioles Outfielder Delmon Young Arrested In Miami

The current free agent is facing charges of battery after a fight with a hotel valet, in which he grabbed the employee by the neck and threatened to kill him after being denied admission to the hotel night club.  177 more words


Hunger and Principle

I’m reluctant to say anything bad about Mr. Trump cause bad’s about all they can say about him. The last I heard he told Mr. Bush to shut up, even though I don’t think he actually said shut up, but that’s what Sundays online headers said about Mr Trump not wanting to hear Mr. 180 more words


What do you Choose to say

Wow, we really do love going around calling each other racists. How we use it as a tool to beat each other over the head and point the judgemental finger. 143 more words



Merriam Webster defines Racism as

Full Definition of racism

  1. 1 :  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that…

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European Migrant Crisis

Rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric….the word of the day!

The current European migrant crisis seems to be fanning European nationalism. Although there is nothing wrong with being proud of your own country, it seems that when Europe enters a state of nationalism racist and bigoted rhetoric go hand in hand. 205 more words