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Utah man gets 9 months after calling child the N-word, goes on racist rant in court

A Utah man has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment for calling a seven-year-old boy the N-word before injuring his father with a stun gun. 441 more words


Racist Donald Trump saying if you don't stand for the national anthem you should leave the country?

leave it to this racist bigot to say this mess and why is he so deep in his feelings

about the NFL anyway? he truly doesn’t hide his Mask against Black People… 42 more words


racist donald trump wants a cookie for given Boxer Jack Johnson a Pardon

no big deal because racist Donald Trump wants to override his racist tirades against Black People and Black Athletes talking about the National Anthem.

Jack Johnson One of the Greatest Boxers ever who was falsely accused… 64 more words

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Bigoted or Just Ignorant? The Ultimate Test (IMO)

Some of you are very irritated by the change in times and the need to be “politically correct.” Some of you have been called “racist” or “sexist” or “homophobic” simply for stating your beliefs and it just doesn’t seem fair. 803 more words

A white woman sees a black man inspecting a house and calls the cops. But there's a twist!

The police show up — and arrests, or angry conversations, or cries of racism follow.

That seemed to be the trajectory of an incident in Memphis earlier this month, but then there was an unusual twist. 572 more words

Racist White Woman Doesn't Want Black Men in Her Neighborhood!

James Ochoa made a U-turn on a street in a suburban neighborhood in Nevada. A white woman by the name of Summer Berlinger demanded to know why he was on her street, began yelling “Help! 35 more words

racist NFL and Racist Roger Goodell pass there lame Anthem Policy

they are allowing players to stay in the locker room. if you take a knee on  the field they can either fine you or a 15 yard penalty.  83 more words