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Matt Gurney: Union darling Pat Martin misses the point on legal fund donations

In 2012, NDP Pat Martin did something he no doubt wishes he could take back. It was during the height of the robocalls scandal, in which automatically dialled telephone calls played a recorded message that lied to voters in an Ontario riding about where their polling station was. 632 more words

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CRTC hands out robocall fines to federal Tories, NDP, individual MPs and voter-contact company

OTTAWA — The CRTC took aggressive steps to police political robocalls on Wednesday, fining MPs, political parties and the call-centre company that was used to send out the “Pierre Poutine” robocall on election day. 970 more words


Saskatchewan, Robo-Calls, and Dirty Politics

Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher of the Ottawa Citizen recently caught the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) playing dirty politics.

Our story begins Thursday, February 1st, when: 1,280 more words

A Robocall (transcript)

The following was recorded in Guelph in the late April 2011.

Caller: Hello, I am calling from Elections Canada my name is Pierre.

Recipient: What is this about? 253 more words


Harper says controversial polling call in Saskatchewan followed the rules

OTTAWA – The prime minister said Wednesday that a controversial “push poll” in Saskatchewan followed all the rules, hours after a senior Conservative MP from that province denounced the robocall as “deceptive” and said the party’s political director should be held responsible. 710 more words


Matt Gurney: Sharp-tongued NDP MP needs to borrow a few bucks for a lawyer

Brother, can you spare 2.5 million dimes?

NDP MP Pat Martin, known for never hesitating to cram his foot into his mouth, is taking donations… 650 more words

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NDP's Pat Martin asks for help against robocall defamation suit

Pat Martin has a new cause: Save Me From my Mouth.

The Winnipeg MP, famous for saying whatever flits through his brain, is in trouble for allegedly defaming RackNine, Inc., the telemarketing firm that got caught up in the robocall controversy. 358 more words

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