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Amazon hones its cloud update process

Remember that planned Xen-related reboot Amazon Web Services warned about last week? Well, things went better than planned, according to an updated blog post Monday. 135 more words

Add IBM cloud to the list of reboots to come

The latest Xen hypervisor vulnerabilities are forcing IBM to reboot some customers’ cloud instances between now and March 10. The vendor sent out an alert to affected IBM SoftLayer customers on Friday, the same day Linode alerted its customers. 108 more words

Xen security issue prompts Amazon, Rackspace cloud reboots

Amazon Web Services and Rackspace are warning their customers of upcoming reboots they’re taking to address a new Xen hypervisor security issue.

In a premium support bulletin… 217 more words

AWS maintains lead in public cloud, but Azure inches forward

Amazon Web Services continues to dominate public cloud usage across the board, but Microsoft Azure is making strides at least in business accounts, according to a new RightScale survey. 458 more words

Private cloud? Public cloud? Rackspace erases the difference

Rackspace is going to stop distinguishing between the money it makes from public cloud and what it derives from “dedicated” cloud, a category that encompasses a bunch of options. 321 more words

Here's a new "drop-in" EC2 API for OpenStackers who want it

Many news cycles have been burned on the debate over whether OpenStack-based cloud providers should or need to support the major Amazon Web Services APIs. 396 more words

I Need To Seek Employment Today - And This

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests? The ones with the actually semi-informative, semi-accurate Myers-Briggs results? I took one for fun, (not because I wonder day in and day out what exactly is wrong with me), and discovered that I am an I.N.F.P. 395 more words