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The 6 Most Shorted NYSE Stocks

Summer is in full swing, and judging by the moves in the six most shorted stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange between June 30 and July 14, short sellers are not sure on what to make of major indexes remaining near all-time highs even though the bull run is well more than eight years old now. 1,051 more words


New Belgium Glütiny Pale Ale

/light, muss yellow shade
/just no foam
/funny how the green skull on the label calls for Gluten Free brew, where it was crafted to remove Gluten. 15 more words


Blogging or Nah?

I grabbed this blog name two years ago when we were PCSing and I thought I needed an outlet. Zero posts later I am back and truly need a space to talk about whatever. 441 more words


Set up to fail

So, I use this blog almost as a diary. Welcome to my thoughts…

I have been thinking about all things middle child, wondering why this has been so hard. 366 more words

Working hard

Working hard on trying to find solutions. We found an inexpensive daycare option in a nearby town that will be only slightly out of the way for drop off and pick up for my husband on his work commute. 186 more words

Temporary or not

Hubby and middle are staying in tje yard in the camper. It has been 2 nights, and hubby is already crabby about it.

He has been apologetic. 57 more words