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Camping in a war zone

Sunday should have been an easy day.

We got the call early…church was canceled.

The roads were bad. The snow was coming down.

We were all excited at the thought of a stay at home, nowhere to go, snowed in, sort of day. 1,137 more words

The Order: 1886

There is an unwritten but incredibly important rule in film making: The greatest crime a film can commit is being boring. It doesn’t matter if its good, bad, or otherwise, as long as your movie is engaging, the viewer will have gotten something out of it. 1,082 more words

Full Reviews

Psych Assessment Pt 2-Frozen

Today was the day that we did part one of three of my psych assessment. Oh boy! I learned so much about myself. It was very unpleasant. 121 more words


Three things about RAD in Mount Eden

1. They make the best coffee in Mount Eden Village, hands down. I don’t know how such a central, wealthy suburb had survived so long without any decent coffee outlets but RAD’s fixed all that now. 116 more words

Places To Eat

How May I Serve?

I’ve found that when you seriously ask the above question, and then wait for the answer, you get what you asked for. The doors get blown off your life, the wheels go missing, your Universe expands, and just when you think it’s all falling apart, it comes back together. 788 more words


Not Guilty

We are home now and the trial is over.  Unfathomably, the jury acquitted the man who sexually abused Mayiah for two years (from the ages of 4-6).  3,246 more words

Norin & Rad - Bird is the Word

This Norin & Rad track is everything fidget house should be; simple but big.