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polar bear plunge

Tanelle and Butter prepare for the plunge.

This post is a little different than usual for palliserpass. Last night Larry (my good neighbour), Byron (my other good neighbour) and I took part in a Polar Bear Plunge. 289 more words

Playing the Victim

I was once set a meme on facebook that said

Some days it feels a little bit more like Hostage Negotiating with a band of drunken Bi-Polar Pirates than actual parenting… 889 more words


Sacrifice | A Conor Wallace Story

One of the coolest dudes you will ever meet, Conor Wallace is unique from a lot of those that inhabit our sport today. He didn’t grow up with a lot of money, nor did he have a family that was 100% dedicated to the sport & his success in it. 115 more words


Grace makes beauty

The song “Grace “by U2 always comes to mind when I think about how I’ve raised these two children.

Grace finds beauty

In everything

And I have, they are beautiful in every sense of the definition, but they have had and still have their ugly days, ugly minutes, ugly seconds, weeks and months. 1,104 more words


I's love you forever mommy

Where do I start? My world is made up of many different things. I have one child the sees things so beautiful and bright most days, I have one that sees things negative and always someones else’s fault, and then I have a few who fall in the middle. 1,823 more words


Training again

Unfortunately, I had to temporarily stop training due to the ‘flu. After a break of 11 days, I had obviously taken a step backwards, but I’m pleased to say that today, the 4th day back on track, I once again managed 10 kilometers whilst also increasing the resistance and used 200 calories. 177 more words



(Standing Alone)


It’s a cross between snobbery and snubbed

Trust me its real, I checked it out on Urban Dictionary 

It happens in communities whether they be online or face to face. 737 more words