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Shahid Kapoor engaged and ready to tie the knot in December?

Sorry ladies, but it looks like one of Bollywood’s most eligible bachelors’ is now off the market. Shahid Kapoor is reportedly set to tie the knot in December of this year. 131 more words


The Pain of Seperation

Love is painful because it has separation in it; it wants to merge. Unless it becomes another being, it is separated, and separation is always painful; so love is painful. 288 more words


How to Generate Energy for Soul??

Do we really feel, we are week and there is something else we are missing and we are doing excess of lethargic activities. Do you really feel Hungary? 120 more words

Santmat Discussion....

Do you have freedom to live your life ?

What do we know about freedom and life without restrictions? We do consist of soul and a power which is not in our favor. This Negative power is the source of our weakness. 125 more words

Santmat Discussion....

On MOKSHA (Liberation)

We should always think that this is our last birth, that I’m going to achieve everything in this life.

Charan Singh (spiritual perspectives vol III, 373)



The Radha Soami Satsang Beas, under the guidance of Charan Singh and responding to an immediate need, started a small eye clinic for the many cataract sufferers in the surrounding area of the Punjab, where the affliction is caused by silicaceous dusts in the soil. 313 more words


counterexample publication extant letterhead heavenward

Lesley refuted all my criticisms of her art posthumously. Tidying her effects, I found a series of pencil drawings tucked into folders and hidden under a bed in her studio. 530 more words