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Mahalia, etc

5/02-5/04, 2016, #237. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #Mahalia #tomodell #the1975 #poliça #radiationcity

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For fans of: Tame Impala, Beach House, Lower Dens, David Bowie, Blonde Redhead 340 more words

Hidden Gems

10 LPs/EPs – February 2016

10: Cavern of Anti-Matter – void beats/invocation trex

Duphonic Records – 19/02/2016

Stereolab’s Tim Gane set up this project and added the likes of the erratic Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox to the fray. 520 more words

Charli XCX

Music Park: Deep Sea Diver @ DC9 -- 2/29/16

Deep Sea Diver (Photo Courtesy of Force Field PR)

There was a moment in Deep Sea Diver’s set at DC9 on February 29th, where lead singer Jessica Dobson suddenly ignited and the energy level ratcheted up to 11. 425 more words

Music Park

Music Park: Radiation City @ DC9 -- 2/29/16

Radiation City (from left to right): Dasha Shleyeva, Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Randy Bemrose, Patti King (Photo by Holly Andres)

Radiation City’s musical renewal with their third full-length album, Synesthetica (released Feb. 644 more words

Music Park

Synesthetica by Radiation City

You step through the gelatinous doorway at the entrance of a night club known as Jel. A creature with six eyes and turquoise skin hands you a glowing beverage from a platter, which you take it and drink up, loosening your limbs to the perfect degree. 241 more words

Album "Reviews"

Radiation City - Synesthetica (2016): Review

Label – Polyvinyl

Formed in 2010, Portland’s Radiation City have been forging a reputation for sweet dream/synth pop and their third long player “Synesthetica” may be the point at which they break out from beyond the confines of the occasional bloggers compliments to a mainstream audience they richly deserve. 199 more words