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'Snot Good

For reasons that escape me, there is a statue of Florence Nightingale in the lobby of Tokyo Medical Center, where I get my daily dose of radiation. 384 more words

The Real Face of Cancer

Back in July, the face of cancer was a scary one.  It was normal on the outside, but very fearful and nervous on the inside.  It was a face of the unknown.   967 more words


Radioactive Diamond Batteries: Making Good Use Of Nuclear Waste

(Source: www.forbes.com)

A research team at the University of Bristol has developed a way to use a type of nuclear waste to generate electricity in a… 685 more words

Money Matters

22 seconds

I have 22 seconds of treatment left… ever… forever. This cancer is gone; everything I’ve done is enough, and tomorrow I close the book on this chapter. 294 more words


November 19, 2017 Infected port // Entzündeter Port

— Deutsche Version weiter unten —
This coming week the doctors will have to decide what happens to the port that has been implanted for the cocktail parties. 289 more words


Recovery Going Strong

We met with my radiation oncologist on November 7th and discussed treatment options for my right hip. He recommended a 5-course treatment over 5 consecutive days that shouldn’t produce any major side effects. 609 more words


Radiative Heat Transfer by CO2 or “what’s the quality of your radiation?” — Watts Up With That?

Note: This is a contentious subject, and I have often shied away from it because it often erupts in food fights. However, Mr. Gill is making a good-faith effort here, and asks some relevant questions that I consider worth discussing.

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Climate Matters