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Can't Stand the Heat?

On with this trend of summer-related posts. If you have been in a dark-coloured car on a hot summer’s day, you may find that you’re roasting inside, whereas you may feel slightly cooler in a light-coloured car. 579 more words

Government Study Finds Link Between Cell Phones And Cancer in Rats.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has found a link between the type of radiation emitted by cell phones and cancer in rats. 93 more words


Unclear and inconclusive study makes people panic unnecessarily about cell phones

How about this for a headline:

Puzzling, inconclusive study shows male rats placed in artificial environments and evenly dosed with cell-phone-like radiation across their whole bodies for nine hours a day over two years show slightly more rare heart tumors yet lived longer than those male and female rats NOT exposed to radiation… 666 more words


Radiation Burns & Bad Days

So, on Wednesday I met with my radiation oncologist. She told me that this coming Wednesday, they will be reducing the radiation field so that it is focused just on the cavity where the lesion was removed. 488 more words

Cell phone radiation increases cancers in rats

(CNN)The issue of whether cell phone use could cause cancer has been mired in confusion, with some studies failing to find an increased risk of brain tumors among cell phone users, while others suggest greater risk among the most frequent of users. 1,113 more words

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3 times the fun

My brother has started a second round of chemo. Apparently it is 3 drugs in various combinations over about 3 weeks. He has been warned it is probably going to be harder than the first “low dose” regime. 104 more words