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Can You Live With Yourself?

Common Sense In A Cloned Off World by Mitch Santell

The most common remark I hear from people here in Southern California is “I am so busy I can’t seem to get anything done!” 118 more words



Astrobiology Magazine, By Amanda Doyle – Apr 19, 2018

Low-mass stars are currently the most promising targets when searching for potentially habitable planets, but new research has revealed that some of these stars produce significant amounts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation throughout their lifetimes. 350 more words


Radiation technology

Electromagnetic energy forms mass which in turn created the big bang. It is all around us but is given off more intensely by sources such as the sun through fusion.  167 more words

Bobbi's View: A Second Chance

It’s March 26th, a day before surgery. We packed our little Prius last night and we’re ready to go on the 5 hour car ride to Grand Rapids. 1,400 more words


Electromagnetic Energy Transmission And Radiation DOC

Download and Read Electromagnetic Energy Transmission And Radiation Electromagnetic Energy Transmission And Radiation Dear readers, when you are hunting the new book Electromagnetic Radiation: Interactions in the Atmosphere. 284 more words

21 Months

21 months 5 days.  Another round of 10 days of radiation is done. It will buy us 1.5-2 more months of a hopefully happy filled with spunk Zoey.  232 more words

Surgery To Treat Rectal Cancer. Part 3 of 3

Surgery To Treat Rectal Cancer – Part 3 of 3

While all the patients had experienced complete tumor regression following chemotherapy/radiation, only some underwent instantaneous rectal surgery. 61 more words