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On The Road to Undetectable

I have confessed in these pages how disappointed I was after eight weeks of proton therapy that my PSA was not zero. In fact, I was thoroughly depressed to hear the number point-three. 193 more words


Japan Post’s delivery vehicles to measure radiation in Fukushima

 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/02/15/business/japan-posts-delivery-vehicles-measure-radiation-fukushima/#.WodGLVpubGg, JIJI   FUKUSHIMA – Japan Post Co. and the Fukushima Prefectural Government have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement that includes a plan for it to measure radiation in areas tainted by the 2011 nuclear disaster. 214 more words


Chernobyl: Frozen in Time

Almost 32 years ago, disaster struck the town of Chernobyl. Leaving it uninhabitable for any living thing for the next 20,000 years. But what happened at Chernobyl? 656 more words


A concerning new study links miscarriages to cellphone radiation. How worried should we be?

(Source: www.vox.com)

There’s emerging evidence that exposure to one type of radiation from cellphones and other devices might be linked to a major adverse health outcome in women: miscarriages. 1,339 more words


Physics behind water in space

This post has been written as a supplement to my first comic – water in space.

Here is a phase diagram of water showing its state as we vary pressure and temperature… 194 more words


Half done - styling in week 4

Things are getting a bit tougher as I chug along. I was celebrating midpoint but the weekend was a reality check. Not so fast, lady – says the world of mutated cells. 555 more words


Exposing Fukushima Lies - humanERROR

A must watch. Don’t be put off, it’s in Japanese but the captions tell it like it is. Learn some truth about Fukushima. Mainstream won’t be telling you any time soon…