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It Puts The Oil On Its Skin...The Cheap, Adulterated Oil...Mwahahaha

Take One Down And Pass It Around!

 At this point, some of you are thinking “Whoa there, crazy oil lady!  I just came to this blog because it popped up on my Google search for ‘boobs’. 866 more words

Breast Cancer

Radiation chelter

Beginning to lose inspiration
Bitter sweet radiation
Glowing for years in a row
You where the one
A nuclear bomb, weakening in time
it transformed in rhyme… 84 more words

The Great Blood Glucose Meter Conspiracy (GBGMC)

If you are on insulin or other medications, don’t do anything stupid based on what I’m about to propose. Consult your doctor.

Okay. What if your glucose meter is lying to you? 926 more words


Collective memories Day 28

Today’s blog is a collection of memories that I hold like leaves pressed between the pages of a book. They are more beautiful with age, and yet as fragile as a leaf’s brittle edges after years of safe keeping until they flutter from a page onto this keyboard. 1,134 more words

Support For Cancer

Scientists Make Unnerving Declaration “Major Changes are Now Happening…Worst Time In History!”

By Lisa Haven

Radiation hot spots have popped up periodically all across the West coast. Concerned citizens have taken it upon themselves to purchase Geiger counters to take daily readings. 564 more words

End Times