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What’s the Truth About Radiation Exposure?

Radiation Exposure is a subject that carries a ton of extra philosophical baggage. To many folks, it is an emotional issue. The public hears two opinions about radiation effects. 422 more words



It’s not the pain.  I’ve grown used to that.  I wake in the morning and try to giggle as I clamber out bed, cracking jokes about my aging bones when I know the truth has nothing to do with age but everything to do with the residual side effects of chemo and radiation.   578 more words

Rewind: The Cancer Journey

My husband is a 6+ year survivor of brain cancer. It’s been a roller coaster to say the least.

I was asked to share a little bit more so people know what we’re dealing with on a daily basis and how to specifically pray for us. 1,519 more words


Nearby Communities Sunk Deeper into Poverty Since the Arrival of Grand Gulf Nuclear; Lack Emergency Resources; Nearby Jefferson Co. Need to Participate in Evacuation Planning Ignored

Today, in Washington DC, is a relicensing hearing for Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station in Claiborne County Mississippi, 1000 miles away.

Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins. 3,060 more words

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Surgery is not to be taken lightly

I had surgery last Thursday-four years ago I slipped on a puddle of water “at work” but while visiting my son who happened to be a patient at the hospital where I worked. 391 more words

Immunotherapy For Dummies

For this weeks post I wanted to delve a little deeper into the basics of imunotherapy. This new concept of battling cancer has proven to be beneficial, but not enough research has been done offer the past 30 years that there is a definitive technique that can ensure a full cure to cancer. 213 more words

Let's Be Honest; We're All Screwed

I seriously do not know what will wake up the sleeping sheeple.  I point out chemtrails to people and they simply say “I don’t believe it” or “they can’t control weather” or “they would never do this to us..” 441 more words

Big Brother