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Fukushima Radiation to Peak by 2015

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was hit by a tsunami, causing it to lose all its emergency power. In the plant’s struggle to keep its reactors cool, three reactors began to melt while hydrogen explosions barraged the outer buildings. 175 more words

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The Consequences (Part 6)

With her routine disrupted and having spent a while confined to her bed, Sophie’s track of time had slipped. It might have been four days since the shooting, or it may have been seven. 705 more words


InPower Movement: A NEW strategy to push back against the dangerous spread of smart meters and 5G technology

(NaturalHealth365) Josh del Sol Beaulieu, the filmmaker who brought you the investigative “smart” grid documentary film Take Back Your Power, has teamed up with some extraordinary individuals to launch the InPower Movement, an actionable solutions-based follow-up offering a method to hold accountable those who continue to cause harm with smart meters and 5G technology. 140 more words


It's only a short distance

I had some cool moments in my childhood; many of them stemming from my father’s career as a professional race car driver. As with most ‘cool’ careers, there was a not so ‘cool’ part of it that no one saw. 1,321 more words

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8 Must-Know Facts About Fukushima Radiation

It’s been nearly three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 but the after-effects continue. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed more than 20,000 men, women and children, devastated areas of northeast Japan, and brought untold horror and misery to many survivors. 1,564 more words

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Over 30µSv / h Along Side of Recently Fukushima Reopened Route 144

Via Oz Yo

Over 30μSv/h was read along side the recently-reopened Route 114 in Fukushima, September 20, 2017. It is insane for the government to give its green light for people to use that road. 8 more words