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The Pint's Half-Full! On knowledge, freedom, and unravelling hegemony, Part One: knowledge and freedom

The other day, when I was walking to the station with the usual blizzard of thoughts whirling around my mind, I came to pondering why I do a specific thing that I do. 1,660 more words


Oxford Democracy-Builders - The Story So Far

Meeting One: ‘What would a real democracy be like?’

On Wednesday, May 6th, I ran a public event at the West Oxford Community Centre called ‘What would a real democracy be like? 1,002 more words


European Parliament, Imagining the Commons Screening: Be Part of the City

Radical Democracy #reclaimthecommons projesi için hazırladığım remix video.

Ep. 23 - Butler and Žižek on Universality and Radical Democracy

In this episode of Always Already, Rachel, B, and Emily attempt to de-jargonizify the concepts universal and particular as they circulate in Contingency, Hegemony, Universality by Judith Butler, Slavoj Žižek, and Ernesto Laclau.  246 more words


Reply: Radical Democracy

I would have written this in reply to the blog post itself, but I must admit that I’m unsure if videos can be embedded in the comment section. 265 more words


Our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş Wrote For Turkish Policy Quarterly

The Middle East, the Kurdish Peace Process in Turkey, and Radical Democracy

The resolution of the Kurdish Problem is part and parcel of Turkey’s democratization and vice versa. 90 more words


Rojava Democracy

The following article “Rojava demokrasisi“ was written Metin Yeğin by and appeared in Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

The reason for the title of this piece “Rojava Democracy” is not because I want to talk about the kind of system that people are attempting to build in Rojava but because, just the opposite, I want to suggest a concept that knows no borders and which I can recommend everywhere. 566 more words