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"A green future for our great city" - Edinburgh Greens launch their local authority election campaign

I was asked, as co-convener of the Scottish Greens, to say a few words at the launch event of Edinburgh Greens’ local authority election campaign. These are they. 1,655 more words

Green Party

The Intricacies of Democracy in Ancient Greece

Historian Paul Cartledge¬†contextualises and assesses democracy in the ancient Greek world as a multifaceted phenomenon, expanding on the themes of his 2016 book,¬†Democracy: A Life… 38 more words

Ancient History

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Jan 15 Rally to Protect the Affordable Care Act

I’m going. Is this the best way to do democracy?

Most progressives, like myself, are against repealing the ACA. A woman I know has a benign brain tumor, and she spent years unable to leave a dead-end-job because if she left that employer’s insurance, she would never be insurable again. 251 more words

How To Democracy

Giving Money is Too Easy

I am one of the 120,000 plus folk who dropped something on the order of $7 million dollars on the doorstep of the ACLU as a first reaction to a Trump presidency. 189 more words

How To Democracy

Hackers, the Left, and possibilities for radical democracy

This post is just a way of pointing to a couple of provocative chunks of text from two sources: an abstract for a presentation by Toni Prug at the 6th Historical Materialism annual conference (2009), that suggests that… 498 more words

Love Under Will: Explorations in Participation

Michael Moore once stated that “democracy isn’t a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event. ¬†If we don’t participate in it, then it ceases to be a democracy.” 488 more words

Why I burned my EU referendum ballot paper

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Dear reader,

Because I’m out of the country on EU referendum polling day, I received my ballot paper early, intending to vote by post. 4,691 more words