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The Women's March on Washington—Toronto

In response to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, a Women’s March on Washington was held in the U.S. 1,451 more words

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Women shouldn't have to harm ourselves to fit in

This post discusses why “fitting in better in the workplace” is not a good reason to make body modifications.

I said: “I have written about a case where a masculine lesbian openly admitted to transitioning to male to fit into her workplace, and a case where an androgynous lesbian said she was happy to be a woman and a lesbian, but got her breasts removed because she didn’t like them. 1,739 more words


Overwhelmed with the women's march today

I attended the women’s march in my town today, and I have been looking at the photos posted online from women in cities all over the world. 94 more words

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Video: Magdalen Berns on 'misgendering is violence'

This is another fantastic video by Magdalen Berns. She discusses how gender identity legislation is attempting to force everyone to adopt the language that transgenderists use. 88 more words


The left needs teeth in 2017 pt. II: GENDER.

This post is essentially a part two to my last post, but focusing on how the left is dealing with gender. I spoke about how the left have essentially not been confrontational enough in the face of ruthless discrimination and underhand tactics from the right. 1,313 more words

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I Guess I’m an Angry White Man

Who said the “whites without a college degree” are all male? Why is it always Angry White Men and never Angry White Women, when, in fact, a majority of white women voted for Trump?

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DD/lg as pedophilia and childism.

DD/lg (daddy dom/little girl) is a subset of BDSM which consists of older men doting on, and having sex with, younger women (sometimes actual children) who display infantile behavior and dress like children. 1,050 more words

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