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Radical Feminism

Murray Rothbard called “women’s lib” (aka radical feminism) the “ugly girl’s movement.” — jtl, 419

by Paul Joseph Watson editor at large of Infowars.com and… 107 more words

Murray Rothbard

Britains Got Talent, and why I cannot support Henry Gallagher

Since his audition in the first round of 2015 Britains Got Talent, this young boy’s story of unrequited love has stolen the nations hearts. Small, fresh faced, this boy walked on stage with his guitar and told the judges that he had wrote this song for a girl, who he wasn’t sure knows he exists. 420 more words

Screaming into the Void: Pornography

Media studies is something that is of a particular interest to me. The cultural industry itself is quite insidious. However, the stories that are told in various forms of media – television, music, film, pornography, gaming etc reveal quite a large deal about what we as a society value. 1,609 more words


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An interesting take on the contemporary issue of pornography.

…by occupying men’s senses from the time they leave the factory to the the time they clock in the next morning with matter that bears the impress of the labor process they themselves have to sustain…this subsumption mockingly satisfies the concept of a unified culture which the philosophers of personality contrasted with a mass culture…

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Radical Feminism

It's Not OK: Positive Discrimination Has To Go.

(Taking into account needs of groups of people is not positive discrimination. Taking into account womens needs around pregnancy is not positive discrimination. The definition of positive discrimination here mirrors benevolent sexism, not the current manosphere definition of positive discrimination) 1,774 more words

Gender Abolition

The belief in "good porn" and "happy hookers."

If you look hard enough, you can find a “good side” to pretty much anything; but morality is not a mathematical operation by which you can compensate for the infliction of harm with some act of charity. 1,397 more words