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Does "transgender" make any more sense than "transracial"?

The case of Rachel Dolezal has put the concept of “transracial” at the forefront of people’s imaginations. Almost everyone has rejected it with laughter or disgust. 892 more words

Radical Feminism

QotD: "The Political Nature of Human Nature"

We can visualize this kind of interaction or transformation by thinking about the interplay between biological and cultural factors that affects the ways boys and girls grow up in our society.

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I devote this post to my sister, Valerie Mannucci.

Reference: A New Yorker article, August 4, 2014 issue, “What is a Woman?” by Michelle Goldberg… 1,141 more words


QotD: "We need to be able to put what happens to these bodies in a gendered context, otherwise we are not talking about systematic oppression at all: we’re just having a whinge about a series of random irritations"

Somewhere between these two extremes we find the entire range of female experience – or we would, were it not for the fact that female experience cannot be categorised in any way, shape or form.

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QotD: "And suddenly I feel wistful for Dismaland"

Gone are the simple days when subway advertisement just wanted me to see Need for Speed; now they keep pushing the Museum of Sex, which already sounds like a nightmare, but now there’s a new exhibit called “Hard Core” which apparently documents America’s inching away from God’s light starting in the early 19th century until, to paraphrase, porn became an industry in the late 20th.

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QotD: "It is not a question of whether pornography “caused” this crime, but of the culture we have created around gender, sex and power"

Pornography is produced by and for men, an orgiastic confirmation of the most brutal sexual and racial stereotypes. At this point, it’s habitual for pornography defenders to step in and muddy the waters.

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