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QotD: "Prosecuting Eleanor de Freitas ended in tragedy. So how do we deal with alleged false reports of rape?"

The tragic case of Eleanor de Freitas has provided more questions than answers. What should be done about those few cases in which women make false allegations of rape?

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Intersectionality – a Definition, History, and Guide

Intersectionality has been a common theme in feminist theory, writing, and activism for the last few years. It has even become something of a buzzword… 1,321 more words

Black Feminism

Sex-pozzies and their "feminist porn"

A piece of anti-feminist propaganda published in the Guardian recently preaches that yes, feminists can have rape fantasies! And it’s all subversive and revolutionary when we do, of course. 2,143 more words

Radical Feminism

I Was Thinking It Was About That Time

The other day, I got one of those special, special WordPress notifications that let me know something I had been suspecting for a few weeks. A year has come and gone in my blogging world. 580 more words


Why everyone should be a feminist

I need feminism because I need to be able to feel safe enough to take out the trash at night. I need feminism to avoid being cat called. 444 more words


Reply from Michigan State RE: Closure of the Women's Lounge

I was so incensed by the news that Michigan State’s women’s lounge was closing in favor of something more “inclusive” that I wrote the university’s president imploring her to re-open it. 765 more words


QotD: "There is, I think, a link between the purity politics of the left and the misogyny of left-wing men"

The left never, ever has to tackle misogyny because it’s something that only ever happens to women and women are, as we all know, less pure than men (menstrual blood, original sin and all that).

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