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QotD: All Labour officials on local committee resign in support of colleague who was 'bullied by transgender activist for months'

Every member of a local Labour Party executive committee has quit in support of a colleague who was allegedly bullied by a transgender rights campaigner.

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QotD: "Feminist reading really can help beat anorexia. It worked for me"

According to a new study, feminist theory can help treat anorexia. That comes as no surprise to me, based on my own experience of trying to vanish, one skipped meal at a time.

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Seven Themes of Elsagate

This reddit user, known as TheColdPeople, posted this addendum to a creepypasta story that they wrote for the reddit, nosleep. I have included a link to their original post at the end of this writing. 1,153 more words


QotD: "Artificial wombs could liberate elite women at the expense of the reproductive classes"

To this extent the stymied liberatory potential of reproductive technology is no different to the stymied liberatory potential of any other form of technology. Products and processes are made by the rich, for the rich, liberating those who are, in relative terms, already free.

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This is a Celebration of Women

These are just some of the smart, brave, courageous, powerful, BADASS women that came before us. And that currently stand with us.

Sisters. #5. And #8. 78 more words


South Korean RadFems Fight for Freedom

This is a 25 minute doc about radfem women in South Korea.

Our sisters in South Korea are some badasses. The more I see the strength and courage of women around the globe, the more proud I am to be female. 23 more words


Manbaby Tears of Rage from Gender Critical Reddit

So this thing happened over on gender critical reddit that was a result of some trannies winning political offices in state level elections. All ladydudes, of course. 1,393 more words