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The Big Lie that no man has ever spied in women's restrooms/locker rooms.

Ever since laws have been proposed against men entering women’s restrooms or locker rooms, it seems that the mainstream media has been dedicating itself to the defense of a Big Lie (an absurdly false statement which, repeated over and over, becomes true): the “fact” that no man has ever tried to spy in women’s restrooms or locker rooms by pretending to be women. 1,697 more words

Radical Feminism

Prince Died for Your Sins: Prophecy and Phallacy

April 28, 2016

Dearly beloved, I want you to explore the infinite mystery in your own special way, the God power, the cosmic tick-tock, Yahweh, Science, Gaia, the Holy Trinity, the Hubble Array, whatever you want to call it. 1,282 more words


Not a proper lady

I’m definitely not a proper lady. For many years now I have said jokingly that “I’m not a girl” when I’m not following my gender role. 734 more words


Too Busy and Important To Wait for Consent

Complaining and dissenting and claiming any right to personal boundaries are absolute no-no’s in China. All people, especially women, are expected to be grateful to be at the receiving end of services or people’s time. 1,024 more words


Millenials and Feminism

When did feminist become a dirty word?

Why do the vast majority of Americans believe in equality for women in the workplace and the home, yet refuse to call themselves “feminists”? 395 more words


QotD: 'hate speech'

hate speech: my body belongs to me. there is nothing wrong with me. i don’t owe anything to anyone.


Quote Of The Day

"Confirmation" Movie Review and Reflections on Sexual Harassment

The new HBO film Confirmation details the events surrounding the sexual harassment claims brought by Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation for the Supreme Court. 797 more words