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Michfest: Some Perspective

I want to share these images of music festival posters with the acts that don’t include females removed for the people who wonder why an all female music festival has been important to any of us. 2,077 more words

Black Lesbian Feminism

'The Role of Pornography in Sexual Offenses'

‘The Role of Pornography in Sexual Offenses: Information for Law Enforcement & Forensic Psychologists’

Author: Scott A. Johnson, MA, LP, DABPS

Source: International Journal of Emergency Mental Health & Human Resilience… 12 more words


‘Pornography and the Violent Offender: Importance of Finding the Offender’s Pornography Stash’

‘Pornography and the Violent Offender: Importance of Finding the Offender’s Pornography Stash’,

Author: Johnson, S. A. (2014)

Source: Journal of Forensic Research, 05.

pornography and the violent-offender-importance of finding the offender’s pornography stash (link)


'Points against Postmodernism' by Catharine A. MacKinnon

‘Points against Postmodernism’

Author: Catharine A. MacKinnon

Source: Chicago-Kent Law Review, Volume 75, Issue 3 Symposium on Unfinished Feminist Business Article 5
January 2000

Points against Postmodernism, Catharine MacKinnon, SOCDISS (link)


On Transphobia & Radical Feminism

I received this question on Tumblr earlier today, and while I don’t think I’m the most qualified person to address the issues, I’ve answered as best I can; 604 more words


The rhetoric that the inferiors are "really" in control.

I’ve written a previous entry on the myth of female power, especially as related to “sex workers.” My main point there was that objectification is not real power. 774 more words

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