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Is there a "gender critical" way to transition?

In regards to the topic of how to handle early transition, commenter Daniel asked me this:

“Two other common methods for early transition are wearing the clothes of your target gender prior to medical treatment, or going on hormones but not announcing your transition until you have physically changed enough to pass.

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Patriarchy and capitalism: re-reading the debate

In this guest post Teresa Green revisits the arguments made by socialist and radical feminists about the nature of women’s oppression, and considers their relevance for feminists today.  829 more words

Yes In Fact You Are a TERF

“Gender critical” blogger Purple Sage recently wrote a post about the term “TERF”. In essence Sage argues that the term “TERF” is over-used by angry trans activists and that moreover “everyone is a TERF” because all it takes to be a TERF is to piss off a trans activist by, e.g., mentioning the fact that cis females can get pregnant. 1,167 more words


"I'm not a TERF but..."

This morning I woke up to a comment that started off with “I’m not a TERF, but….” and then she basically agreed with the problem I have with Danielle Muscato. 683 more words


Dear Trans Women:Part 2 by, Judith Bell

Penis Privilege and Female People’s Coerced Choices

If you are a trans woman, you may not identify with the experiences I related (in the last chapter of this piece) 1,916 more words


A second response to Daniel

Daniel said: “I wrote a 3,500 word response to your original questions for trans men, and “what is a man/woman” was the shortest section. It was the least interesting question to me, particularly when trying to make sense of why people transition. 3,888 more words


Towards an Intentional Sisterhood

Howdy. WordPress tells me it’s been seven months since I last published anything on this blog. The last entry I made was picked up by an alt-right blogger (read about this wingnut… 877 more words