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How To Be A Modern Day Feminist:

1. Treat your uterus like a trash can

2. Say you want equality but consider all men as inferior to women

3. Don’t mind the objectification of women in the media but mind the dress codes at school/work… 121 more words


On the question of radical feminism and women as an underclass

Radical feminism has always been a strand of feminism that I have been uncomfortable around. Part of this is because of my own internalized sexism that makes me shy away from very radical demands, especially in the realm of personal relationships, beauty standards, and so on. 1,450 more words


Third Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Just Released! (VERY DISTURBING VIDEO)

This makes every abortion worth up to $800 in revenue for Planned Parenthood.

These bastards will rot in Hell. — jtl, 419

from Liberty News…

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Radical Feminism

QotD: "The visionary feminists of the late Sixties and early Seventies knew that women could never find freedom by agreeing to live the lives of unfree men"

In 1970 the movement was called ‘Women’s Liberation’ or, contemptuously, ‘Women’s Lib’. When the name ‘Libbers’ was dropped for ‘Feminists’ we were all relieved. What none of us noticed was that the ideal of liberation was fading out with the word.

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Quote Of The Day

‘A New Dark Age’

Watching these tapes, one name comes to mind: Mengele.

 Indeed, that is the level to which society has devolved, thanks to the Culture War. — jtl, 419…

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Radical Feminism

A defense: Why read books you do not like

Too often it is said, that some things are not worth reading. And sometimes, I understand the reasoning behind this, for there is not only a condition of personal taste, but also factors of interest and quality. 1,305 more words