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#FeesMustFall: An interview

I was interviewed by Sophie Schasiepen for the Austrian feminist magazine an.schlage in 2016. The interview covered issues surrounding #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall and feminism within the movement. 3,685 more words

Ladies, it's not your Body... 

If you’re a woman then the chances are you’ve experienced this phenomenon before. You’ve had people – usually men – tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. 438 more words


I Used the Men's Bathroom

On Twitter and YouTube, I am currently in conversation with radical feminists and other gender-critical folks.

So I got into a discussion about the bathroom issue. 785 more words

Pink News wants you to worry about TERFs

It’s a lovely Easter Sunday, the weather is beautiful, I’ve had a lovely day and eaten lovely food. Hopefully, whether you celebrate Easter or not, you are having a lovely day too. 1,343 more words


Human Species Doomed… April 16, 2017

Although humans will linger for some time to come, as a species it is doomed.

The cause is radical feminism.

With the help of a number of men who formed a loose alliance called MGTOW, radical feminism has managed to guarantee the end to family. 119 more words

Social Morality

Gender Diverse III

Arguably, trans is the most important issue in radical feminism.

If radical feminism is about recognising that the only meaningful differences between women and men are reproductive organs, and Patriarchy, which is the web of oppression in the culture around all women, then women need to unite to free themselves. 603 more words


Seriously, Autostraddle?

Autostraddle published another super-gross article that takes an element of women’s oppression and rebrands it as “empowering.” (Of course, there is no end of articles like this in the world—neoliberalism has been deliberately rebranding oppression as empowerment for at least three decades, for the purpose of destroying leftist movements and supporting capitalism.) 1,546 more words

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