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Radical Inclusion: the Boundaries of Contact

I had the opportunity to be a chaplain-in-training at an adult spirituality retreat during the weekend of August 7 through 9. When we were sharing about spiritual practices on Saturday night, one of those present brought up something I’ve been thinking about for some time now: how can faith communities extend radical inclusion and radical hospitality to persons who don’t want to be touched? 452 more words


11. a place called HOPE

(#11 in a series of people who
changed the course of my life)

Channeling our mother-father’s God’s great compassionate love, you healed me.

Modeling… 266 more words

This Life

Bigotry by any other color.

Bigotry is “a stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own” according to the Dictionary webpage.

Nothing is driving me up the wall more than seeing/hearing African Americans be bigoted about gay people getting married, and use the Bible to condone it. 1,601 more words

Religious And Spiritual

Flow Arts & Burner Culture

I belong to a small subculture developing in America known most commonly as flow arts. Flow arts is basically dance with a prop. “Hooping and juggling are very well known within the realm of flow arts but they do not exist alone, poi, staff, batons, and so much more fill this world of flow arts.” (MasterOngPropShop, 2015) And it’s through the flow arts community I found out about Burning Man. 788 more words


Radical Inclusion Should Not Be Radical

In my most recent two posts I presented some snippets of ideas from Brian McLaren’s book The Secret Message of Jesus.  Those posts dealt with a touchy topic.   397 more words


Living church

Jesus uses the word “church” only twice in all of the Gospels, and both of them are in the Gospel of Matthew. (MT 16:18 and 18:17) This is significant because if Jesus came to build a church in the way we have been taught to think of it, he would have talked about it a lot more often and we would have had references to it in the other Gospels. 492 more words

Bible Study

Awaken: A Story of Dreams [Update]

A new video documentary of Burning Man. Spot your friends!

We covered Project Dreambox earlier: St Art Ups Posing As Playa Art

You can read more about their… 559 more words