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What are you?

It has finally happened. People in the Messianic Jewish congregation I’ve been fellowshipping with have finally started to ask me which direction I’m coming from. They want to know if I am Jewish or Gentile. 965 more words

Religious And Spiritual

Trinity and Relation to the Divine Being

One of the first sermons I ever had to do was a sermon on John 1 to a church that didn’t necessarily ascribe to Trinitarian theology. 585 more words

Include (poem)

We are not being loving
or inclusive
when we exclude anyone
(and especially)
those who are themselves
not loving
or inclusive.

Can you be bigger than them? 30 more words


And then She reminds me why I'm doing the work....

Whenever I think I’m going to give into despair or overwhelm, the Goddess likes to send me a little message. Sometimes it’s a gentle little missive, like a sweet message from a friend on a hard day. 1,353 more words

Feminist Spirituality

Margins, Liminal Spaces, and Liberation

“Even the margins have margins.” – Bishop Yvette Flunders

One of the most wonderful parts of being at the American Baptist Seminary of the West is the diversity of the student body. 942 more words

Radical Exclusion

I’m not gonna lie.

Burning Man was HARD ON ME.

The best comparison I can think of is that it was like climbing through a meat grinder – you come out the other side and you’re all there but you’re drastically changed. 90 more words

Burning Man

Enlightenment or a snow cone?

As I prepare to go to the playa for a second time, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences during my first trip there. 163 more words

Burning Man