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Thanksgiving thoughts

I saw this picture recently

…with these words….
1) “Where would we be if the Wampanoag hadn’t helped the Pilgrims?”

2) “Where would the Wampanoag be if they hadn’t helped the Pilgrims?” 1,033 more words


Who are the Samaritans? And why is this relevant today?

There are many stories in the Gospels about the Samaritans. Why are they referenced? Who are they? Why is the fact that they are Samaritan significant? 556 more words

Religious And Spiritual

The Pentecostal Universalist Buddhist Bishop

If I wanted a longer headline, I could have thrown more religions onto the description of Bishop Carlton D. Pearson. I have never met him, but I love him dearly, and I’m surprised at how few of us know his story. 513 more words


The curious case of Jesus' radically inclusive Jubilee Kingdom & John the Baptist's question: "What is going on? This can't be right..."

Remember John the Baptist?

John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins and probably grew up together. They must have been close, right? We don’t know a lot about John the Baptist but he plays an incredible role in the early part of the Gospels and a highlight comes when Jesus comes to JB to be baptized. 1,198 more words

The map and the treasure

I recently went on retreat at a Benedictine monastery. Their website says that “You’re invited to join us any day for prayer or Mass in the Archabbey Church.” They pray five times every day, and have mass every day. 1,936 more words

Religious And Spiritual

Radical Exclusion

I’m not gonna lie.

Burning Man was HARD ON ME.

The best comparison I can think of is that it was like climbing through a meat grinder – you come out the other side and you’re all there but you’re drastically changed. 90 more words

Burning Man

Radical Inclusion: the Boundaries of Contact

I had the opportunity to be a chaplain-in-training at an adult spirituality retreat during the weekend of August 7 through 9. When we were sharing about spiritual practices on Saturday night, one of those present brought up something I’ve been thinking about for some time now: how can faith communities extend radical inclusion and radical hospitality to persons who don’t want to be touched? 452 more words