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Sophisticated gossip, green living & are you future proof?

A guest blog on our recent Unlock the Impossible Event by Nick Roberts

What have we learned in 30 years? 6 heads are better than one. 736 more words



Today, above the flickering red and green signs of company stock at the London Stock Exchange, appeared a new symbol: “Climate Finance Accelerator”.

This sign, in this context, is a strong signal of a movement gathering momentum to shift countries and companies towards a low carbon, sustainable economy.  738 more words


Rise of the machines – towards utopia or dystopia?

This article is a collection of thoughts from many of the participants of Monday evening Crowd Forum.  We are ‘learning our way’ into a better future and would be grateful for any further thoughts, comments or references that can expand the conversation.  1,345 more words


The next big idea is a billion years old.

When we start something new, when we’re looking for solutions or are making an important decision we often look for sources of inspiration and perspective within our companies or sectors. 1,080 more words


Innovator? Entrepreneur? What to Consider!

In our previous post, we gave our stand on the relationship between these two words: Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneur) and Innovation (Innovator) – which was that both words can be used interchangeably in respect to the purpose of each of these words and that anybody who says they are an entrepreneur, should also be able to boast of being an innovator. 841 more words

ICT In Business

Innovator? Entrepreneur?

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria . God bless this great Nation! She will see prosperity and growth always forever!

In the spirit of freedom to elect and choose our Leaders, we at Ya’ats have chosen to share this great mystery with You, our Nkem!!! 797 more words

ICT In Business

Real Estate Innovation: Don't Gamble On Circumventing Your Competition

Incremental or Disruptive? What innovative methods are better or more suitable for your firm? What measures of innovation have you applied to your real estate business to keep it relevant, and competitive? 184 more words