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I Am DISGUSTED By Obama’s New Hostage Policy

By LTC Allen West (U.S. Army Ret) ~

Sadly, President Obama just put every American at risk by allowing families to pay ransoms to Islamic terrorists. 537 more words

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Truth Revolt: “International Business Times (IBT) reports that a man believed to be British Islamic State jihadist “kingpin” Junaid Hussain tweeted free speech activist Pamela Geller’s home address, apartment number and all, accompanied by the hashtag “#GoForth.” The tweet came just hours after a third man connected to a plot to kill her and to murder Boston police was arrested. 39 more words


BEN TAUB: Jejoen Bontinck and the Journey to Jihad

New Yorker — Why are teen-agers joining ISIS?

In 2009, a fourteen-year-old Belgian named Jejoen Bontinck slipped a sparkly white glove onto his left hand, squeezed into a sequinned black cardigan, and appeared on the reality-television contest “Move Like Michael Jackson.” He had travelled to Ghent from his home, in Antwerp, with his father, Dimitri, who wore a pin-striped suit jacket and oversized sunglasses, and who told the audience that he was Jejoen’s manager, mental coach, and personal assistant. 114 more words


Muhammad In Court

By Marlin  Thompson ~

ISIS appeared to declare war on controversial blogger Pamela Geller on Tuesday in an ominous online message claiming it has fighters across America ready to attack “any target we desire.” The threat, posted on an anonymous message board, singles out Geller, who helped plan a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that was attacked by two gunmen in Garland, Texas, over the weekend. 335 more words

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Islam And Free Speech: Missing The Point In Garland

By Andrew C McCarthy ~

‘Even free-speech enthusiasts are repulsed by obnoxious expression.” That acknowledgment prefaces the main argument I’ve made in Islam and Free Speech… 1,283 more words

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04.27.2015 Dartmouth

Around 4  a.m.  this morning I awoke and heard the name “Dartmeth”.  I thought, “Dartmeth?” What is “Dartmeth?” Then, the next word that came to me was, “It’s a college”.   1,569 more words

God's Judgment On America

Even Though Obama Has Been Begging The Senate For An Iranian Treaty He's Now Sending Warships To The Arabian Sea To Block Iranian Shipments

We The People must be very concerned of the armature children running our national interest in the tune of foreign affairs of which I am afraid to say there isn’t any. 435 more words