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First shopping experience with Everlane

I don’t know if you ever heard of Everlane? It is an American clothing company founded in 2010, famous for their timeless designs and their radical transparency concept. 468 more words


Clothing in Detail: Everlane

I’m starting a new series of posts!!!! As you probably know, I love writing about books, video games, and a few other random topics. Well, now I’m going to do a series on clothing companies. 538 more words


Radical transparency - are you brave enough?

This is a neat video from Jeffrey Hollender discussing the concept of Radical Transparency. By that we mean sharing in public product reviews and a warts and all reality of the customer experience. 67 more words

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Privacy Strikes Back, Dave Eggers' The Circle and a Response to David Brin

I believe that we have turned a corner: we have finally attained Peak Indifference to Surveillance. We have reached the moment after which the number of people who give a damn about their privacy will only increase.

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Cracks in the Cult of Radical Transparency

FaceBook turns ten this year, yes only ten, which means if the company were a person she wouldn’t even remember when Friends was a hit TV show- a reference meant to jolt anyone over 24 with the recognition of just how new the whole transparency culture, which FaceBook is the poster child for, is. 1,460 more words