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The Three Kinds of Performance

In our recent reading, we came across another useful concept from Morgan Housel. He talks about the three kinds of investment performance:

1. Bad.

2. Overall good, but occasionally bad. 292 more words

Mark Leibman

Why I invite all 900 of my employees to board meetings

The tech company I lead, Rubrik, has 900 employees around the globe. And as CEO, I invite every one of them to every board meeting. 529 more words

Radical transparency sounds great until you consider the research

Radical transparency is an old management approach with new branding. Previously called micromanagement or snooping, this approach supposedly creates higher performance and trust by letting everyone know what’s on the table. 469 more words

Flexible Tactics, Timeless Values

In business, the things that change draw a lot of energy. New technology, new ways of doing things, and new ideas grab our attention. The new offers the promise of competitive advantage. 323 more words

Mark Leibman

The Cultural Mapping of President Trump’s Tweets

President Trump’s Twitter account has been the subject of media scrutiny in the first year of his presidency, where Trump’s recent “stable genius” tweet in reaction to those questioning his mental fitness for office has come into focus in the last month. 295 more words

Resonant Thoughts: Ray Dalio On Radical Transparency

“Radical open-mindedness and radical transparency are invaluable for rapid learning and effective change. Learning is the product of a continuous real-time feedback loop in which we make decisions, see their outcomes, and improve our understanding of reality as a result. 63 more words

On the literally transparent FIFA voting booth

At the beginning of 2016 world football’s governing body, FIFA, had an integrity problem. One proposed solution was literal transparency. The June 2015 presidential election had been won by Sepp Blatter only for him to resign days later in disgrace, finally undone through his associations with corruption, cronyism and extravagance [1]. 3,542 more words