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RADICAL! The only way to live

The word radical by definition is something that is outside the norm, significantly different from the rest. When God commands us to be holy just as He is holy (1 Pet 1:16), He is commanding us to be set apart from the world and be set apart to Him. 375 more words

The Christian Life

Garden Snapshot: What's Growing, June 2020

Summer is underway and harvests have been plentiful! To be surrounded by such bounty is a blessing– and a beautiful reminder of the joy and abundance born of hard work. 148 more words


Fr. 1024

Sympathetic though I am to radical or leftist critiques of state power and social order, I cannot help but wonder just what they mean by “liberal” or “neoliberal”. 89 more words


How Happy Are You?

I want you to think about that question for a good minute. Are you happy? Yes?

Are you happy in a it’s as good as it gets sort of happy? 103 more words



Listen to your children, your person, and yourself. Listen to the cries and laughter of the humans you love most. Listen to the still small voice of God. 42 more words


The Revolution to End All Revolutions

“Love your enemies.” Outrageous! No one had ever dared propose such a thing before. It’s called grace, unmerited favor toward those who don’t deserve it (which is everyone, by the way). 82 more words

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