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Queen Caroline in Caricature -November 1820

Ian Haywood
University of Roehampton

Figure 1: Boadicea, Queen of Britain, Overthrowing Her Enemies (John Fairburn, November 1820). British Museum.

On 6 November 1820, the House of Lords finally delivered its verdict on Queen Caroline’s alleged crime of adultery. 3,481 more words

Guidelines for authors

We welcome guest submissions to The New Gloc Review. We are especially interested in contributions that highlight new research working with an interdisciplinary and global methodology, and from a… 545 more words

Call For Papers

Politics of Memory

Call for papers and other light materials to make the revolution!

Deadline January 31st, 2021

The New Gloc Review opens up its doors to the radicals of the world! 1,006 more words

Call For Papers

How to Fight for Reproductive Rights with Black and LGBT Thought (Part 2)

This second part of the essay contains many details of graphic violence, including transphobia, homophobia, violence against sex workers, sexual assault, descriptions of medical malpractice, descriptions of slavery, and prison violence. 10,260 more words



#CYW #RadicalRed

They wanted to change the system

and united under a flag

led by men of learning

fighting wasn’t their bag

so instead they marched the streets… 71 more words


In Me Not You

“May our words be INFUSED with your Holy Spirit, THIS DAY, in Jesus name, Amen.”

I give credit to a fellow brother, a vessel of the most High, a servant, who upon reading one of his inspired works, I began to learn the power in DECLARING, and “THIS DAY”, and “NOW” during prayer. 236 more words


How to Fight for Reproductive Rights with Black and LGBT Thought (Part 1)

So. This is a little different from what I usually write about, but since the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is…what it is, I think there is a lot to talk about. 2,799 more words