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Rick and Morty is just fine

Radicalized fanatics of anything are annoying and wrong, particularly when the thing they’re radicalized fans of is fine otherwise. The radicalized fanatics of Rick and Morty are no different. 509 more words

The Radicalization of Fear

I wrote this over the summer, and put it away as too much of a downer…until the events of this past week promoted me to bring it out again. 1,020 more words

3 men charged with terror offenses in France following failed attack on Paris building

Three men have been handed preliminary terror-linked charges in the failed attack at a residential building in an upscale Paris neighborhood with gas canisters that failed to ignite. 135 more words


Truth about Las Vegas Shooting: Mass Shootings, Mind Altering Drugs and Radicalization

Truth about Las Vegas Shooting:


Paddock prescribed drug linked to violent outbursts

Use of anti-anxiety medication can sometimes trigger aggressive behavior, psychotic experiences

Dr. Michael First, a clinical psychiatry professor at Columbia University and expert on benzodiazepines, contended Paddock’s attack was clearly premeditated, but acknowledged diazepam “fuels aggression.”

1,441 more words

Pledging Allegiance To A Race

If you pledge allegiance to a race, instead of a country, then you are a terrorist without a country waiting to be called.

Colin Kaepernick has been radicalized. 29 more words


Radicalization in America

As agenda-driven violence continues to plague America, from ISIS related terrorism to violence amidst political protests, the question of how seemingly normal people end up committing these acts remains. 100 more words



Black America has been radicalized. And it’s spreading like a virus via the media. Madison Avenue will pay for allowing mass numbers of terrorist recruiters on their shows for the sole purpose of increasing ratings and making money.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight