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The Myth of the 'Moderate Muslim'

The problem is the misunderstanding the definition of Muslim. A Muslim is the one who does the deeds instructed by Quran. The Western Medias and the political correctness have divided Muslims into two categories: Radical Muslims and Moderate Muslims, because they are paid by interest groups like Oil and Banks Cartels to do that. 1,502 more words

ISIS recruits young Syrians with the promise of wives from the "women's market"

Saddam Aljamel, a Syrian in his late twenties, joined ISIS after being a member of the Syrian youth who rebelled against Bashar Al Assad. His parent’s named him after Saddam Hussein as a reflection of their admiration for the Iraqi leader. 1,007 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Counter-radicalization meeting held in Saskatoon

A range of national, provincial and municipal stakeholders met with the Saskatchewan Muslim Healthcare Network (MHN) Saturday morning at the Saskatoon Inn to discuss how to prevent self-radicalization. 343 more words


ISIS and Radicalization

It would be easy to find people willing to condemn ISIS as evil. They would also prosecute people who are beginning to be radicalized to prevent them from supporting the terrorist organization. 306 more words


Book Chapter: Female Radicalization to ISIS and the Role of Women in CVE

Saltman, E. and Frennett, R. (2016) ‘Female Radicalization to ISIS and the Role of Women in CVE’, in Chowdury Fink et. al. (eds.), A Man’s World? 213 more words


Kenan Malik on radicalisation – https://kenanmalik.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/talking-about-radicalization/ Here are are some quotes from his piece that will (hopefully) get you to read it in full:

“Jihadists, in other words, begin their journey searching for something a lot less definable: identity, meaning, respect. 203 more words


Extremis Project

The Extremis Project is a global platform for evidence on terrorism and extremism run by scholars. In addition to research, the Extremis Project provides commentary on news related to terrorism and extremism and analysis of regional developments.