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Google Looks to Divert Extremists With Anti-Radicalization Ads

Google is experimenting with a program that would direct British users searching for words linked to religious extremism to content designed to counter radicalization, a company executive has said. 181 more words

Pastor Preaches Against Islamophobia

Here’s the link: http://unitarianuniversalistchurchofarlingtonva.yourstreamlive.com/ Just click on archive. It is the sermon for 1/22/16.

Anti/Islsmophobia sermon by pastor of UUCA church.

The Need to Embrace Nuance and Diversity in the Fight Against Violent Extremism

Originally published by Reform Magazine February 2016. Original link here to abbreviated online version. Full version only available to subscribers (or on this blog).

For the last two years the international community has been transfixed on the rise of the terrorist group Daesh (also known as Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL). 417 more words

How Does Radicalization Happen?

Last week I wrote about terrorism. Jihadist terrorists are the product of a process called radicalization. To be “radical” implies not only extreme beliefs, but extreme action to impose their beliefs on the rest of society. 543 more words

Coming Soon: Stumped by Trump: The Swift turn to the Right

As the race heats up in the United States for the 2016 General Election, the nation that is already known for conservative politics on gun rights to welfare is looking far more “right” than usual.

58 more words

Start of Blogging in English: World Politics for Everyone

The new blog orientation is under construction.

Following my six month in Israel, I apply a strong MENA oriented focus to my scholarly research. To further reach a new bigger audience interested in the politics and challenges in the Middle East and posed to Europe. 100 more words


Extremist romance: How terrorists use 'jihotties' to lure lonely hearts online

Plenty of people look for love online. So maybe it’s no surprise that terrorists who’ve proven themselves adept at digital propagandizing turn to the internet to lure lonely hearts to their cause. 416 more words