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Boris Johnson in angry confrontation with Cage director over Jihadi John

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, says the Cage should be condemning Isil for ‘throwing gays off cliffs and beheading people’ instead of appearing to blame the security services for the radicalisation of Jihadi John… 859 more words

Saturated Radicalization

Technical: I started this iPad drawing in August of 2013. It was one of my first in Paper by Fifty Three. There were a few things about the image that I wanted to change, so I imported it into Procreate and made some alterations. 18 more words

IPad Art

Radicalization -- it's just a phase he's going through

All of the discussion of radicalization in the past few weeks seems to assume that it’s a one-way process.

But if it’s a process with a large personality component (and evidence suggests it is); and if it’s a phenomenon associated with adolescence and young adulthood (which are times of attitudinal change anyway); and if the data fits models of infection by disease (and they do), then it seems plausible that, for many people, radicalization is a phase they go through. 167 more words

Jihadi John and The Radicalization of Youth Part II

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Recent events have brought about much hand wringing and soul searching. Six teenagers from Quebec fly to Turkey on route to Syria. 684 more words


Radicalization: A Perception of Power

“Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.” … 370 more words


ISIL and Terrorism Threat After New York Arrests

Feb. 26, 2015 (WASHINGTON) Michael Steinbach
Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation briefed the House Sub-Committee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. This is a day after three people where arrested in New York, one as he was trying to board a plane to go to Turkey to join the Islamic State. 268 more words


Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism (with video)

A leading scholar of cults believes terrorist groups are using similar tactics to lure recruits. University of Waterloo sociology prof. Lorne Dawson, who co-chairs a national terrorism research network, explains to the Citizen’s… 846 more words