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An Exploration of Radicalisation Using Digital Storytelling

So in this blog, I’d like to run through one of the interesting projects I’ve been a part of for my MA course on E-learning innovation with the Open University. 3,277 more words


The Blend of High Impact and Low Preparation Means Everyone in Europe is a Potential Target

And my second post for the day, this time for an Observer article I wrote for the weekend’s paper in the wake of the near-miss terrorist incident in France on Friday. 590 more words


Al-Muhajiroun’s European Recruiting Pipeline

After a period of silence, a couple of new pieces, the first for the CTC Sentinel, West Point’s excellent counter-terrorism journal. This one looks at the pernicious influence of al Muhajiroun, Anjem Choudhary and Omar Bakri Mohammed’s group across Europe. 4,003 more words


Junk Psychology and Courtroom Islamophobia: A Breakdown of Motive as Presented in the Tsarnaev Trial

I’ve been thinking a lot about motive lately.

When I was in school for creative writing, I was taught all characters need motivation. Without it, they act in wanton and unbelievable fashion, and you will lose your readers because depicted events just won’t feel “real.” That’s the trick to being a good fiction writer: you have to understand the human condition well enough to simulate how things would happen, even if they haven’t happened at all. 10,462 more words

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

A Different View of Radicalization

In many ways Louis Menand’s study of Joan Didion’s writing in the August 24, 2015 Issue of the New Yorker magazine is more than a meditation on Didion. 1,448 more words


Bill 59 and the hate speech dilemma in Quebec

It was Agnès Maltais’ best “gotcha” moment during this first week of public hearings on Quebec’s proposed hate-speech legislation.

With all the panache of a game-show host, the PQ MNA asked a lawyer from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association whether the following statements would constitute hate speech: 1,682 more words

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Quebec hate-speech bill prompts strong opinions at public hearings

Public hearings began Monday into controversial anti-hate-speech legislation proposed by the Quebec government, with groups representing the LGBT community favourable to the law and jurists defending freedom of expression adamantly against it. 811 more words

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