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The Paris Attacks: a Few Thoughts

The massacre in Paris has led me to wonder whether there is a solution to terrorist attacks other than strikes. I keep reaching the same conclusion. 874 more words


The Radicalization of Everyone(?)

What’s a pacifist Christian to do,  the world being what it is? The question has rolled around in my mind all week. In the meantime, while I’ve tried to answer it, I’ve mostly done ordinary pastoral things: played soccer with my churchmates; baked… 896 more words


Need to tackle the environment that enables jihadists


Demonising Islam and stereotyping 5 million French Muslims will not bring Paris its peace.

The eight terrorists who launched the attacks in the French capital were not the product of Daesh in Raqqa, they arrived there already ripe for recruitment as a result of French society which failed to assimilate this third generation of Moroccan immigrants. 389 more words


Montreal anti-radicalization centre mulling prison parole system for extremists

MONTREAL – Less than 10 months after the launch of what is believed to be North America’s first anti-radicalization centre, its leader is considering expanding its reach with a parole system for inmates who fit certain extremist profiles. 798 more words


Not Taking It for Granted – Speaking off the Record About German-Israeli Relations

Nadav Eyal, an Israeli journalist by profession and experienced foreign correspondent on Europe, takes a closer look at the shifts in mutual perceptions of and perspectives on Germany and Israel respectively – what challenges are both societies and their relations confronted with today? 621 more words


Lessons from Paris

Terrorism and the targeting of civilians is a horror, and every religion has been guilty of this unthinkable action. We must stop using faith as a weapon and overcome the love of power with the power of love. 759 more words


Quebec, Belgium sign deal to fight threat of radicalism

QUEBEC CITY – The Quebec government signed a deal with Belgium Tuesday that will see a collaboration in the fight against radicalism.

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