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The Female Quran Experts Fighting Radical Islam in Morocco

Source: The Atlantic

Morocco is in a region vulnerable to terrorist recruitment, but it hasn’t had a significant attack on its own soil since 2011, when terrorists bombed a Marrakesh café. 286 more words

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The Problem with the Study of Extremism/Radicalization in Africa - Professor Hussein Solomon

The Problem with the Study of Extremism/Radicalization in Africa

By Hussein Solomon

RIMA Occasional Papers, Volume 6 (2018), Number 3 (February 2018)

Following the 9/11 terrorist atrocity, then President George W. 834 more words

'There's a lot of repenting': why Australian prisoners are converting to Islam

Source: The Guardian

By Christopher Knaus and Noor Gillani

Experts say prison conversions can be a positive force, giving inmates hope, structure and a pathway to rehabilitation. 200 more words

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The Radicalization of Respectable Black Folk

In less than a year, the Trump presidency has already profoundly changed the way Americans see our country. And perhaps the most profound and likely, enduring effect has been the radicalization of “respectable black folk.” Because over the last year, … 998 more words


Don’t Be a Sucker: A Revolution of the Mind

What happened when a Klansman met a black man in Charlottesville
Don’t Be a Sucker

Daryl Davis is nothing short of an American hero. He is also a social revolutionary in a nation indoctrinated by politics of rejection, tribalism, radicalization, and reactionary division. 1,784 more words

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Despite Social Liberalization At Home, Saudi Arabia Continues To Promote Islamic Radicalism Abroad

Source: Huffington Post

BY Doug Bandow, Contributor

Contributing writer, policy analyst, one who tilts at windmills

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have attacked their neighbor, Qatar, for supposedly supporting terrorism. 146 more words

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