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Rising Radicals of the Modern Age

It’s commonly believed in many fringe political circles that only a certain amount of the population is actually capable of having strong convictions and acting upon them. 1,030 more words

Dr. William Luther Pierce

Islam and Prison Radicalization – “In Your Face” Activity

Following many of the attacks in Europe and other western nations, it is often reported that the Muslim attacker(s), be they a born Muslim or convert to Islam, was radicalized in prison. 636 more words

After receiving death threats, imam vows to fight extremism, and opens up about his own brush with it

MISSISSAUGA — The photo emailed to Ibrahim Hindy showed five men hanging by their necks. “Islamic wind chimes,” the email read. Around the same time, a message arrived calling his mosque “one of many satan safe houses that need to be burned to the ground.” 1,349 more words


Closing Thought--21Apr17

The Left Shall Rise Again!

Since the last election there has been a new wild swing of young Americans looking into the “Left” of days gone by…. 308 more words


Closing Thought--10Apr17

These days I am not posting much on domestic situations…the world is getting close to the ignition stage and there is just too much happening for me to ignore….after all that is what I was trained to do…..ANALYZE. 325 more words


On the real factors that ignite radicalization and how we should react

“ The religious practice of the overwhelming majority of those caught up by Isis propaganda is weak at best, and mostly partial or very recent. This diagnosis has been reconfirmed time and time again since 11 September 2001. 130 more words

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