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#PaulNuttall not only hiding in person. Website offline 'for maintenance' too

Paul Nuttall has been unavailable all day as he seems to have gone into hiding rather than face questions/the music over his false claims regarding the Hillsborough disaster. 214 more words

Exclusive: #Nuttall says BBC copied his #Hillsborough 'mistake'. Proof they didn't

Paul Nuttall’s latest attempt to squirm out of responsibility for his Hillsborough guilt is, apparently, to claim that the article – ‘accidentally’ created by UKIP press officer Lynda Roughley – was posted… 506 more words

Punters flee #Nuttall's sinking ship. #StokeCentral: don't let low turnout save him

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s implosion continues. After the exposure of his false claims on Hillsborough, his cowardly attempt to avoid responsibility by having a female press officer take the blame for him – and the… 342 more words

@paulnuttallukip - as (an alleged) #Hillsborough survivor will you condemn @arron_banks?

On Tuesday evening, as the sky began to fall on the head of UKIP leader and Stoke Central parliamentary candidate Paul Nuttall, he tried to evade the collapse by having a UKIP press officer take the blame and resign. 314 more words

PROOF #Nuttall's #Hillsborough claim was a LIE, not an aide's slip

Huge credit goes to the sharp-eyed Scott Nelson for finding proof positive that Paul Nuttall not only lied about his ‘close personal friends’ killed in the Hillsborough disaster – he has… 215 more words

#UKIP in meltdown as #ArronBanks pours petrol on #Nuttall's #Hillsborough pyre

All day today, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s squirming when Merseyside’s Radio City caught him out on his ‘close friend died at Hillsborough’ lie has featured as a leading news item every half hour on BBC News, on the news bulletins of every other channel and has gone viral on the internet. 559 more words