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In Their Hands - a mini doc

This is a mini doc created for college in 2011, it tells the stories of people in Ireland who are carers.


A Grandmother's Memories

This was a radio documentary produced for Emerald Radio in 2014. It focuses on Eileen Conmey and her fond memories of growing up in rural Ireland in the early 1920’s.


The Colour of Sound: violet (final episode)

A short sample from Violet, the final colour to be interpreted in the Colour of Sound series.


Violet, the colour denoting the imperial ranks in Ancient Greece and Rome, was believed by Aristotle to be heard as an octave, a perfect interval that can be infinitely repeated. 102 more words


Radio Documentary: Domestic Help in India

Domestic workers are the largest unorganized sector in India as stated by the International Labour Organisation. Domestic workers are not covered under any labour laws and traditional practices have viewed them as servants rather than household employees with labour rights. 21 more words


Writing about the Colour of Sound: an ABC Radio National feature

Image: Catching the light (Jacqueline Foss/Getty Images)

To accompany the Colour of Sound series on ABC Radio National I was asked to write an article describing the process behind the compositions and text. 198 more words


Colour of Sound: Indigo

A short sample from Indigo. To listen to the full version go to ABC Soundproof.


In this penultimate episode of the Colour of Sound series we visit Isaac Newton as he investigates the nature of light and colour. 73 more words


The colour of sound: orange

A short sample from the colour of sound: orange

To listen to the full version go to the Radio National Soundproof program.


Orange is the next colour to feature on the ABC Radio National series on colour and sound. 125 more words