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Full-body scanners to be installed at Australian domestic airports

New security measures announced in the 2018-19 Federal Budget include the deployment of body scanners at major and regional Australian airports.  Although the Government’s press release… 357 more words


My Journey to Recovery: A Few Updates AND Taking a Break

Some changes I’ve made lately:

Reintroduced zinc, in the form of zinc picolinate (see resources page for the specific brand I’m using). Quickly noticed significant increase in energy levels and sleep quality… 1,022 more words

Private pilot fined after landing without permission

The pilot of a light aircraft was fined £3,600 after he landed at Coventry Airport without being given permission by air traffic control.

David Harbottle was also ordered to pay £4,500 costs to the… 211 more words


Acne Removal Treatment | Brown Sunspots Removal Treatment

Effective & long term acne solution For difficult to control acne, a series of Laser peels will usually result in a marked reduction of inflammatory lesions.  90 more words

Skin Treatment

Airband whip antenna design part 1: theory and basic models


A few years ago I bought Uniden UBC92XLT scanner, with Uniden AT218 0481001 Bearcat antenna. The default antenna is a wideband,12cm long helical one and on the base of my experiences it has very poor performance in range of air frequencies, so quite quickly I’ve bought a new one for the band closest to airband: 2m/70cm – it has much better performance, usually it works fine enough, but finally I’ve decided to bulid my own, airband dedicated antenna. 863 more words


A Smart Beauty Guide for Laser Skin Tightening

Maybe a couple of us can get away from the powers of gravity for long, thus sooner or later in our lives we look in a mirror and think about how that face thinking back progressed toward becoming ours.  187 more words