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Hidden R2-D2 Controller

July, 2017

I’ve very much enjoyed my finished R2-D2 over the past 9 months and have had many opportunities to bring her to events to the delight of many children (young and old).   1,732 more words


You And Your Family Are Being Barbecued By Cell Phone Towers And It's Worse Than You Might Think

Cellphone towers are dangerous and create negative effects on the human body

Two cell phone towers can be found in a local hardware store parking lot which continuously pump out 1500-2000 micro-watts of radiation to the area at all times. 67 more words

Ultra Cavitacion y radio frequencia para reducir grasa y celulitis (Ultracavitation and radio frequency to reduce fat and celullite)

Ultrasonic cavitation therapy is essentially a treatment that involves powerful sound waves, which are forced into fat cells. This is a professional fat-loss procedure that is performed in a clinic or spa. 131 more words

Andrea Calle

Ferril Losee - A Brilliant Engineer

On the farm young Ferril was taught by his father “to work hard and be a good person.” In addition to farming, football, dancing and music, Ferril was good “with hands and could do construction and other tasks… The principal… once said, ‘I never had a son, but if I had I would like him to be just like you.’” Before graduating, with books in hand he hitchhiked each afternoon to learn about electricity and motors at a vocational school. 274 more words


Electronic Weapons, Radio Frequency Radiation, Remote Manipulation of the Human Nervous System

New World Order Weapon Ban. Open Letter to the European Commission


We are missing a legislation which would ban the purposeful remote manipulation of the human nervous system and organism including remote killing of people. 2,743 more words


4.4 GHz Frequency Synthesis Made Easy

How hard is it to create a synthesizer to generate frequencies between 35 MHz to 4.4 GHz? noticed a rash of boards based on the ADF4351 that could do just that priced at under $30. 177 more words

Radio Hacks

NON-SURGICAL 3D-Lipomed body sculpting by Ms Angelica Kavouni on tonight's episode of SKY TV's 'Dr Christian Will See You Now'

The majority of mothers are happy to bear the physical results of child birth and this I applaud.  However there are many who mourn the loss of their shape and wish to return it to some semblance of its pre pregnancy state. 137 more words

Ms Angelica Kavouni Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon