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Electromagnetic energy in the city

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Telecommunication towers in Australia are certified with ‘standardised’ calculations (not measurements) of electro-magnetic radiation at 1.5m above ground level (only), but what about residents who live or work in high density areas, such a high-rise buildings in the CBD? 340 more words


Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

Radio waves are in specific area of electromagnetic spectrum band. We will use those radio waves to send our info. 1s and 0s will be represented in wave form that transmit at certain frequency. 257 more words


Ancient “Super-Acoustics” technology used on Malta


June 16th, 2014 Linda Eneix

Researchers detected the presence of a strong double resonance frequency at 70Hz and 114Hz inside a 5,000-years-old mortuary temple on the Mediterranean island of Malta. 401 more words