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Evolution of remote controlled wall plugs

In our house we are controlling all of our lights (And some other stuff) using remote controllable wall plugs that are switched using radio frequency. We have them hooked up to a home automation system that manages when they should switch On or Off. 115 more words


THE RETURN TRIP - Episode 45

THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 45

…“We are tracing the signal, we believe it originated somewhere in the Middle East.”…

“The future of the great… 372 more words

Family Saga

What is a FID (Free Induction Decay)?

In magnetic resonance, free induction decay (or FID) is the temporal profile of induction of sample placed in the magnetic field in the absence of external radio-frequency (in NMR or microwave frequency in EPR) irradiation after some irradiation has been applied and then interrupted. 449 more words

NMR Application

Core NMR Analyzer

It is a well known fact that nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is commonly used in well logging measurements and for routine laboratory core analysis. However, many are not aware of the principle behind NMR and its advantages for the core analyst. 607 more words

NMR Application

Silvercrest Wireless Doorbell Tear down

I bought a wireless doorbell at Lidl branded SILVERCREST for unbelievable EUR 5.99. Really amazing! I have been asking myself how this price can be achieved and decided to buy a package and do a tear down of the devices. 967 more words



If we accept Darwin’s theory of evolution, which I do, then we accept that we are the way we are as a result of a very period of gradual changes brought about by the pressures that our species has experienced through emergence and during process of its existence. 1,133 more words