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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

Radio waves are in specific area of electromagnetic spectrum band. We will use those radio waves to send our info. 1s and 0s will be represented in wave form that transmit at certain frequency. 257 more words


Ancient “Super-Acoustics” technology used on Malta


June 16th, 2014 Linda Eneix

Researchers detected the presence of a strong double resonance frequency at 70Hz and 114Hz inside a 5,000-years-old mortuary temple on the Mediterranean island of Malta. 401 more words


Radio bracelet program aims to help track down missing people | News OK

The search for missing persons with dementia in Oklahoma City may get easier with the help of bracelets that emit a radio frequency.

Oklahoma City police are partnering with Sunbeam Family Services to offer Care Trak bracelets to people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and children with Down syndrome and autism. 25 more words


Get Your V-Line on With Clear SK's V Face Shaper!

Here’s the second part of my Clear SK back to back pamper session, if you haven’t read about my Cellulite Busting one, do give it a read… 1,880 more words


Strong RF Waves Coming from SW Bedroom


I noticed a while back that our bedroom at the southwestern corner of the house has a hollow sounding area on the inside wall about waist level. 157 more words

Historic Phoenix

The Plausibilty of Charging Phones From Thin Air

-Malvika Srivastava

‘Radio Frequency (RF) Energy Harvesting’ may sound like a fancy term, but it is primarily a simplistic (yet ingenious) idea. An average human being in the 21st century is enveloped by a vast variety of radio waves.

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Device to make Missing Person Searches more efficient

Tampa, Florida – Imagine that moment of panic when you can’t find someone you love, and they could be in danger.

It’s something no one ever wants to experience, but sadly, people live it every day. 64 more words