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1:05 They have been doing it for themselves in their own complex, vibrant and diverse communities…NZIR economist Shamubeel Eaqub has observed, New Zealand has its Zombie towns, places blighted by its changing demographics, lack of jobs, they need to accept he says that will forever fail to thirve”.  410 more words

Radio Live Panel: 15 February 2015

Listen here to my Radio Live panel with Deborah Coddington and Mark Sainsbury. Satisfied that I am now a regular TV watcher, Mark makes enquiries as to why I would go to a Greens policy conference rather than watch the cricket with my girlfriend in Christchurch on Valentine’s Day. 184 more words

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The Tall Fishing Story - is Sean Plunket a Compulsive Liar?

A story has emerged from the sleepy town of Turangi – where Sean Plunket (of Radio Lies ‘fame’) likes to go fishing for trout.

Sean was very proud of his fish story over the xmas break- telling all of his heavily fluoridated listeners and even posting photos of the fish on line. 592 more words

Radio Live Panel: 25 January 2015

Listen here to my Radio Live panel with Mark Sainsbury and Deborah Coddington. After Mark checks in with me to see that I’ve been watching plenty of television over the summer we move on to a discussion of whether David Bain should receive compensation for wrongful imprisonment now that he has dropped judicial review proceedings; whether charges should be laid over the… 52 more words


Radio Live Panel: 7 December 2014

Listen to my Sunday morning Radio Live panel with Mark Sainsbury and Deborah Coddington.

Talking about Wellington’s proposed council amalgamation; Discussion of match fixing legislation and terror legislation being rushed through the house. 62 more words


Whanganui Live!

In case you missed it on Saturday morning, the Director and the Curator of Natural History were interviewed by Kim Hill on Radio Live.  Kim Hill hosts the regular Saturday Morning programme and on 15th November visited Whanganui to air her show live from the Royal Opera house.   80 more words


Radio Live Panel: 26 October 2014

26 October with Deborah Coddington (host: Mark Sainsbury): Do the Greens need to reach across the aisle to National? Is Judith Collins being treated unfairly in being denied her honorific before the inquiry is completed and is a comparison with Hon Doug Graham valid? 75 more words