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Results for The Hoot’s online survey on the media habits of youth are out. Conducted in April-May 2016, the survey suggests that news websites are the single largest source of news followed closely by newspapers and news apps. 144 more words

Chai Time

Arjun Kapoor slapped Radio Mirchi RJ Arpit

ఆర్‌జే చెంప ఛెళ్లుమనిపించిన అర్జున్‌కపూర్..!

అర్జున్‌కపూర్.. ప్రస్తుతం కీ అండ్ కా చిత్రం ప్రమోషన్స్‌లో తెగ బిజీగా ఉన్న నటుడు. ఇందులో ఇంటి వద్దనే ఉంటూ గృహిణిలా బాధ్యతలు నిర్వర్తించే పాత్రలో అర్జున్ చక్కగా ఒదిగిపోయాడు…readmore

Movie Talk

Best Ads 2015 Part II

We continue our journey in part 2 of this segment picking out ads that we adore the most


The women are dusky, the streets are dusty and the energy of the commercial is just perfect. 425 more words


Always Always Khush

If you are feeling the Monday blues, this is what you should be watching. Great concept, beautifully shot and as quirky and innovative as it can get. 164 more words


Punjab Gets Spiced Up

Radio Mirchi gets a new frequency in Punjab. The channel will broadcast on 104.8 FM in Amritsar & Patiala. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were roped in for the launch of the new stations. 180 more words

Media Watch

Meet Radio Mirchi Chennai's hero: RJ Ajai

Ajai Titus Alexander has a serious problem. His producer, Padmapriya Raghavan, is not entirely convinced of his latest idea for a video. The real issue, however, is that this might eat into the long lunch he’s planning to have at an Andhra mess. 631 more words