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Digging for gold, finding Earth Beat

There was a bit of a fracas over the past month when the old RNW.nl website was taken offline by the management of the new rnw.org. 244 more words

American in Amsterdam

By David Swatling

I’d been living in Amsterdam for three years when Sting’s “Englishman in New York” hit the airwaves in 1988. The song made it to #9 on the Dutch Top 40 chart, the highest anywhere in the world. 887 more words

Bold Strokes Books

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On the Authors' Blog of my publisher Bold Strokes Books, I write about how life as an expat led to writing my debut suspense novel Calvin's Head, which comes out in September. Wow. That's next month, folks! Check out Events Page for latest news of readings, signings, interviews, etc.


This weekend we will be travelling to one of our favourite destinations..HOLLAND! We are so excited to be back there and to hopefully see some of the lovely people we met back in December 2013 when we supported Will And The People. 329 more words

House Of Hats

#EC4NY: Ending Corruption for Naija Youths

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

Corruption is a stench that has been associated with Africa’s most populous nation for a long time. And this rancid slime has almost morphed into a national identity.   582 more words


The power of play

We all do it, kids to it, adults do it… even Animals do it! We play. Play isn’t just something you do when you are bored, in fact, we are playing even when we don’t realize it! 259 more words

Meeting Rosie

“You haven’t yet met Rosie? I promise you will love her!”

“Rosie is so dear and so delightful, wait till you meet her.”

I kept hearing about this Rosie and was actually looking forward to meeting her. 271 more words