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Rich White Ladies Discuss Their Ironic Name [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

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Rich White Ladies‘ name is somewhat of an oxymoron. Scotty Rebel and Tokyo Diiva might be rich in a lot of areas, but they’re certainly not white. 182 more words

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Detroit Woman Sues Lee Daniels And FOX For Stealing Her Life Story For Cookie's Character

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Sophia Eggleston, a Detroit woman claiming to be “the real Cookie Lyon” filed a $300 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels & FOX for stealing her story. 137 more words


10 Things Cheaters Always Say [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

She’s just a friend. I don’t know whose shirt that is. I don’t know whose baby that is. I would never cheat on you. You can’t believe everything you here. 122 more words

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Is This Where El Chapo Is Hiding? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]


Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, escaped from prison and apparently no one can find him. Is he hiding in plain sight? Listen to the audio player to hear what the people said in our Run Dem Streets segment! 103 more words

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Being Bold And Courageous Through God [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Pastor Jay talked about wearing your coat in Sunday’s sermon. The story comes from Joseph receiving a special coat from his father Jacob in the Bible. 144 more words

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The Benefits Of Crushing On Someone [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Having a crush on someone other than your significant other can actually be good for your relationship. A crush increases a woman’s sexual desire. Listen to the audio player to hear how it’s good for single women too in the latest  109 more words

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Is The Nation’s Capitol Sinking? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

According to research, the ground will drop another six inches in D.C. by the end of the century. Why? Well, sea levels are rising fast and temperatures are increasing. 134 more words

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