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Memoir of a Navy Man- Eric Coleman - Part One - 1916 Bakelite and Tweeter Speakers.

Early in 2014, a few months into my blogging adventure I shared by father’s recollections of his life and as I was tidying my files I noticed that at the time I was just building up my social media presence and did not manage to promote very effectively. 1,260 more words

It Is A Wonderful Life.

Final Project: PsySide Productions

As part of the final production project of Media studies, I created PsySide Productions, a brand new radio documentary production company specializing in the investigation of underground music genres and scenes. 135 more words


Postcard from the Inside.

Dear Reader,

Day upon day I awaken both thrilled and exhausted, my nights all beset by the disquiet of ideas and anxiety. As it turns out, I am no better at sleeping soundly when I am fulfilled than when I am frustrated. 920 more words


Kansas Wheat - Audrey Schmitz

Once a Wheatie, always a Wheatie! Who wouldn’t love to work in an office that smelled like fresh baked bread every day or a snack cubicle that is always stocked with donuts? 539 more words


Apple and biscuits: my week with BBC Wood Norton

Apple and biscuit. Not a snack, but a microphone. On the last Tuesday of January, I found myself in the company of several other like-minded radio enthusiasts, each of us gazing over a selection of archaic microphones like kids in a sweet shop, as our tutor picked out his favourites and explained the differences between them. 471 more words


Have to begin somewhere…

There something a little bit daunting about writing the very first post on your own blog site. What do I write? What might folk want to know? 365 more words

Film Making