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BBC Radio 4 Autumn Schedule

Projects to be excited for this autumn:
A new sitcom with Lucy Beaumont, To Hull and Back AgainLauren Laverne will be hosting a Late Night Woman’s Hour… 26 more words


I Hear Dead People

Recently I worked for a rock station that had two spots airing with the voices of deceased ex-staffers. This had gone on for two years, and the fault was half mine.  125 more words

A look inside 琪祥 (Qixiang Science & Technology)

Everybody these days wants to know about where things are made. In the past on the blog we have looked inside Sirio Antennas, RM Amplifiers. I’d emailed also Uniden & Midland see if was possible any photos but there was never any reply. 224 more words

Cb Radio

Radio Commercial

This is 6o second radio commercial promoting our campus Rec center produced by a classmate and myself using Adobe Audition. This commercial was actually chosen to be on our campus radio station, Power 90.5. Enjoy!


Radio feature on bamboo theatre for Cantonese opera performance

Without any piece of iron nail, thousands of bamboo canes are held together with nothing but black plastic ties so as to build a bamboo theatre. 48 more words

Cantonese Opera

Radio feature on children learning Cantonese opera

Cantonese opera is a local traditional performing art. Although it has become less popular since 1980s, some children are now learning this culture.

Cantonese Opera

WWCU FM Power 90.5

WWCU FM Power 90.5 is Western Carolina University’s radio station where students can volunteer to get experience in radio broadcasting. The station starts you voice tracking for a late time slot. 284 more words