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Microphone Testing

For this project we had to use 3 different microphones in 6 different areas e.g a corridor, a sound proof room, a class room with students and so on. 237 more words

Radio Production

Audio Exploration/Podcast

The task was asking to produce five minutes of content presenting my magazine website. The podcast includes my main article and an interview about inner beauty. 17 more words

Radio Production

Microphones test

The requirements for this assignment were to choose three different microphones and test them all in six different locations and then analyse the quality of the sound for each of them. 591 more words

Radio Production

Doc1 radio reserch

Journalism carrer op

This is two of tasks that I did. It is based on research about news bulletins and career options. For the first task I researched a range of different radio stations and how they present the news. 386 more words

Radio Production

Old story ihyiu

The following are two tasks that I have done. I started by gathering four different stories from a range of different topics including sports, politics and education. 289 more words

Radio Production

Westminster Recap

Hey everyone,

long time no see, so here it is – wohooo – Blogpost n°2 :)

On Monday this week I checked my mail and – yeeey: my final grades have finally found their way from England here to me. 859 more words

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