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Where to buy and download Morning Show Radio Imaging and Production Elements

Radio stations in Asia, Particularly in the South East, like in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. Stations here have unique needs when it comes to their radio imaging and production for the morning block. 228 more words

Radio Imaging

Radio Production; My New Found Love

Far beyond our imagination, the very things we had little or no love for, becomes the very thing we develop immense love for.

When I was first introduced to radio production, I had no idea I will enjoy it this much. 218 more words

A Bit Of My Life

Walt Jaschek Looks "Professorial" Promoting Webster U. Radio Class.

Come on, a little too professorial. The elbow patches are spot on, sure, but who lines up markers like that, and why would the guy who tries to simplify everything write so much sh*t on the board? 146 more words

Walt Jaschek

Week 6 - Radio Production

I am going to be listening to BBC Radio 6 Music that is broadcast from 7am every Saturday and Sunday. 280 more words

Radio Production

Week 5 - Radio Production

Sunday 05th March 2018 – 102 Capital FM Manchester Live – The official Vodafone Big Top 40 Show 4pm 268 more words

Radio Production

Week 4 - Radio Production

In this episode called: In Dog We Trust – Prologue. Heather and her girlfriend lived with cat named Sid. The Girlfriend showed all sorts of affection toward Sid that she never showed toward Heather. 208 more words

Radio Production