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Hancock’s Half Hour – The Harry Secombe Episodes, Part 2

Right, where were we then?

Several centuries ago I started to take a look at the mysterious episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour on radio which Tony Hancock isn’t even in. 2,100 more words

Radio Review

Woman's Hour - Review


Woman’s Hour is a radio magazine programme with a target audience of women over 50. In 2006, 2.6 million people tuned in to listen to the show, 40% of whom were men meaning that it does in fact appeal to a wider audience. 958 more words

Magazine Show Evaluation

Get ready to be entertained! This is an assignment I was assigned, in which I had to evaluate what I thought of different magazine shows. I thought I’d post it in my blog in case anyone was at all interested (You most likely wouldn’t be in fairness, unless you were obsessed with me or something…) in my opinion on the shows that I listened to. 1,219 more words

Radio silence

I had a joyful hour last night, listening to a BBC Radio 4 documentary on silence, presented by Lucy Powell.  It was called “Shhhhhhh” and as the promotional notes said, “examining the nature of silence might not seem the most obvious thing to do on the radio, the medium most wholly given over to noise and which was in its day seen as a direct threat to the realm of silence in our personal and public lives.” 369 more words

BBC Radio 4