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Wooden Overcoats Season 3 Review: They got the fan service in the coffin in the ground, on time

So, to recap – Season One was fresh, new, and silly. My first real foray into radio comedy to be honest with you.

Between that and Series 2 we had Piffling Lives which were excellent and really shed light onto the rest of the world. 527 more words

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The Archers is a very long running BBC radio 4, since the 1950’s very long time.  The entire idea of the show, “a radio soap opera set in the fictional English village of Ambridge.” (“The Archers – About the Archers – BBC Radio 4”, 2018), brings a country village charm to BBC radio 4, and its very BBC accented presenters. 353 more words

Radio Review

Sorting Through Some Mixtapes

Emily Levy describes herself as an eclectic singer and composer, and “particularly interested’ in blurring boundaries between both stylistic genres and electro acoustic writing.” this comes across in what she did with the half hour show. 297 more words

Radio Review

Magazine radio shows:

Magazine shows are “a show with a number of reports on particular subjects” (TV Tropes, 2017). Two shows being looked at are Front row – Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, Hollywood and Homosexuality- and Woman’s Hour -Sonequa Martin-Green, Life-saving solar-powered suitcase, women and alcohol.- 304 more words

Radio Review

radio 6 music - Mary Ann Hobbs

Radio 6 Music as a station is there to “entertain lovers of popular music… that celebrates the alternative spirit in popular music” (BBC. 2017) the shows should have some sort of context for the music choices, aswell. 269 more words

Radio Review

A Kickstarted Show

this week, ill be combining both blogs into one post. Both subjects come from very similar roots (namely Kickstarter) Video Game High School is “An action/comedy series about surviving high school, fitting in, and landing that perfect head shot.” (Kickstarter, 2017) 483 more words

Radio Review

I Wish I Was a Pirate.

This American Life is a long running podcast, spanning nearly 700 episodes, just for the the podcast. there are two seasons of television shows too. I picked the episode for one main reason. 437 more words

Radio Review