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If you like sliding down chimneys and you don’t mind being pulled by a dear.

I know of a job you can apply for that will be available soon this year. 73 more words


It's Never Too Soon For Christmas?


As winter lies across the base

With its icy tentacles of frosty lace

Above on the trunk of the big tree towers

Across the land now bereft of flowers, 130 more words


Beyond What’s Old


The crows fly low on a day such as this,

As the cold eats the air then blows it out as a mist.

Branches are naked their leaves now gone, 105 more words


I Have No Time For Any Nursery Rhyme

If Jack and Jill ran up that hill just to fetch a pail of water,

Did they survive Jack’s broken crown and in love live forever after? 256 more words


What Happened In Vienna, Jack?

A short story about a young policeman, the corruption in London during the 1970’s and a man not from Guildford; an unrivaled spy.

Available for 99p from 6 August… 25 more words


A Man

I ask for very little and I’ll take even less.

I will offer you nothing that is not my best.

I shall not speak simply to hear my own voice, 80 more words


There is a House in Ipswich Town

There is a house in Ipswich Town
That’s called the Spiders Weave.
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor fly
As its upped and tried to leave. 86 more words