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The Decay Of Mankind, by Danny Kemp

You fair weather sailor, you ne’er do well,
Turn your bow northwards and feel the oceans swell.

Unleash the main sail skywards, take captive the wind. 56 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

Never Let The Devil Speak, by Danny Kemp

Pack a loaded gun…Keep it at your side.

If someone takes a run…Know it’s them that lied.

Never miss a shot……Shoot ’em so they die. 307 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

The Butcher, by Danny Kemp

As the butcher comes to cut off your tail,

Do you believe the politicians who spin you a tale,

Or the newspapers that are full of lies, 120 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

Love's Memory, by Danny Kemp

Love’s Memory, by Danny Kemp

As a drop of water becomes an ocean,
And a ripple a wave;
A heart can never forget
The love that it gave. 48 more words

Danny Kemp

Dreams, by Danny Kemp

A psychiatrist stands watching, in a pathology lab.
An anaesthetist holds a needle waiting to stab
The brain that needs examining because it refuses to die, 182 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur


If you are ever so fed up that you need a smile, then on the link below you will find my website.

I cannot guarantee that you will laugh yourself silly, but I hope it’s amusing and gives an insight into my writing and poetry. 35 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

A Fear That Paralysed A Heart, by Danny Kemp

A secret that was hidden far off in time.

A word never spoken because it will always remind.

A passion-filled love that could never be. 48 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur