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Percy Crow A story of secrets, deceit and damned lies!


Percy Crow, twice captured in World War Two, first by the Nazis and then by the Russians, escapes in the bilges of a freighter from Soviet Russia to Hamburg where he sells his secrets to Meredith Paine, the head of British Intelligence. 210 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

The Mermaid Who Makes The Seas


This short book, the second in the Teddy and Tilly’s Travels series, is available free of charge until midnight, Pacific Coast time on the 27 June, or 8 am Sunday 28 UK time. 44 more words


And The Sixth?

Love is:
Something you cannot touch, but you can feel.
Something you cannot see, but you know is there.
Something you cannot hear, but it fills your every thought. 34 more words


Time To See

Sparrows, gulls, swallow and thrush, grace the skies in their swooping rush.

Where they go is anyone’s guess, perhaps it’s home to a welcoming nest. 78 more words


The Mermaid Who Makes The Sea

This story for children or those still a child at heart is ‘in review’ at Kindle Direct. I hope to be able to offer it free sometime this coming week. 401 more words



She had fingers that were slim, a mouth that was wide. With a smile that conjured life itself to come alive.

She had a neck that was long, shoulders that were small. 177 more words