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KBS WORLD 중국어 프로그램에 출연-강려 Ginger Jiang starred in KBS World Chinese program《亲近KOREA》

宋之贤 (安养大学教授)
钱 兢 (国民大学教授)
嘉 宾:姜丽


KBS国际广播电台《亲近Korea》 之“夏天旅游胜地” 节目观看

KBS World <줌 인 코리아> 프로그램 보기



Χέι ντιτζέι μην ξαναπαίξεις αυτό το κομμάτι!

Δεν έχω απαιτήσεις από τα παραδοσιακά μουσικά ραδιόφωνα της πόλης μας. Ξέρω ότι είναι παραδομένα εδώ και χρόνια στην άρπα-κόλλα της πλέιλιστ, στα εκάστοτε κέφια της εκάστοτε δισκογραφικής και στο γούστο του ακροατή που δηλώνει φιλόμουσος, αλλά είναι πιο μυρωδιάς και από κάτι ελληνο-αυστραλά εξτρέμ που κουβαλούσαν παλιά οι σκάουτερ του Βαρδινογιάννη.  115 more words


Tune into Radio

Tune into a live radio station in your area.

At times, the songs in your audio player may not appeal after repeated listening. Radio stations always mixup tracks and there is a high chance it might play a song you like but haven’t listened to in a while. It will make your day.


First Episode of Science Fiction Spotlight Radio Now Online

You can hear the first episode of Science Fiction Spotlight Radio that I hosted at this link:


The technical difficulties really threw me for a loop, kicked me offline, and killed the live broadcast.   53 more words

News And Publicity

Under Milk Wood

Perhaps the best known iteration of Under Milk Wood is the recording made in 1954 featuring Richard Burton.

David Ingham

Scott Franzke

I mailed two drawings to Scott Franzke on August 1, 2015.
I asked him to keep one and to please sign and return the other. 34 more words