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Watch out! I'm radioactive, radioactive!

So I told you guys about my diagnosis of Graves’ Disease and that I needed to remove my pesky thyroid. Well, it happened! I didn’t think that things would move so fast, but on Friday I went into the hospital and we started my treatment of radioactive iodine therapy. 539 more words


What a Difference a Week Makes.....

Sorry for the delay in posting.  After my last appointment I had every intention of writing about it, but then the tragedy in Charleston happened and my mind immediately went to trying to comprehend how something so tragic could have happened.  603 more words

Papillary Thyroid Cancer

RAI treatment may increase second primary malignancy risk among children, young adults with thyroid cancer

An elevated risk for second primary malignancy, especially salivary gland cancer, was found among pediatric and young adult patients who received radioactive iodine for differentiated thyroid cancer… 309 more words


Depression during RAI

Needed to take a quick detour from my Part 1/Part 2 blog to fill you in on a matter that I feel is something that is important and is something that just about anyone might go through in these circumstances. 908 more words

I am not a cancer survivor

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by Laura Gene

I am not a cancer survivor.

But I’m not back from the dead to write this either. 692 more words


Hearing the News--For Real This Time

On June 25 I made my way to meet with Surgeon 2. The wait to see him was quite long and I was running through the various scenarios in my mind. 334 more words

Stop looking in my shopping cart. The answer isn't in there!

I have always been self-conscious  about my weight, without reason. In middle school my friend and I would count calories and we had a membership at a local gym. 1,539 more words