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German Nuclear Power Plant vs. Virus

BBC News reported that the computers in German nuclear power plant got affected by virus.

As mentioned before in this blog, most nuclear plants are controlled by computer because people cannot go inside and it is dangerous to control by people. 42 more words


Warning of the Cold War Horse

The life-size effigy of the horse stands alone in a windswept field in Jefferson County, Colorado. But this is no pettable pony. The Cold War Horse is a warning that something sinister has occurred in his remote plateau, about 15 miles north-west of Denver. 412 more words

Cold War

Greetings from Chernobyl-30 years later

As I already told several times, I have the weirdest “places to be” ever.  And of course Chernobyl has always been on the top of my travel wish list. 1,884 more words


Failure at Expressions

I don’t know why it’s impossible for me to remember English idioms, but I just can’t.  I’m  American and have spoken English my entire life.  But to hear me attempt (and most often fail) at using an expression in my conversation, you would think that I’m a foreigner. 741 more words


Tunes: Radioactive Cover

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons as not only been a favourite of mine for a long while, but I’ve found that various covers of it are amazing as well. 75 more words


Columbia River will have no fish due to radiactive waste leaking...

Look at these articles. Proof that Hanford is a poison on the land and the Columbia River. All the “save the salmon” and the taking of land for conservation is a bunch of bunk now. 92 more words

Agenda 21 Impact