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The Art of Sleeping On an Artist: I Found Yelawolf at the Right Time

“Lately I’ve been afraid of myself, the closer that I get to reign / The more I feel at home, the further I’m away / And all that I feel is pain.” 1,226 more words

Hip Hop

R is for Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Blogging from A to Z Challenge information

Full lyrics to the song

“Radioactive” was written by Imagine Dragons themselves and is one of the more “electronically influenced” tracks on the… 287 more words


Vlog Entry #15: Ziem Reap

For part of my winter vacation this year I traveled to Cambodia. Exploring the ancient ruins throughout Siem Reap made me feel like I was walking through a post apocalyptic world!  22 more words


First Take: Yelawolf -Love Story

Yelawolf has been crafting and perfecting Love Story, his Shady Records sophomore release since 2011’s Radioactive. Admittedly, his debut played like a helter skelter bag of verses tossed at various producers with varied results. 258 more words

Heat Seeker

Nuclear Power

The current situation with nuclear power is not unlike a parent whose child has a dirty diaper, but they refuse to take care of it, hoping the dirty diaper will go away— while continuing to feed the poor child. 188 more words


Thieves In Mexico Have Been Unwittingly Stealing Lots Of Radioactive Material

While reports of theft are hardly uncommon in Mexico, there’s a new trend on the rise in regards to the goods that are being pilfered. It’s not money, nor drugs, but oddly enough…radioactive material. 196 more words

Web Culture

Fungus, superheroes and saving the world

OK… ambitious title lol! Introducing Paul Stamets. I love his work. I mean, really really love his work. I hope you’ve heard of him, but if you haven’t… now you have ;) 144 more words