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October 22nd 2015-Trials and Tribulations

22/10/15- Some days I get so excited just sitting in the university library. I want to shout out ‘Hey, I’m at Uni!’ but of course that would be a bit weird because so is everyone else here and they’re not making a fuss. 567 more words

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October 25th 2015-The Fork in the Road- extract from an email

25/10/15-Extract from an Email to my consultant

Since receiving the news about the clinical trial randomisation I have been doing some thinking which I would like to discuss with you, however as another week or so will have passed before this is possible I have put the crux of it in this email and I am also going to try to speak to your colleague in the interim, in the event that other wheels can be set in motion to avoid further delay should I come to a final decision. 199 more words

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October 16th 2015-One of our Lymph Nodes is Missing!

16/10/15-Hospital: There is a different feel here in the waiting room today. The room has an energy, a kind of buzz. The room is busy, packed. 458 more words

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October 11th 2015-The Breast Conversation

11/10/15: my Bathroom-Six days post surgery. Six days of scrupulous strip washing. Six days desperate for a bath.

I need to feel the warmth of the water as it envelops my skin, watch as the bubbles close in over my sinking body like a soft fragrant blanket… … 648 more words

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I wish I could say my brain is a little heavier because I suddenley got smarter but...

It has been a very long couple of weeks! I think the last time I did an update was just after finding out about the growth in my lung again and after that it was straight into radiotherapy! 1,587 more words


The Freedom Files, Part Deux - Blog 33

On Wednesday we achieved what we had set out to achieve with my Dad during this freedom week. We scaled the 520m mountain that they look up too from the house. 709 more words


Final chemo, CT and heart scan

I had so many mixed feelings from my appointments at the hospital last week. I was feeling so, so relieved that the final chemotherapy infusion going in. 1,005 more words