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All in a year

February 2015 wasn’t one of the best months of my life. I was 2/3 of the way through my chemotherapy treatment and Paul was still in a full leg cast having broken his leg in two places. 474 more words

Breast Cancer

The 'World Cancer Day' post

I’ve been dabbling with the intro to a new blog for weeks now and not getting very far at all.
Mostly it’s because I didn’t have anything I particularly wanted to say. 701 more words

Overdue Blogging

It has been months since I wrote and the reason I have been prompted to write today is that both my nieces have started their own blogs this month and reading what they have written has motivated me to write. 890 more words

Breast Cancer

Some Like It Tough*

WordPress doesn’t seem to be feeling well this evening. So will just do a small blog:

1. Just watching highlights of the Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic match from earlier. 183 more words

Take Me to Your River

It’s been pretty much been a shit week.¬† Luckily for anyone sitting on the toilet needing to read something on their phone you’re in luck!¬† Why don’t you also listen to a little Leon Bridges while you poop since I doubt your keep your record player in your bathroom. 624 more words

CT Scan and Planning in preparation for Radiotherapy 

On the 19th January I had an appointment to talk about Radiotherapy, what happens, what to expect as well as signing the consent form.

Where am I now?’ I was a little confused from the last meeting with my surgeon whether I was Cancer free or (I’ve heard a lot of the word) in remission. 276 more words