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Weird arse shit ...

… have you ever had your body experience something so odd and utterly astounding that you mutter “This is weird arse shit!” … ?

My skin continues to redden, my underarm aches but today I’ve been smart enough to take some pain killers. 56 more words


It hurts!

Under my arm is crimson and in parts purple, now that is my favourite colour but my skin does not need to be my favourite colour! 72 more words


Patient or carer with experience of radiography sought

A notice, circulated by the Croydon PPG network:

Title: Public involvement in a question and answer session at a radiography study day


Values based Practice in radiography is an approach that aims to involve the patient, as well as the professional, in decisions about care.  410 more words


So what now ...

So, university is over!  What do I do with myself now??

Its been two weeks and I have now become accustomed to the life of an unemployed student… However, as of today I have been placed on a waiting list to start a therapeutic radiography job :D HURRAHH!!! 273 more words


Another few days in UHCW - Home now

So been in hospital for a few days came crashing down to earth after my 30th bubble of fun.

Had some problems with chest pain, but after a few days in bed and surrounded by some rather funny characters on the ward I am home and back with Drew.   103 more words


I wondered why we had to be careful of the vet!

I passed the sign as it rained and rained and I wondered and wondered about this vet. 14 more words