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New project added: Radiotherapy Health Access Initiative

The aim of this program is to help people living in resource-limited regions gain access to state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment. Visit the project’s page for more information.



I think I’ve talked about this before but never at length and i feel now would be a good time to as I’m in the throws of a hypothyroid episode. 885 more words

Radio what's new?

This week has gone by in a flash, it seems so long ago that I had my radiotherapy consultation and it only happened on Tuesday! This is a good thing, I suppose – the quicker the days go by, the quicker my radiotherapy will be finished and the sooner I can begin Life 2.0… 982 more words

Breast Cancer

Changes That Are Sure To Come!

When you go through cancer treatment, you realize that there are some things that you end up losing.  Some like the erstwhile tumor…you can’t wait to get rid of; others, like your hair you hope to hang on to but most likely do lose. 347 more words

Lovely distraction today

Great catch up with Sarah and cat today thanks lovelies. A girly chin wag always the best medicine xx

Getting nervous - last step- radiotherapy

Tomorrow radiotherapy starts- consent form signed, tattoo ready, last hurdle here we come!

Trying not to think about the possible conditions I could be left with – four months and fingers crossed for remission news! :-)