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Why Sprouting in Mason Jars is the Easiest/Fastest Way

My favorite way of sprouting is using glass mason jars. I would say this is also the easiest method to start sprouting seeds!

Why Sprouting in Mason Jars is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Sprout: 144 more words


Sprout Power

As growers of sprouts and shoots we get a lot of requests for information about the nutritional qualities of our products.  As we are growers and not researchers, we can only pass along the information we have gathered from other websites and published studies.   258 more words

No earth, just water and a couple of days: home-grown food

first day after soaking, seeds draining

after eight hour soak

second day

third day

third day

fourth day

fourth day

Radish Sprouts

No earth, just water and a couple of days: home-grown food… 210 more words


What an appetizer and a restaurant should be

A week ago tonight, on a night like this with air like champagne, we sat at a wall of windows in Canyons, a bar and restaurant in Blowing Rock, NC. 215 more words


Crazy about sprouts

Sprouts are a fun way to add enzymes and crunch to salads – I really like the mild flavor of sunflower seed sprouts and although soaked almonds may not count as a sprouted, Autumn and I prefer the taste to dry almonds.   181 more words


"R" is for Radishes!

I was going to post a review today, but got sidetracked, so I decided to share a few pictures about one of the easiest to grow vegetables. 208 more words