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Time On My Hands ! ? What...

I never have time to spare. Never. But today there I was sitting at the kitchen table playing solitaire in the middle of the day. For about an hour. 505 more words


Cara Cara and Blood Orange Salad E.A.T #23

Blood Orange, Cara Cara, Satsuma, Tangerine, Navel, Little Cuties, Mandarins by any other name would still taste as sweet or tangy, fresh or juicy.  It is February and peak season for all manner of citrus. 231 more words

E.A.T. Easy As This

Inspiration Wednesday

Hubby beat me to the punch and already planted some radish seeds in the patio container garden.  They sprouted this weekend!  I really want to use the sprouts in salads, but Hubby wants to see if they’ll actually grow roots on the bottom.  26 more words