Implementing WPA2-Enterprise or How to Limit your Teen's Internet Access

As regulatory compliance and corporate security awareness ramps up my company has realized that we must audit who is accessing our wireless networks, when, and how much data is being pumped through the air on their behalf. 959 more words


11.1: Exploring Cylinders

This is the first section of Chapter 11, “Geometry and Measurement Relationships”. The learning goal for this section is to “Explore the relationships between the dimensions of a cylinder and the dimensions of its net”. 226 more words


Allen Stone - Freedom [Song]

Follow along.

Radius, due out May 26th.

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Spotlight on: Singapore

I began two weeks of backpacking through South-east Asia in Singapore in December 2014. The weather was great- in the high 20°s to early 30°s and sunny the whole time. 1,047 more words

Test Your Knowledge: Parts of a Circle

Everyone knows, or should know, what a circle is; But do you know the dirty little math secrets about different parts of a circle? Well we’re about to find out. 31 more words

How do I detect a player in a x,y,z,radius, remotely?

I’m making a “floating piston”, so when the player moves into a specific area, the dirt acts as an activator of a circuit.

How can I make the execute (wired up to a pulse clock) work inside a range, and/or coordinates, as in… 199 more words

How Do I Detect A Player In A X