Access Layer Security (Part 1) - MAC Auth & Device Profiling

I see people doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things to ‘secure’ the Access Layer of their networks.  The vast majority of the methods available can be circumvented to some degree and so with Access Layer security, as with all things Security, … 815 more words


‘Radius’ and more hit Horror Channel this May

There are four UK TV premiers in store for Horror Channel this May. One of them is the awesome sci fi thriller from Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard RADIUS. 352 more words

Horror Movies

Spacious show suite at Radius feels like a single-family home

For people looking to downsize from a larger single-family home, one of the latest show suites to open at Radius at Bridgeland strikes the ideal balance. 820 more words


"Safe" by Karlo Sevilla

“Along the sidewalk,
always safest along the sidewalk,”
father used to say.
(A truck may swerve,
roll over the sidewalk
and pin you against
a lamppost…) 96 more words

Zingara Poetry Picks

Search campaigns for my father

This is a message to my father, a retirement planner with his own company located just right down Ford Road in a small, cozy office. He is older and doesn’t use much in the way of technology so his experience with marketing is quite slim. 470 more words


Configuring FlexVPN external AAA with RADIUS

This post will describe how to configure FlexVPN authorization using RADIUS AAA, ISE 2.4 will be used as the RADIUS server.

The Hub router will authenticate the spoke routers with RSA certificates. 1,658 more words


Apa itu RADIUS

Kalian tentu sudah sering mendengar tentang RADIUS terutama bagi teman teman yang menyukai dengan jaringan / network. RADIUS adalah Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service dimana protokol dan perangkat lunak klien / server yang memungkinkan server akses remote untuk berkomunikasi dengan server pusat untuk mengotentikasi pengguna dial-in dan mengotorisasi akses mereka ke sistem atau layanan yang diminta. 121 more words