Generative Design Variations M.5.3 Sunburst diagrams

Sunburst diagrams. Again something I never used in my work. Here is the description the Generative Design book gives: ‘A sunburst is a visualization technique that simultaneously depicts hierarchical structures and proportions in a radial diagram. 1,252 more words

Generative Design Variations

Radius och Ulnae-Basala Strukturer

Underarmens två ben: Radius (Strålbenet) och Ulnae ( Armbågsbenet) binds ihop distalt och proximalt av vridleder och ett stort membran.


Caput Radii

Radius huvud som har ledförbindelse med Capitulum Humeri. 131 more words


Create Grenade Launcher

So far we were using instant fire methodology. Now it comes time to improve BaseWeapon to be able to shoot with projectile.


AFI Docs: Filmmakers Get Savvier About Fueling Social Change

WASHINGTON — Profit may not be a goal for many filmmakers showing their projects at AFI Docs, but making an impact is.

The challenge is finding the sweet spot: Social media and online platforms have expanded a project’s potential reach, but target audiences are bombarded with messages and information. 835 more words


Wireshark and RADIUS: Starent and "VSA too short" errors

I’m regulary dealing with RADIUS Accounting pcaps from mobile networks. Often colleagues come along and tell me “he, I can’t decode this RADIUS accounting messages from a Starent PGW”. 682 more words


'The Yes Men Are Revolting' Earns An Estimated $45K In VOD

Demonstrating the potential future for specialty film earnings through video on demand, The Orchard has disclosed that The Yes Men Are Revolting, which opened day and date last Thursday, has grossed an estimated $45K on-demand. 358 more words

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A Broken Bone and the Origins of Life on Land

Around 300 million years ago the very first vertebrates made their way from the seas onto the land. They weren’t the first animals to make the transition, insects had beaten them to it several million years before, but they were the first animals with a backbone to make the evolutionary leap and at least one of those species was also our ancestor. 871 more words