My problem decision: AIME I 2010 Problem 15


In  with , , and , let  be a point on  such that the incircles of  and  have equal radii. Let  and  be positive relatively prime integers such that . 7 more words

Fortigate Radius logins for SSL VPN with Password expiration/renewal ability

I’ve blogged on using the SSL VPN to renew passwords if they expire before using LDAPS, but I have not blogged on doing this through Radius authentication. 272 more words



Plot Summary: After losing Hiryoya while running away from monsters, Kazuha stumbles into a battle between a demon, Radius, and some monster and is injured. Wounded and on the verge of death, Kazuha is saved when Radius adds her to his party which allows her to log out. 382 more words


A Babystep Lesson Towards Calculus

Hello Blog Readers,

As promised in my previous blog entry, I’m going to start posting a few entries about calculus as I gear up to teach the subject in the fall. 742 more words


Car optional: Developers weigh walkability factor

Just like the song These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, condo developers in Calgary’s inner-city are finding hits of their own with locations that allow residents to thrive on foot. 855 more words


Final programming slate for Fantasia International Film Festival

Today the final additions of next week’s FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL have been announced. Festival standouts like ATOMIC BLONDE Takashi Miike’s latest sequel THE MOLE SONG: SECRET AGENT REIJI, the return of WOLFCOP and a masked luchador bio pic are just a few of the things to expect. 7,723 more words

Horror News

Following the 802.1X AAA process with Packet Captures

EDIT: After chatting with David Westcott (@davidwestcott) I have made a few additions to this post. He has graciously asked that I add a little more details including the packet captures so everyone can follow along. 1,963 more words

Cisco ISE