FrightFest Day Two

By Anna Novitzky

FrightFest day two is when it all starts to get serious: six films in one day. Buckle up.


Freehold 2017 Dir. Dominic Bridge, Availability: TBC… 1,367 more words


Film Review: Radius (2017)

It’s rare that a high-concept thriller not only lives up to the promises of its set-up but full-on thrives on it.

Few films manage to own their selling point as well as… 492 more words


Radius (2017, dir. Caroline Labreche & Steeve Leonard)

A man with memory loss finds that anything that comes close to him dies. A splendidly Stephen King-ish premise is generally effectively handled in this modest and character-focused flick, though unnecessary relationship twists takes it into awkward territory.

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Review - Radius Cranberry Floss

People are really, really dispassionate about their oral care. That much becomes painfully clear every time I go in search of fun stuff to clean my teeth with. 894 more words

If you love the Charge Spoon Saddle and cannot find a new one, what is the Fabric equivalent ?

I adore the Charge Spoon saddles.  I have three.

When I went to get a new one, they seemed to be in short supply, and no titanium railed ones were around at all.   88 more words


My problem decision: AIME I 2010 Problem 15


In  with , , and , let  be a point on  such that the incircles of  and  have equal radii. Let  and  be positive relatively prime integers such that . 7 more words