Know Yourself

To know God is to know yourself.

When I went of to college, I entered a whole new realm. It would be the first time I’d been away from home for more than a couple of months. 674 more words


Duo Security - HA Radius Servers

If you are using Duo Security MFA (great solution btw), you may want high-availability for your Duo Radius servers.  Duo doesn’t currently have a “supported” solution for this, but keepalived worked great after a quick call to support.   224 more words


2 mile radius

Artwork by Billy G.

Modeled by Aya B.

Written by Kendall H.

Is it wrong to say I feel trapped?

Anxious and always abusing, so I’m basically bad. 148 more words


Radius Horror Film 'Goodnight Mommy' Set To Wake Up Oscar Voters As Austria's Entry

Horror films have always been the exception in the Oscar conversation.

Sure, they’ve had their day: One of the most notable hardcore titles being 1974’s… 709 more words

Breaking News

New graph of exoplanet orbital period vs. radius, with multiple-planet systems shown

This new graph plots orbital period versus planetary radius for planetary candidates discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope (see also The Cosmos, Section 9.2d, pp. 131 more words


Finish what ya started

I like modding/customizing guitars. It’s deeply satisfying to take a guitar, some woodworking tools, sanding paper and your bare hands and create something better out of a (cheap) used guitar. 229 more words