Most digital images require a degree of sharpening in order to look their best. Here are a few tips on how to go about it (& things to avoid too). 403 more words


Dynamic VLANs with 802.1x Authentication

VLAN configuration can be a large overhead on resources making sure the right device is in the right VLAN.

Constantly re-configuring switches trying to keep on top of users moving their PCs. 470 more words

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Thumb Pollicization (Pollicisation)

What is it?
Pollicization (or pollicisation) is a hand surgery technique in which a thumb is created from an existing finger. The first case of a digit being transferred to create a thumb was described over 100 years ago in 1885. 1,344 more words

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You Absolutely Must See IT FOLLOWS

Film Comment Selects : screens 2/25 pm with the Director of the Film

Opens Nationwide March 13

Absorbing, intriguing, weird.

the little movie that COULD and DOES. 148 more words

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First Rule in Securing Postgres: Don’t Be Dumb

Source: Robert Haas, Chief Architect, Database Server, at EnterpriseDB.

A very popular standalone NoSQL database solution came under criticism about their security posture this week. It’s not the kind of publicity a database company, or any company for that matter, relishes.

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Radioaktivität nimmt ab

Die NRA hat am 13. Februar eine Karte des Gebiets um das AKW Fukushima I veröffentlicht. Die Karte, die November 2014 fertiggestellt wurde, zeigt die radioaktive Belastung in einem Radius von 80 km. 217 more words


HP Procurve with RADIUS authentication using NPS

The two main chassis I used are from Hewlett Packard which are;

HP Procurve 5406 – J9823A HP Procurve 5412 – J9532A

Steps required;

  1. Build RADIUS server…
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