Tuberculum Dorsale

Benlist i radius distala ända, belägen mellan två fåror som innehåller extensor pollicis longus och extensor carpi radialis brevis. Oftast palpabel genom huden.

mvh/ Marcus Stigwan


RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush for 6 months +, Ultra Soft Bristles (Pack of 3)

Start early, start right! RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush was designed with your child’s needs in mind. Perfect for ages 3 months and up. Age-Specific Designs cater to the changing needs of children as they move through growth stages. 287 more words

Julian of Norwich Festival at North Stoke, 30-31 July

St. Mary the Virgin at North Stoke (pictured above) is hosting a Julian of Norwich Festival. The first event was on Saturday, but there are three further events this coming weekend: 83 more words


802.1x for Wireless Devices

Okay so now you have your Radius Server setup and have your network devices using Radius for login authentication..but what about wireless devices, how can we make them authenticate against their AD credentials? 845 more words

Lab Work

Windows NPS with HP and Cisco

My area of focus has for the most part been around Networking, and rarely bridges over into setting up Windows Servers for Network functionality. I was recently tasked with setting up a Windows Radius server, which on the networking side was a piece of cake, but server side there were a few more hangups than what I would have liked. 1,159 more words

Lab Work

Копирование трафика между приложениями одного сервера (RADIUS и СОРМ)

Если вдруг у вас на одном сервере оказались BRAS и RADIUS-сервер, а вам надо скопировать RADIUS-аккаунтинг, то первое что приходит в голову – разнести эти сервисы по серверам и традиционным SPAN-ом скопировать нужный трафик. 76 more words