Supinator är belägen på den bakre sidan, i det djupa lagret av underarmen (Radius proximala tredjedel).

Innerveras av n.radialis.

U: Epicondylus Lateralis Humeri

– ligg.collaterale et. 16 more words


Before We Go to the Lost River | thoughts on directing and ambition

(heads up idk what I’m saying here this shit was just running through me and I needed to get it out)

With the release of Chris Evans’ directorial debut ‘Before We Go’ later this month on iTunes, I’ve been thinking a lot about directing and directorial debuts. 939 more words


Creating OpenSSL certificates for RADIUS using VMware AppCatalyst & Docker

Whilst on the road the other day a client contacted me saying they needed help creating some SSL certificates for a wi-fi/RADIUS proof of concept.  They had all the hardware and configuration sorted, but to use EAP-TLS they effectively needed my help to spin up a Certificate Authority. 1,148 more words


Generative Design Variations M.5.3 Sunburst diagrams

Sunburst diagrams. Again something I never used in my work. Here is the description the Generative Design book gives: ‘A sunburst is a visualization technique that simultaneously depicts hierarchical structures and proportions in a radial diagram. 1,252 more words

Generative Design Variations

Radius och Ulnae-Basala Strukturer

Underarmens två ben: Radius (Strålbenet) och Ulnae ( Armbågsbenet) binds ihop distalt och proximalt av vridleder och ett stort membran.


Caput Radii

Radius huvud som har ledförbindelse med Capitulum Humeri. 127 more words


Create Grenade Launcher

So far we were using instant fire methodology. Now it comes time to improve BaseWeapon to be able to shoot with projectile.