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Southern Spring & Dear Friends

There is something about a road trip that gets my heart racing.  When I’m having a bad day, thinking about an open highway is the perfect escape.   565 more words

Spring Breaks

There are a lot of schools celebrating Spring Break right now, but Spring has also broken in the woods of Tennessee. Louisiana Waterthrush call from streamside, Yellow-rumped Warblers flit through the trees by the dozen, and a Barred Owl’s haunting cry echoes across Radnor Lake. 18 more words

Because I Am

I hiked two miles yesterday on the freshly mulched trails of a Class II Natural Area, saw native wildflowers in white, pink, and purple, saw birds, frogs, turtles lined up on logs in the lake, snakes swimming, and chipmunks jumping around. 179 more words

Daily Journal

A Worthy Path

Today I had a powerful conversation with a friend. We met for lunch at a little Greek restaurant and talked about life in the light. 98 more words

Awe Inspiring Radnor

I’ve been in love with Radnor Lake for years. I have hundreds if not thousands of images to prove.

Today I had a uniquely beautiful experience at Radnor. 27 more words

Beauty in Death...

As the days shorten and the temperatures fall, life all around us slips away.  The plants and flowers that are so abundant and bountiful in the other 3 months, become brittle and withered. 96 more words



It’s Thanksgiving week, and we know that 2016 has been a tough year for many of you. And yet, we have so much to be thankful for here in Nashville, so we wanted to take some time to notice some of the good in our beautiful city as we move into the holiday season. 311 more words