JukkyoChuuke by RADWIMPS — UK Show Announced in London this October

The Japanese rock band RADWIMPS were formed Kanagawa in 2001.

High-school chums, they developed their band sound after listening to Oasis.

In 2008, the band recorded its first number one single: “ 178 more words

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RADWIMPS To Perform In London

RADWIMPS will be performing in London soon.

Japanese bands performing overseas is always great news so it’s nice to see a strong band like RADWIMPS giving their fans outside of Japan a chance to enjoy their music. 30 more words



We turn our attention back to the burgeoning Japanese rock scene by exploring the music of RADWIMPS, whose well-grounded musical entourage and their knack for straying away slightly from the conventions of commercial rock music has placed them at the summit of successful, memorable and distinctive bands in Japan. 379 more words


RADWIMPS Drummer Yamaguchi Satoshi To Halt Activities

RADWIMPS drummer Yamaguchi Satoshi has halted activities with the band.

According to Natalie.mu, Yamaguchi has had a focal dystonia on the right leg since 2009. The condition suddenly worsened during summer and he reached his limit early on when he requested to take a break indefinitely. 45 more words


[re-release] RADWIMPS 「実況中継」Jikkyou Chuukei

At first I thought RADWIMPS had produced something fresh, but alas, this is from their 2013 album “Xと◯と罪と” (Wrongs and Rights and Crimes and) 45 more words

Beautifully Heartbreaking

I love beautiful things, because beautiful things are art, and I love art. Because I’m in an exceptionally chipper mood today, I’m going to share some beautifully heartbreaking forms of beauty that I particularly love. 751 more words


シザースタンド / Shizaa Sutando / Scissor Stand

“Shizaa Sutando” (Scissor Stand)

Song written and performed by RADWIMPS

From their Single “ドリーマーズ・ハイ” (Dreamer’s High) 285 more words