Beautifully Heartbreaking

I love beautiful things, because beautiful things are art, and I love art. Because I’m in an exceptionally chipper mood today, I’m going to share some beautifully heartbreaking forms of beauty that I particularly love. 751 more words


シザースタンド / Shizaa Sutando / Scissor Stand

“Shizaa Sutando” (Scissor Stand)

Song written and performed by RADWIMPS

From their Single “ドリーマーズ・ハイ” (Dreamer’s High) 285 more words


[Translation] RADWIMPS - Order Made

I’m sure I was asked before I was born
By someone in some place
“Which would you like to be able to see,
the future or the past?” 761 more words


14/09 - Song of the Week

Contrary to last week’s recommendation, this song is not as recent. Back in 2008, alternative rock band RADWIMPS released their single “Order Made” (オーダーメイド).

“Order Made” is about a boy who meets his maker before he starts his life and goes on to build his body and personality to order, explaining why he made each choice along the way. 33 more words

Culture Blog

Finger Print

I sometimes put my fingers deeply in my throat
I do so to remember I’m in such good mood
Maybe not maybe not maybe not oh guess what… 175 more words

Japanese Songs for Beginners

I wrote another post about Japanese music I like, but I thought I’d make a post for beginners. Besides the first one, I have embedded a video for each song so you can try it out. 1,014 more words


This Hatred and Pain that My Body Craves

How I stumbled upon Radwimps is a funny and mildly embarrassing story. I was at a high while reading Bleach (for those who don’t know, it’s a manga – a Japanese comic and… 467 more words