Shounen Jump Song

I am legit weak for RADWIMPS songs with just the piano and vocals. (Especially Breath, my goodness, that song should be illegal.) Anyway, here’s the Shounen Jump Song from the Ningen Kaika album. 932 more words


One and Only

Ningen Kaika came out last week and I’m in love! With this song specifically, too. I used the kanji of the lyrics from this site… 749 more words


Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)

Mitsuhara is sick of her life out in the sticks, and not even having a cafe or bookstore in her little town. She passionately declares one night “ 737 more words


Spring Time Lanterns

I’m waiting for the Ningen Kaika album to drop (I am saving up for it!) so I went to the official website to check if the lyrics are up so I can translate stuff while waiting. 369 more words


"Your Name"a review

This month Anime Fans have much to celebrate. Not only did Hayao Miyazaki say he was coming out of retirement.  He said that he couldn’t resist on making another movie feature, honestly I can’t wait to see“Boro the Caterpillar”. 321 more words

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Kimi no Na wa - 夢灯籠 / Yumetourou Lyrics

Song / 曲: 夢灯籠 / Yumetourou
Artist / 歌手: RADWIMPS
Anime / アニメ: Kimi no Na wa. / 君の名は。 / Your Name.

このまま僕たちの声が 世界の端っこまで消えることなく / kono mama bokutachi no koe ga sekai no hajikko made kieru koto naku… 272 more words

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Kimi no Na wa - Zen Zen Zense Lyrics

Song / 曲: Zen Zen Zense / 前前前世 / Previous, Previous, Previous Life
Artist / 歌手: RADWIMPS
Anime / アニメ: Kimi no Na wa. / 君の名は。 / Your Name. 643 more words

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