Zen Zen Zense (前前前世) (Movie Version) - RADWIMPS


やっと眼を覚ましたかい それなのになぜ眼も合わせやしないんだい?
yatto me wo samashita kai sore na noni naze me mo awase ya shinaindai?
Cuối cùng em cũng đã mở mắt ra rồi… 867 more words


ピクニック (Picnic) - RADWIMPS

ピクニック (Picnic) – RADWIMPS

lyrics&music: 野田洋次郎 (Yojiro Noda)
single: ピクニック (Picnic) (2015) 625 more words


Aimer, the Husky and Powerful Anime Queen

I found another good singer. Lol. After spazzing over Garnidellia, Wagakki Band, Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), LiSA, now my turn for Aimer. I found her songs on Spotify. 680 more words

My Piece Of Mind

Kimi no Na wa - Sparkle Official MV ver. Lyrics

Song / 曲: スパークル / Sparkle
Artist / 歌手: RADWIMPS
Anime / アニメ: Kimi no Na wa. / 君の名は。 / Your Name.

[movie ver. 778 more words

Japanese To English

Kimi no Na wa. : Japan's first 'Disney Film'

Kimi No Na Wa. (Your Name.) has taken the crown of the highest grossing anime film of all time, beating Spirited Away by a respectable margin. 1,604 more words


The Badger On: Your Name (Movie)

This is the first anime movie that I have done a review on and I couldn’t be happier that it is Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. I would have loved to have seen this in theatre and I did contemplate it but the timing was never right as it was released here in Australia at the end of last year. 456 more words


Radwimps - Order Made

Anger is like a heavy storm. Of course, you have the quiet before it all happens, there is a palpable tension in the air. All you can do is wait for it break open, for the floods to come. 689 more words