Radwimps - Radwimps 4: Okazu no Gohan

If I’m ever asked what my favorite song is, it’s impossible for me to give an answer. I feel that most people who are well in touch with their musical identity feel the same way. 861 more words


September-san [RADWIMPS]

Lyrics (romaji):

hitori no tame ni egaita yume o dareka ni tsukaimawashita
sonna koto mo aru sa to waraeru boku mo kitto seputenbaa 670 more words


Throwback Tuesday (J-POP Edition)

Every Tuesday, I will post some of my favourite Japanese songs from the past! 15 more words


Noda Yojiro - By My Side ft. Taka 

I’m going to try something a little different today. A sort of song of the day, if you will. I don’t think I will do this all the time. 362 more words

One Takes

Top 3 Songs About September

It has come to our favourite time of the month when it comes to music. Amongst all the months in the year, September has got the best selection of music. 372 more words


ラリルレ論 - 野田洋次郎

ラリルレ論 pg 379 – 野田洋次郎

Probability of precipitation 50%.
Probability of survival 50%.
Winning ticket (lottery) 50%.
Confession success rate 50%.
High or low.
More or less. 12 more words


[Vietsub + Kara] RADWIMPS - me me she [720p][Lyrics Video]

RADWIMPS – me me she

Đôi lời

me me she ở đây có thể được hiểu theo 2 nghĩa:

“*me me she đồng âm với từ 女々しい (Memeshī) mang nghĩa yếu đuối, nhu nhược… 408 more words