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DIY retour en enfance

Petit moment détente avec ma princesse 

on a voulu jouer avec mes perles à les monter sur des fils pour les retirer ensuite.

Ça nous a tout de suite inspiré. 167 more words

Replacing floors

Yacht terminology can be confusing. Take for instance the humble floor. For years I though floor meant something inside a building you walk on. Or a sheet something you lie on when going to bed. 125 more words

The mysterious case of stiff stopcocks and a fractured finger

50% of boats that sink on their moorings do so due to faulty stopcocks (a stopcock is in effect a tap that lets water in or out of a hole in the hull below the waterline, e.g. 462 more words

The splining is complete

With great excitement (read relief) the final spline was put into a seam below the waterline on the starboard bow section.

While I have enjoyed it, I’m glad that bit is done as it has been a major task. 132 more words

Revelry preps Prologue American Wild Ale with peaches for taps, bottles

Charleston’s Revelry Brewing has announced – through what could be described as an equally beautiful and deeply disturbing video – the upcoming release of their first bottled American wild ale, which will also hit taps this weekend. 103 more words


20th February 2015: Los Stop - Cuando Tiempo He de Esperar

Language – Spanish

Translation – How long can I wait (according to Google Translate – not sure about this, so if anyone knows Spanish please let me know :-) ) 101 more words