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Pt 15: Amanda Knox’s Manipulative Memoir Chpt 6

‘The ravings of someone dreaming’

Amanda went to her cottage Nov 2nd morning to take a shower and notices the door wide open, blood and feces.   4,193 more words


Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede to graduate with honors

It is being reported on July 13, 2016, that Rudy Guede will graduate this Saturday, July 16th, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with Honors.  215 more words


Pt 14: Amanda Knox’s Manipulative Memoir Chpt 6

Mamma Mia

Nov 2nd morning

After Amanda showered, blow-dried her hair and panicked over the unflushed toilet.  She raced back to Raffaele’s apartment.  Amanda writes: 1,840 more words


Pt 13: Amanda Knox’s Manipulative Memoir Chpt 6

Amanda’s story – full of sh*t

On Friday morning, November 2, 2007, after an allegedly quiet evening at home with her lover Raffaele, Amanda wakes up unusually late.   1,836 more words


Pt 12: Amanda Knox’s Manipulative Memoir Chpt 6

Nov 2nd – Bloody Friday

Chapter 6 begins with Amanda Knox’s rendition of what she claims she did on the morning of Nov 2nd.  This is the morning after Meredith Kercher was brutally stabbed to death by multiple assailants… 1,653 more words


Renato Franchitto: il mio amico Guede

Vi fidate di me? Non c’é nulla di male ad essere amico di Rudy Guede anche se mi hanno mandato avviso di garanzia! Sono assistente di volo per la Ryanair e mi guardano storto, io non sono un terrorista, cazzo, sono un bravo ragazzo con la sfortuna di essere amico di Rudy.

Amanda Knox