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Renaissance Wonder - Urbino

More than twelve months ago we booked the most amazing and extensive holiday of our lives; five days in Dubai, two days in Venice, then a further twenty-one days aboard the MV Aegean Odyssey, followed by two days in Saville. 1,193 more words

Engineered parquet flooring / oak / oiled QUERCIA OLD - RAFFAELLO


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Interior Design

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Περιμένεις επισκέψεις, κάνεις προετοιμασία για παιδικό πάρτυ ή θέλεις να ανταμείψεις γλυκά τον εαυτό σου για την υπερπροσπάθεια που κατέβαλες όλη την εβδομάδα; Βρε μήπως πάλι ψάχνεις αφορμή για γλυκό; Όπως και να έχει, δοκίμασε να φτιάξεις αυτά τα πανεύκολα λευκά τρουφάκια Raffaello και δεν θα χάσεις!


Raffaello Cake

Created in 1989, Raffaello‘s pralines –Ferrero Rocher-, are an exquisite and delightful combination of flavours and textures consisting of white chocolate, almonds and coconut. 59 more words

From My Hands

Kaffir Lime & Raffaello Macarons

Kaffir Lime, Coconut and Almond are some of my favourite flavours. Combined together in this delicate treat, it hits the spot every time.



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Kathy and Virginia’s Dad Lets Them Dance

: I was born in September of ’63. So I was born in Peru as well and lived in Peru until I was at the end of my seventh grade year. 473 more words