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Fort Wayne Raft

We spotted this in the Glenbrook Mall Parking lot on 9/11/16 and it is raft representing the city of Fort Wayne.   We are guessing it was part of the raft race that went on over 3 Rivers Festival in July. 83 more words

Fort Wayne

A Rubber Raft, a Catamaran and a Kayak Walked into a Bar….

Before I had a kayak, there was a rubber raft…

For 40 years or so I lived on the wrong side of the Potomac–unless you know Washington and then you realize that Virginia is the right side. 2,627 more words

Of Words, a Raft, & a Dragonfly

“And the raft is cast aside on the shore of destination only replaced by a new raft which in time will discard itself, inasmuch as knowledge begets wisdom.” -JC… 266 more words

24 hours in Yangshuo

I try to condense my posts down to the Chinese province level as I don’t want to bore you with details of every place I see but Yangshuo needs some attention. 689 more words


A copper river

During a recent ramble across the North Yorkshire Moors we rounded a corner to be greeted by a copper river with an old wooden raft! My husband and I stared at it for a long moment before he said, ‘Well, would you believe that?’ 73 more words

When Family Visits...

My parents not come from large families. To make a long story short, this means I have an abundance of relatives. This week I was lucky enough to spend time with a few of my relatives. 230 more words



Tubes and rafts on the Rio Grande.
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.