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Vreau să cumpăr o carte/Vreau să scriu o carte.

Pentru frații și surorile mele iubitori/iubitoare de cărți. 

Căte cărți vreți să vă cumpărați? Nu-i aşa că sunt multe? Nu-i aşa ca aţi vrea să le aveţi pe toate? 1,042 more words

Din Adâncuri

Juniper Raft

Juniper raft which I was fortunate enough to find last year.

Gave it a repot and clean out of all dead foliage/needle,

The raft is gaining health now which is great , more on this raft juniper soon.


What is a vehicle?

Had you actually made it to the other shore, you wouldn’t be carrying that raft on your back.


Only the cross supports You, the trunk to which You are bound, a dead tree without roots, without fruit, without leaves, a raft rocked by random changes in the infinite motion of earth and sky, the holy wood on which the soul floats, caught between two eternities. 77 more words


Crossing the river to begin our hike through the Belizean jungle

Cavetubing in Belize was not what I expected it to be. I’d imagined an exotic adventure that started with a hike through the jungle, then being carried downstream on slow river rapids through cave after cave. 547 more words


2 Meditate

THERE IS no real word for meditation in the classical languages of Buddhism. The closest is one (bhavana) that translates best as something like “mental development.” The lack of such a word is probably no accident, for it is not meditation, per se, that is important to the Buddha‘s psychology; it is the development of certain critical qualities of mind, beyond that which we accept as the norm, that is essential to the Buddha‘s teaching.

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