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A 250km Raft Expedition to Rurrenabaque

By far one of the highlights of my trip to South America, the 5 days spent floating to the Bolivian Pampas were incredible. However, it didn’t start fantastically.  599 more words

South America

A Raft for a Drowning Soul

Pain, confusion, guilt and disappointment rush through his mind like a speeding train.

Simple things turn complex and destruction follows. Once the tower falls is he too weak to rebuild? 181 more words

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Researching & Learning About Zookeeper: A Guide

I’ve started working with Zookeeper. Since I’ve started doing that I’ve put together this blog post. It’s aim is to provide a structured approach to learning Zookeeper and researching the elements that make its features tick.  1,442 more words


My browsing roundup on Jan 29 2016

Planning Can Actually Become Fun If You Do It On Raft

Yeah, calendars aren’t usually considered “fun” but you’ll be blown away by what you find on Raft. 500 more words