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Report from our October meeting

Amnesty’s new global campaign ‘I Welcome Refugees’ has been launched. Susan Mew of the Minehead Group presented an introduction to its aims, and to the complexities of understanding the issues involved. 216 more words


The Klarälven had Karen and I naked and waist deep in water cold enough to freeze pubes. We fought against the current, trying to push a multi-tone timber raft back up stream and out of the sand bank. 238 more words


The simple beauty of a journey outside our comfort zones

The Klarälven River from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

While routines can be crucial for helping us operate at our best, it’s just as integral that we break out of them once in awhile. 47 more words


Are you like unfastened raft in an outrush....?

Short message from Sehion Ministries, Attappady, Palakkad, Kerala, India.


Fort Wayne Raft

We spotted this in the Glenbrook Mall Parking lot on 9/11/16 and it is raft representing the city of Fort Wayne.   We are guessing it was part of the raft race that went on over 3 Rivers Festival in July. 83 more words

Fort Wayne

A Rubber Raft, a Catamaran and a Kayak Walked into a Bar….

Before I had a kayak, there was a rubber raft…

For 40 years or so I lived on the wrong side of the Potomac–unless you know Washington and then you realize that Virginia is the right side. 2,627 more words

Of Words, a Raft, & a Dragonfly

“And the raft is cast aside on the shore of destination only replaced by a new raft which in time will discard itself, inasmuch as knowledge begets wisdom.” -JC… 266 more words