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River Rafting as a Metaphor for Life

As a final celebration of summer, my family and I drove two hours into the Tennessee mountains to spend the day river rafting. Our small family of four, including my thirteen-year-old daughter, are fairly experienced rafters. 1,339 more words

Middle Age Ramblings

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The Steamboat Twinkie

We didn’t have a lot of extravagant family vacations growing up. My mom stayed at home, while my Dad went to work. Mom would take odd jobs here and there to help bring in supplemental income, but we didn’t have a large surplus for frivolities. 749 more words


Ah, the horn...

So, I’m in an underground bierkeller watching an oom-pah band wearing lederhosen playing Michael Jackson covers….

…and the woman next to me says ‘I bet the trombonist gets way more sex than the others.’ (She actually said something… 244 more words


The Forsaken Land

A raft, upon which my heart resounds, drifts in the sapphires of a mocking dream, which has no depths or patent bounds and whose every wave is wild and free, and each drop a lie, so sharp and bitter, with every storm like fire, swift and fierce, and each vessel a soul, devoid of purpose, soaring with the winds of fate. 437 more words