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Beautiful Rag Quilts

We had a nice group making Rag Quilts at The Studio yesterday.  Can you believe we made these in less than 3 1/2 hours?!  Awesome!  Great work ladies.  9 more words


Sunflower Quilts

Yesterday we made Sunflower Rag Quilts at The Studio.  What a beautiful project.  Everyone’s looks different as they all selected their fabrics.  This is a little more advanced than our beginner Rag Quilt ( 44 more words


T-shirt Quilt

My co-worker asked me about creating a t-shirt quilt for her Ole Miss Graduate. I was happy to help sew and create her memories into this work of art. 68 more words

Making a memory onesie rag quilt

I was so excited to be contacted by my niece-in-law to make a rag quilt for my great niece! She had many onesies that all three of her girls had worn and she wanted something special for Liesl. 54 more words

Sunflower Quilt!

We all love sunflowers. They are bright and happy flowers.  Why not find a way to enjoy this lovely flower year round?  Well, we did!  Take a look at this Sunflower Rag Quilt.  22 more words


Seven Quilts or A Quilt a Day for Seven Days

Other then the snowball quilt ,I made…

a thread spool quilt( Monday’s),

the three Rag quilts (Tuesday’s , Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s),

and lastly the two sailboat quilts(yesterday’s and today’s). 10 more words


Timber and Leaf Rag Quilt

One of my all time favorite quilts is this adorable rag quilt. All but the cream fabric came from Timber and Leave by Sarah Watts. I originally had my husband in mind when I made it but it has ended up living in my living room as communal property cause I just couldn’t let it go. 96 more words

Rag Quilt