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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! 

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she must yield, Admit defeat and give into what life has to offer her,

I have yielded, 242 more words


Ouch!!! When the DUST entering the EYES ...

18th Ramadhan 1436
5th July 2015

Closed literacy over time and has entered the 18th day all Muslims around the world doing number four in… 342 more words

If Only

I want to forget

Just for a while that I’m a nice guy

That I’m civilized,

Just for a few thunderous heartbeats

I want to lose myself… 160 more words


Pardon me, some rage slipped out

I finally burrowed out of my dark flat into the brightness of the real world today. To go shopping. At a (dreaded) shopping mall.

Between the plastic manequins draped with the latest skinny fashions, the traumatic change rooms and the queue’s, I never try anything on. 434 more words

Bipolar Ride


Someone made a comment to me tonight that made me think, and it wasn’t so much his comment that made me question, but my answer. The dialog went something like this:  He asked ‘So, are you going to be on nights this entire deployment?” “Yes, I like being on nights, for the most part.” “But don’t you miss the sun?” And, without skipping a beat, I answered, “Sometimes, but it’s a fair trade-off to not have to deal with people.” He laughed, a real laugh, all the way down from his belly and just responded with a genuine “You’re too cute”. 781 more words


Hello old friend..

“What’s your problem man?” asked the guy. At 6’2” and built like a tank this guy is an extremely intimidating fellow. Satish doesn’t  seem to notice him. 465 more words