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The statement 

I’m bringing it down, am bringing it hard,

My bro right now is not time to argue,

No time to bark, no time to go by rules, … 68 more words


Rage Ridiculous

On the phone being accused of some crime
by the blonde with the easy legs
cartoon gnashing chipping a front tooth
punching a wall until knuckles bled bad blood… 80 more words


Ring, Ring, Ring,

Except it’s 2017 your phone is set on silent you do not own an answering machine

from the nineties, accidentally recording overheard conversations… 958 more words

My Sunday Night: A Partial Timeline

5:00pm: I am answering email and getting ready to dig in to yet another set of essays here at Spring Term Grade-a-thon 2017. I have already busted two plagiarists this weekend, and expect to hear from them shortly. 316 more words


Wax on, Wax off

Most of what I post, as of right now, is me bitching about work. I don’t have a lot of stories outside of work because I work and go home. 243 more words

I Hate People

Cultural Barbarians

I was getting ready to post something on the D&D Beyond forums about rage-less barbarians when it struck me that I was approaching the idea from the wrong angle. 1,000 more words

Character Development


Day twenty three of NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a couple of elevenies. I thought, I should write three.


Engulfs you,

Burns you up, 28 more words