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Over here

No over there

I love it

I don’t care

You are too short

You are too tall

You are too big

You are too small… 193 more words


Words, anger and 2017

2017 will go down in history for many reasons. It was the year the world turned upside down, righted itself – only to flip 180 degrees, fall on its face and head into outer space. 796 more words

Thoughts On Life

The Big Lie

One thing you should not do after a time of someone else’s crisis is not assert that you would have helped if only someone would have asked or if you would have known.  78 more words


417. I Dare You!

I dare you to try and placate my rage.

I dare you: Try and put me in a cage.

I dare you to try and fight ‘gainst your fate. 132 more words


Daily Prompt #19: Rage

A loud bang echoed throughout the house.

“SUNUVA—mmmm,” my friend spouted, “PIXIE—-BISCUIT—erraaghh!”

He had stubbed his toe.

“You okay,” I asked, rounding the corner.

He leered at me with a possessed look, then relaxed. 365 more words



Social media stalking … admit it: you’re guilty, too. It’s almost like I have some people saved in my search bar. I don’t know what the big deal is with seeing new posts or new pictures. 105 more words