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Sweat it out.

Exercise your mind into compliance.

I can’t taste the bitter bile that usually comes with this emotion.

Why do I always find myself here? 60 more words


25 Degrees

And then my brain stopped working. It churned to a halt and ensured I spent the rest of the day wading through a soup of blurry half thoughts. 509 more words

Septemus 3

Dear Septemus,

I wish I could make things easier for you.

I don’t know why you wake up mad and why you fall into rages. Are you mad at me? 545 more words


A Day in the Life of Donny Boy and the Keystone Cops

In order to describe what it is like to be in the West Wing on a daily basis, you must know about the many weaknesses and difficulties of the man in charge, (?), Donald J. 760 more words

The Name They Call Her

Always said with venom

Always intended to punish

“How dare you?!” it asked her

insinuating that she was uppity


a ball breaker

to draw a circle around her body… 90 more words


Fair Rage and Prayer.

Mini-Micro-Devotional Reading through the Bible at Slo-Mo and Savouring Pace for busy people.

Psalm 5 – NIV and Psalm 5 – CEV  With much help from Art Azurdia’s sermon in Portland. 266 more words


The eyes have it

The vultures are always watching, hovering overhead, waiting for a sign of weakness, so that they may sweep down and devour. Don’t show any weakness. Most importantly don’t harbour a bleeding heart. 149 more words