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Poem: Off by a ...

As ever, there is something off.
In one forced smile and laughter that hits the wall and falls like a brick.
Judgement and judgement
You are doing it all wrong! 122 more words


Repress the burning rage

I have medical Marijuana. It is legitimately my medication. So it annoys me when people go on able pot heads. Some of us need to be. 86 more words

Mental Health


Rage is vibrating, internal

no head beat against a wall

can provide an escape route

                     or a curtain call

It’s like a pulse, eternal

no yell out into the dark… 34 more words

New Poetry


Change and feeling of void

I am here and I am not here

I changed and I am the same

No windows only frames


sweater tempers love

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m all alone and that he isn’t watching my every move. In the kitchen I dance and twirl while singing to Shania Twain’s “I feel like a woman.” Sat on the counter I ate frosting from the jar, then cooked an experimental casserole that came out a success. 187 more words


Greatest MindPower Quotes of Murdered Martyr Charles Manson

Attention aspiring Superiors: Let us use these uniquely powerful and brilliant MindPower quotes of Seer Charles, to grow and deepen the strength of our own untouchable minds. 423 more words

Child Abuse

Arkansas Fans, Guests and Vendors Ripped Off for Thousands in Scam Convention

Cosplay fans are incensed after they say the lead organizer of an event ripped them off for hundreds and fled with their money. Other organizers and volunteers say they were duped by the head organizer as well and spent over $1,000 of their own money in an attempt to make it right, but could not do much to mitigate the disaster of the weekend convention. 485 more words