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Outlaw Mass Murder: Poetic, Lyrical, Beautiful

Since I was a young child, outlaw mass murder has held a special, loved place in My mind universe. Now, decades later, this rooted love affair has only grown deeper and stronger. 230 more words

Social Commentary

What Happens When You Snap?

Living with two siblings I can empathise with the feeling of wanting to explode with frustration and verbally tear through someone. I also know what it is like to wind someone up to the point of breaking. 1,037 more words


Black and Blue

Black and blue have underlying colors, and if we are willing to dive deep, we might be able to see those hidden colors and let go of our rage. 861 more words

Misophonia - Understanding Why Some People Trigger Me More Than Others 

I hate that misophonia can cause me to hate a specific person. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a friend, family member or a coworker. If my warped and damaged brain identifies that person as a trigger, they become a ‘Sound Terrorist’. 278 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Three of the most important questions anyone will ever ask you.

I urge others to speak out about their experiences.  You can’t ignore an army of voices.  Because the words of our enemies aren’t as awful as the silence of our friends.  

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day 94 . shatter you

spit replaced by dust

sharp gusts of rust

battering the cage

gaze into his eyes

see the deadly gleam

feel his growing hate 33 more words



So many wrong doings,

yet so few reconciliations.

Her rage was not the tragedy;

it was a plea for resolution,

it was inevitable.