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Clean is the New Rage

His gruff reflection

Looking back in the mirror

He noticed

That his beard

While fascinatingly long

It was awfully unkempt

Stroking it slowly

He made a firm decision… 70 more words

Poetry Cabinet

A mix of emotions now surface
Sorrow, hate, anger, rage
Once, a mistake can be redeemed
Twice or thrice, not good indeed


Ah, you lovely religious drones...

Christians, in particular, are prone to giving me fits. Let me get this straight: you hijack the holidays, observances, rituals, mythology and (supposed) history of your competitors. 2,058 more words


The Color of Dangerous Liaisons

She had green eyes underneath the brown;

her mouth screamed red ringed with violet.

What color is death?



Pace the floor I once slept on

Tap the wood, and sing your song

Your tune of madness, always obsess

Take no note of silent distress… 76 more words


My life

I was born on a Tuesday in January, back when bellbottoms were still kind of cool, and gaucho pants were all the rage.  I was the youngest of 3 – big brother, big sister and me.  639 more words


Kindling for the Poetic

Does fickle shuffle cards or deal it in the works
Daddy’s little character flaw or progeny of cellular quirks

A chance we choose on the off-chance we’re the unmitigated sin… 292 more words

Angie's Random Selections