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In Praise of Gentleness

I learned long ago the sounds of anger:
raised voices, harsh words,
the rumbling sounds of a coming storm.
I felt it in the thundering shudder of angry skies, 233 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

The Sharp Edge of Rage

Today was fairly decent, until I left for my therapy session.  I spent a good portion of the day doing measurements and using calculators on the Internet to work on actually bringing 2 of my clothing designs closer to actually being made into a real outfit. 1,272 more words


Potty training for adults

Dear Bathroom-fixated Bureaucrats/Legislators:

The abundance of so-called “bathroom bills” is mystifying to me. Why is this a thing? Am I supposed to carry my birth certificate with me just in case I’m stopped by the Potty Police? 310 more words

Bright Ideas

My Kid's First REAL Tantrum

You think that your kid has had meltdowns and they suck (the tantrum, not the kid) and nothing is worse. You think that you’ve seen it all after getting through two kids through toddlerhood. 1,040 more words

raging anger

It’s been a tough week.

There are a couple people I want to lose my temper on, but I can’t. Because of my kids. Misinformation, incomplete information, outright lies. 405 more words


One cup of Inner Peace to go, please.

Thank god for headphones. Somewhat counterintuitively, I use them not to block out the voices of people without, but to drown out the sibilant chorus of voices within. 615 more words


Sam's tattoo

Sam tattooed the shape of her kiss on his bicep. Now, through the red-ragged rage and mist of loss, he could look down, and flex, and smile.