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Rant: I Absolutely Despise America's Attitude Towards Mental Health, Part 2

(Forewarning: this is a rant. I stand by most of the points I am making here, but not necessarily their presentation. I reserve the right to retract this at any time after I calm down.) 2,241 more words


19th March 2018

Okay so I am very proud of myself today.  In the grand scheme of things it is not a big deal but it is a positive step for me so it is a big deal. 235 more words



“10 D E A T h B R e a s T” by: Bon Iver

The rage running within me right now is extremely powerful. Lately it has been so strong, the irritation with life and things that I do, things people do. 460 more words

Journal Entries

धूमिल निर्णय ( Clouded Judgement)

किसकी  चाहत  ने,  तुम्हे  इतना  खुदगर्ज  बना  दिया|

मेरा  गरूर  थे  तुम,

तुमने  मेरा  जूनून ही मिटा दिया ||

तुम्हारी खता से,  इंसानियत पे एतमाद सा  ना रहा  |

अरे!  हस के  लुटा  देता ,

मांग  लेते  हमसे, जो तुम्हारे  दिल में  कुछ और  रहा  ||

मेरे  खयालो  का  खुमार  था  तुम्हे  |

और अब कहते  हो ,

मेरे लफ्ज़ो  पे  ऐतबार  ही ना   था  तुम्हे  ||

तुम्हारे तसव्वुर  में  तस्वीर  थी  हमारी  |

किन्तु हमने यु बयां ना  किया  एहसास  ,

की  कही  दुश्मन  ना  बन  जाये , ये  कायनात  हमारी  ||

तुम्हारे  अंदाज़  के  ज़िक्र,  हमने  भी  कम  ना  किये  |

बस  शिकवा ये  रहेगा,

की  तुम्हारी  निगाह  ने , हकीकत  के  दीदार  ना  किये  ||

खता थी तुम्हारी और माना खता कम भी ना थी हमारी  |

पर  जरा  तबियत  से  सोचना ,

नाराज़गी  भी  हमारी  थी  और  थी  बेखुदी  भी  हमारी  ||


How to get away with murdering my, well ...

Lions, tigers, the boots of oldies and the robbing of a queen – oh my! The last week has been rough, TBH.

I mean, I turned 31 – to quote… 111 more words


Fit of Rage

It’s been a long time since I had a fit of rage, that is until around 6:40 pm on March 5, right before Rick left for darts. 521 more words



As sleep evades me, yet again, I find myself plagued by thoughts, memories, dreams of you…of us. I keep replaying our interactions over and over again. 253 more words