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The Alphabet

A few weeks ago, during a Christmas TV marathon, I mooted the idea that writing was like cookery, or alchemy, or magic, or all three. My point was there are 26 letters in the alphabet, and all you need to do is mix them up, over and over again, to create a bestselling masterpiece. 638 more words


3 Reasons you should buy the Nintendo Switch if you're a parent.

So we are back after the Christmas break and as always I hope it went smoothly and without incident for my peeps. But no sooner has the hustle and bustle of Christmas ended but the next new thing has dropped in your lap. 741 more words

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Unseen are the Anxieties that plague her.


Because she is so confident.

Unseen are the anxieties that plague her.


Because she is so pretty.

Unseen are the negative self images that haunt her. 67 more words

Unleash your inner Viking at Montreal’s axe-throwing range

Originally published in Cult Montreal on May 17, 2016

by Adrian Knowler

There’s an indescribable satisfaction that comes with landing a throwing axe into a plank of wood. 327 more words


Angry Customer Drives SUV Into T-Mobile Store, Keeps Destroying Stuff

While drive-thru customer service would be a delightful innovation in the mobile phone business, it is not yet available at T-Mobile stores. Even if it did exist, “drive-thru” doesn’t mean you actually drive through the store; a lesson that one angry T-Mo customer in Florida apparently forgot when trying to express her rage. 221 more words

Retail Services

Young Millennials

The other morning we stood about talking as usual before work. That day’s discussion was about all the monumental icons that died last year. Most of us are 35+. 466 more words

Discipline and Punishment

Anger as Punishment and Revenge

Alcoholics, addicts, and adult children of alcoholics don’t get angry – they get even. One of the reasons adults have such a problem feeling and expressing their anger is because anger has forever been tied to punishment and revenge. 1,104 more words