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Seraphim of theft

The angel of death

More like the seraphim of theft

You stole from me you omnipotent crook

Leaving my soul shook

But I’ve had time to cry… 189 more words


Dirty Dancing -- The remake.

This movie is SHIT!!!

We get it, ABC. You are so progressive! You are totally into that, “I am womYn, hear me ROAR,” shit. She wants to be a DOCTOR because HER DAD is one, and how DARE her sister want to be a HOUSEWIFE? 763 more words

Don't tell me why

I get articles about PTSD and depression…Every so often one of the articles tells me how I feel and why.  Don’t just don’t.  This particular article was about depression and stated why I feel depressed.  566 more words



Sleep on it and wait,

Don’t give into base hate,

But I’m still angry.

Try to understand,

Their ideas from twisted dreamland,

But I’m still angry. 87 more words

It's All the Rage!

Let’s talk about postpartum depression. Fun times right? If you didn’t catch my sarcasm on that one, then I can’t help you…

So, like 70-ish% of new mothers, I got it. 357 more words


The Name They Call Her

Always said with venom

Always intended to punish

“How dare you?!” it asked her

insinuating that she was uppity


a ball breaker

to draw a circle around her body… 90 more words