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Break Room

     I read in the paper today an article on this fad that is presently the rage – quite literally in Buenos Aires and spreading everywhere, where people can pay to go into a ‘rage room’ and throw champagne glasses against the wall and break old computer monitors, etc to release pent-up anger they may have for an ex or the boss at work or some be-atch that stole their man, etc.   164 more words

Welcome aboard

I sat on Johann’s bed, in a small room aboard the stolen Rienbache military ship. It seemed like I had a knack for landing in those. 1,235 more words

Revolving Doors

I clutch at my breast

Desperately holding on

My Spirit

Draining from me

My thin walls

Tremor your every step

As you squelched through

Remnants of… 139 more words


The Man in the Arena

We are now three weeks away from the end of 2016.  And what do I say?  What do we say?  What can anybody say?  I guess we can start with the shared understanding that this year happened.   817 more words

On Holiness In The 21st Century

Untitled 12-08-16

I have shed the final tears of loneliness, and used them to wash away the illusion of your love.

The lie of courtly love excised from my heart with the rusty scalpel of reality. 28 more words

CMV Poetry

The 2016 Sometimes-Annual Aravan Awards!

It’s been a couple years since I did this, but I thought that if there was ever a year that deserved to be celebrated by a two-bit writer on a pointless blog, it’s 2016. 1,931 more words