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Above All of Trump's Destructive Motives to End America, his Promotion of Hatred is the most Despicable

Throughout his campaign, Trump promoted hatred and violence. His white supremacist beliefs encouraged him to ‘punch them in the face,’ and ‘get them outta here.’ Any man or woman who denounced the most evil and immoral man in America was verbally and physically attacked. 413 more words

Why Fortnite Is Actually A Horror game

playing Fortnite is like getting a colonoscopy and being turned on by it. Everybody seems to be obsessed with it. I too find myself enjoying yelling at a bunch of random 10 year olds that end up in the same game as me. 428 more words


18 months on and the Commonwealth Games

It is astonishing how something which you thought you had buried can still come back to haunt you. The Commonwealth Games started almost two weeks ago and I was glued to the screen, listening to the action through the left earbud of my headphones, one eye on my work screen and one eye on the live swimming action. 628 more words

Life Lessons

February/March 1998 Results

Hi backyard fans; Back with another post and again, no footage to be seen but let’s get right into it!

February 13

This night was affectionately referred to as “Night of the Stipulations”, for reasons to become obvious. 1,158 more words


My jealousy is a living thing. Shifting, changing, growing. Like my rage and my mother’s regret. – The Sea of Tranquility, Katja Millay

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Not all who wander are lost

People have different reactions when they first learn about my upcoming journey.

Most initial, instinctual reactions are expressions of benign envy, rooted somewhere in the universal and archetypal fantasy of running away from our lives and starting over somewhere else. 264 more words


My hope for you - a poem to those who tried to destroy us

Okie Dokie…Upon J♥️’s request…here is a repost of *my dark side* Just keepin’ it blood raw!

My Hope for You

Whoa for the thoughts
That cross my mind… 256 more words

Poetry By LDW