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strangulation marks

I have this picture of myself, standing on a beach with my feet touching some water that they had never touched before. I’m smiling and the sun it reflecting off of my tussled brown hair. 93 more words


What's wrong with water #2

As the title suggests this is follow-up to a previous post centered on the idea of water, but this time with a sprinkling of glitter. 344 more words



It’s a never ending nightmare
A long dark tunnel
A permanent panic attack
Pain in my chest
Never feeling safe
Down the rabbit hole
Into unreality… 30 more words


I Can't Breathe

Trigger warning: extensive discussion of emotional and sexual abuse

I can’t breathe.

Please don’t hurt me again,


please don’t yell.

Please just pretend I don’t exist… 548 more words


Feeling Cranleigh*

I’m having a bad day.

It’s not the kind of bad day that simply makes you want the hours to fly by, but the kind of bad day that makes you want to to punch others indiscriminately in the face as hard and as often as possible. 416 more words



Tumblr… My life is very tumblr. I am almost as full of it as the girl or boy next to you chatting about the new phone that just came out, or just as full of it as the new president that thinks a small loan is a million dollars. 361 more words

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