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Interview with Raghav, an early bird.

 The Singapore Bird Group is pleased to introduce an up and coming young birder to you. Raghav is 13 and have been birding for only three years, but have recorded close to 200 species, many with his camera. 868 more words

Cotton Pygmy Goose

नव वर्ष मंगलमय 2015

लो फिर आ गया है नया साल
खुशियों की बोछार लिये
आओ करें स्वागत इसका
जला कर नई उमिदों के दिये
आओ करें बस यही दुआ

नव वर्ष मंगलमय हो सब के लिये

हर सिर पे हो छत
रोटी हो खाने के लिये
कपड़ा हो तन ढकने के लिये
न हो झगड़ा धर्म के नाम पर
न लड़ाई हो शोहरत के लिये
बहु बेटी का सम्मान हो
वो भी सर उठा के जिये
आओ करें बस यही दुआ

नव वर्ष मंगलमय हो सब के लिये

राघव कोठारी

Raghav Kothari


Keep up with your practice, Raghav

I was glad when Raghav’s mum told me that he has committed to practising his pieces  at least 10 minutes a day.  I’m sure that with this commitment, your playing will improve by leaps and bounds, and we will then be able to tackle the more difficult (but nicer) classical pieces eventually. 117 more words


Progressing Raghav

This is yet another piece by Raghav.  Always glad to see your focus and concentration in getting your piece right for the recoding.  That should be the spirit whenever you practise your piano pieces ~ aim to get it right. 128 more words


Movie: Raghav (2014)

Starring: Shibir Pokharel, Asmita Dhakal, Cait Brasel, Ashishma Nakarmi, Rocken Byanjankar, Basant Bhatta
Directed By : Bhupendra Bhattarai
IMdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3187718/

Nepali Cinema