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The Night of Temptation Eyes

     My teenage hormones were out of control. Every day I saw my brother Larry come and go in his new, mean-green AMC Javelin. A 343 cubic –inch, four-barrel V8, 280 horsepower machine that went from zero-to-sixty in less than seven seconds. 891 more words


Road Rage (fiction writing)

Not exactly a stream of consciousness blurb but a little dabble from a short story (semi-fictional) that I’ve been putting together.


Great. I’m gonna be late to work. 494 more words

Party of Five... Plus TWENTY-ONE More

Guys. Guys Guys Guys Guys.

This is gonna be the weirdest sentence I think I’ve ever written – but, my character flaws are killing me. This isn’t a pity post – this is just another written rant about my certain downfall towards entering a nunnery.   593 more words


Of Being Here and There

Here and There

I dream of being here and there.

Of going to places I have never been to, of going back to places I have been to. 430 more words


Rainy days and Thursdays

We had a run of gorgeous days but today started off rainy.  That is a good time to get things done (or not).

When the sun shines I have trouble doing indoor work so that sits. 431 more words