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Terrible Twos, Teens and Tantrums - Fantasy vs. Reality

First, Let’s Take a Stroll Through Lala Land

I recently came across an article that included this cute description of the Terrible Twos:

….the occasional tantrum. 787 more words


It's the time of the month 

I read a feminist article that it is unfair to always blame or relate a woman’s behavior to her monthly period. It is written in the article that the behavior of a woman does not always mean she has or will have her monthly period anytime soon. 109 more words

The Night of Temptation Eyes

     My teenage hormones were out of control. Every day I saw my brother Larry come and go in his new, mean-green AMC Javelin. A 343 cubic –inch, four-barrel V8, 280 horsepower machine that went from zero-to-sixty in less than seven seconds. 891 more words


Road Rage (fiction writing)

Not exactly a stream of consciousness blurb but a little dabble from a short story (semi-fictional) that I’ve been putting together.


Great. I’m gonna be late to work. 494 more words

Of Being Here and There

Here and There

I dream of being here and there.

Of going to places I have never been to, of going back to places I have been to. 430 more words


Rainy days and Thursdays

We had a run of gorgeous days but today started off rainy.  That is a good time to get things done (or not).

When the sun shines I have trouble doing indoor work so that sits. 431 more words