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NaPoWriMo 3 - This trail of fire

This trail of fire eloping I
declared mine
one-handed bare-brained hare-minded ear-eyed


I never felt so exnihilated
no more
sitting around my dead waiting… 165 more words


The Society

To this and my youth.
To those wild nights with Flo and Boleman,
and all the Thursdays with Devon. 111 more words


Not a first time...

Haven’t written much since like 10 years or so…

But i feel like I need a place not only to vent and rage out but also share and find someone who understands. 270 more words


day 85 - river flow

Another shot of that evening view along the river.

© Sylvie’s 365 Project

365 Project

Trashtalking vs. focus on your game - a guide to chill the fuck out and win games!

So I have been playing more LoL lately and still find it to be an awesome MOBA title and it is still my prefered game over other MOBAs. 377 more words


Saipan & Guam

When you’re in Guam, everyone tells you to skip Saipan, and when you’re in Saipan, everyone asks why you’d bother going to Guam. I don’t understand why there’s so much hate between them, since they’re really similar, very close to eachother, and share a common Chamorro heritage, but its just as confusing how they’re not the same country when one is an American unincorporated territory and the other one an American commonwealth. 455 more words

World Travels


There’s a tempest

rushing through my  mind

Curious thoughts raging

like a  squall ,

a torrent of words

screaming release,

the knot in  my belly… 29 more words