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Cat Plays With The Chair

Above you can see my cat Shyna playing with the chair. You might not believe me, but it sometimes looks as if she wants to destroy the chair, it’s extremely funny to see her raging. 25 more words



Will it come to me or will these walls become what I breach? It’s a raging battle inside of me, do I have the strength to see past my own made up misery. 73 more words

30 Day Zelda Challenge: Hardest Boss

The Imprisoned!!!!!!

I hate that thing with an ever living passion. Hate, hate, hate, hate hate, hate, LOATHE entirely.

There are no words. When that thing came back in Hyrule warriors I wanted to cry. 265 more words

Random Awesomeness


Hey, it’s Friday the 13th!! I don’t know, I always get so excited on Friday the 13th. It’s always Valentine’s Eve, which I’m less excited about. 964 more words


a nostalgic moment

with the raging storm
the wind now enters my home
scattering paper like leaves

Haiku - Poetry

I stand by this raging river

I stand by this raging river
I happily kneel to her power

There is no boat
There is no bottle

Dip a toe
I’m a feather in a snow storm… 29 more words

Play it Safe

It’s easy to play it safe

escaping disapproval

filled with self-doubt

in a brow-beaten world.

Hide in your shell,

it is comfortable there,

close your mind and mouth… 46 more words