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"Why Me?"

Trials and hard times…who wants them? But as Susie Hawkins asks “what makes you think you’re going to escape it and the rest of us have to go through it” In other words what makes you so special that you do not have to experience trials but it is fine if I have to? 435 more words

Walking raging hormone

cant control it! I am a walking raging hormone. Cannot take it anymore…….

Period from hell. Mood from hell. Pains from the depths of hell! … 131 more words


What is with people that like to bully other people that are already hurting as it is. I mean come on grow the fuck up! 338 more words

Raging Boll: Director Blames "You" For His Kickstarter Failure.

I had originally intended to dictate my exploits in the Elder scrolls. But due to the limitations afforded by its loosely illustrated “unlimited” subtitle, I’ve instead pursued other avenues of interest, namely deriding the exploits of Uwe Boll. 305 more words


Red Rider

redrose66 / June 2, 2015 / Colors


Red Rider 140 more words


Another Stream of Consciousness

Another Stream of Consciousness...

Step… into the stream with me, the stream of consciousness…random and succinct

The current flows, never ceasing, never ending, never subsiding…never relenting… 159 more words


Setting Your Life on Fire: On Passion

Do you know those moments when you’re doing what you love most? When you’re doing “your thing”—and nothing else matters? There is no fear, no worry, or no other contaminating sentiment. 453 more words

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