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A Perilous and Incredible Hike Indeed

The days are beginning to drag on; the tick of the clock echoes over the walls of my cubicle and reverberates in my ear. I can hardly stand it, it’s Thursday and God willing, Sunday night I will be on an airplane headed over the Pacific Ocean to Kauai. 1,160 more words


I’m angry.

The word angry looks angry, don’t you think?

I’m a raging bitch right now. An angry raging bitch.

But at least I recognize it.


The risks of raging Trump

Reports of Donald Trump lashing out in a rage are troubling. This adds weight to concerns about a volatile presidency with a high risk of some quite bad turning to custard. 811 more words


Raging Moose

New fodder for the moose archive.


Storm I said "Peace, Be Still"

Life has its ups and downs so, I know if you are human you will have a few storms in your life. These storms can be small and all the way up to life-threatening storms and we try to handle things all on our own. 327 more words

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Abstract Diatribe

The earth is wet.

We make our way in this

thawing marsh of crimson

haunted by memories,

inundated with fleeting smiles

(half grins polished over gaped mouths) 95 more words