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Cream tea, raging and stronger

My ‘Fuck You World’ cream tea breakfast.
Having everyone walk out of my way as I raged across Hungerford Bridge, admiring the disappearing building tops. 8 more words

Sufferer Could Care Less About His Daughter

I m raging mad. I assume since this is my only child and happens to be with a man with PTSD that many woman experience this even without PTSD being a factor but like I said I am raging pissed off. 72 more words

Nick Jonas -- Raging with a Bachelorette!! In a Vegas Elevator, Baby



Nick Jonas hosted a dance party complete with wild chicks, celeb cameos … and a giant inflatable penis — and even though it doesn’t sound like it … it was just another day at the office. 16 more words


My Letter to the Building Manager

Lately things have been very rocky with the building manager. He’s been giving me and my support worker the “Shush men are talking tone” in regards to the smoking situation, and the aforementioned loud TV. 967 more words


Bad mood

Ughhh! I am in such a rage right now. Some people are just damn ridiculous. They think I’m making life complicated but they already know how I feel. 151 more words


Your garden too was raging, in St├ęphane’s photograph taken at the weekend. He is one neat individual, I hope he gives you similar pleasure to what he gives to me… 15 more words