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“Bruscamente sentimos que jugaban su última carta, que eran taimados, ignorantes y crueles como viejos animales de presa y que, si nos dejábamos ganar por el miedo o la lástima, acabarían por destruirnos. 

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I think by this point it has already been made more than clear that my mind settles on strange things. I don’t exactly write about texts or events in any logical order or with any discernible structure, so there is no point in looking for any kind of link between one post and the next. 1,121 more words

Portfolio Print Out thingy. :D

Contests are here as well. Most of the stuff are outdated and I’m working on a project to fix problems I have on this current portfolio. 49 more words

Thor communes with Captain America 

Shortly after the Death of Captain America event, Thor (who was resurrected after Ragnarok) seeks guidance from his former teammate, ally and friend.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

“How did we get to Valhalla?” Questioned Death.

“You told us to going through Asgard would get us there faster,” replied Famine, now slowing his black mare; bone thin with obsidian eyes, “I don’t remember Valhalla being on the way to Earth though.” 328 more words

Ragnarok Arc Bishop’s Cosplay Preparation

去年答应出这个大团,计划了差不多一年的时间,辛苦伙伴 Lynweh 在诸多方面上帮忙了很多很多。



Hoenir, Memory, and Inspired Speech

Although Hoenir was a companion to Odin and Loki, two well-publicized Norse gods, very little has survived about him, and he does not seem to have had cult places or worshippers. 3,043 more words