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Thor: Ragnarok Holds Final Infinity Gem Story Line

Thor: Ragnarok is something a lot of Marvel fans can already taste. After Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War this year, many are wondering what MCU has in store. 33 more words

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Poetry (Day 331): Trolls


It didn’t matter the first time,
or the second, but
when Ragnarök comes
we will all gather
in the halls of the Valhalla
to log on to the internet… 8 more words


Thor: Ragnarok Cast Needs Doctor Strange VS Hela

Thor: Ragnarok is bringing together the stories of all Marvel super heroes and the Infinity Stones. But what is there to expect aside from the Universe’s plot? 55 more words

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Ragnarok: The Twilight of the Gods

The end of the Norse mythological cycle culminates in the cataclysmic Ragnarok.  The sun and moon will be devoured by the great wolves that have been chasing them for eons.   226 more words

VanRO Headgear Quest Guide: Christmas Event Goryun NPCs

Old NPC has been enabled again. You can find those at Gonryun.
NPC’s are located near (150,150)


  • Zaha Doll Hat
    • 300 Soft Silks
    • 300 Transparent Celestial Robes…
  • 166 more words
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VanRO Update: New Christmas Event

New Christmas Event

There are a Christmas quest in xmas that will give you gift bag. Those gift bag may contains some christmas costumes!

New Items: 173 more words

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Thor: Ragnarok Needs Doctor Strange For Soul Stone Story

As Thor: Ragnarok has about a year left until its official premiere in theaters, many are wondering about its plot. It is a good thing the… 51 more words

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