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Short Story - Ragnarokopoly


Merribelle kept low to the ground, stumbling more than running through the parking lot.  She fell behind a torn, dented, smoking corpse of a luxury sedan, and sat back against the side, breathing heavily. 1,970 more words


GABS Brewer 2015: Ekim Brewing

Mike Jorgensen from Ekim Brewing in Sydney

What beer are you making for GABS? What’s it called?

This is an imperial version of Ekim’s most popular beer, the After Battle pale ale. 279 more words


NWF Ragnarok 2015, and going forwards..

On April 18th, I returned to the Norwegian wrestling scene and WOW did I have a great time!

The show was in Trikkehallen, which does not hold the biggest audience, but those who attended made sure to make themselves heard, a lively crowd with the intention of having fun! 400 more words

Ragnarok comes to SAGA

There is a new, limited edition faction coming to the Saga game. Available from the end of April 2015 is the Revenants faction.

The box comes with 49 miniatures, a necromancer and two copies of 24 different revenant figures, seen here in Game of Thrones style with glowing blue eyes. 42 more words


New TIME WARP card game decks available as POD from PrinterStudio

TIME WARP: Mad Science, TIME WARP: Ragnarok, and TIME WARP: Wild West Now available on POD from PrinterStudio!

PrinterStudio Shop for TIME WARP card game! Come show some love and get a new card game to play. 38 more words

Heimdall v. Loki

In Skáldskaparmal Snorri gives a list of names for Loki. The last is “the wrangler with Heimdall and Skadi.” He also tells us that Loki and Heimdall will fight at Ragnarök, and kill each other. 1,658 more words


Ragnarok & Chikara

We’re only three days away from NWF Ragnarok! My first appearance for the company since NWF “Young Blood”, June 7th last year, which also were in Trikkehallen! 313 more words