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New Statesman: City Metric | Mumbai’s slumdog recycling works surprisingly well – unless you’re one of its workers

Dharavi is a 550-acre slum, a maze of corrugated iron and open sewers at the heart of India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

It is one of the most densely populated places on earth with population of roughly one million people. 572 more words


He was walking down the dusty lanes

Barefooted in torn clothes

His feet survived the scorching sun and the heavy rains

Effortlessly walking on hilly terrains and sharp stones. 54 more words

New Statesman: City Metric | Ragpickers and camembert: Delhi's Divisive Gentrification

Several months ago, I found myself traipsing through India’s capital in search of French cheese. Foolishly I had agreed to supply some for an expat friend’s dinner party. 592 more words

Shared Poetry: Rag-Picker

Last week, I participated in a prompt challenge in a site called Blogger’s Paradise. They had the amazing idea of two bloggers co-writing a story/poem in response to a prompt and they (the participants) had to do it alternately with a partner. 248 more words


Al Jazeera| Delhi's dilemma: What to do with its tonnes of waste?

Mountains of waste are dumped in open spaces where children can often be seen picking through the sometimes toxic material.

With Delhi’s population more than doubling since 1990, the city’s waste management infrastructure has been stretched beyond its limit. 226 more words

Japanese Ragpickers Duel With Sharp Kitchen Knives (1955)

Madera Tribune, Number 262, 16 February 1955

An account of a duel between “ragpickers” in Tokyo, from the Madera (California) Tribune, February 16, 1955.

“Japanese Ragpickers Duel With Sharp Kitchen Knives” 362 more words

1950s Japan