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मै ननकू ...

#story….कल मै गया था संगम नगरी इलाहबाद ..counselling के लिए .. मैंने ट्रेन की खिडकियों से जो देखा उसे बयाँ करना मुश्किल है … एक छोटा सा ..गन्दा सा बच्चा पास से होते हुए पटरियों की तरफ निकल गया … वो था ननकू .. 26 more words



He was walking down the dusty lanes

Barefooted in torn clothes

His feet survived the scorching sun and the heavy rains

Effortlessly walking on hilly terrains and sharp stones. 54 more words

Shared Poetry: Rag-Picker

Last week, I participated in a prompt challenge in a site called Blogger’s Paradise. They had the amazing idea of two bloggers co-writing a story/poem in response to a prompt and they (the participants) had to do it alternately with a partner. 248 more words