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RDP Friday: Wonderland

I live in a wonderland, so what more can  say. Just a few minutes walk from where I live we have country

and a background of the Jura mountains. 95 more words

Ragtag Daily Prompt


The Ragtag Daily Prompt  this morning is WONDERLAND.

I encountered this word several different ways during my childhood, the first being through the well known song, … 281 more words


rdp: wonderland

walking in a winter wonderland


I live on the water so the beach, in the wintertime, is my wonderland.

The beach is empty, the waves are crashing, and shorts are the outfit of the day. Wool cap optional.


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Wonderland

Queen Pirouette’s apartments in the palace were her refuge, and the bedroom was her wonderland.  The bed was so expansive that it could accommodate ten Pirouettes quite comfortably.   60 more words


RDP Friday - Wonderland

In our neck of the woods, we are experiencing snow.  Snowpocalypse.  Snowmageddon, you might say.  The best thing about it is that my workplace called a snowday this week, and I can just look out at the winter Wonderland surrounding me (yeah, this may technically be Canada, but we don’t handle the white stuff as well as the rest of the country…).  75 more words

Ragtag Daily Prompt

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Nothing

More than once during the siege of the enemy castle, King GarGar’s men warned him not to get too close to the action.  Still, everyday saw him inspecting the sappers’ work, barking orders at all and sundry, ever in control of his surroundings.   43 more words


Lost in the Storm

a bilious cloud
rains down

amidst the
thunderous rumble
in my heart

storm energy
draws the light
into darkness

waves surge
pitching me
end over end… 23 more words