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Let’s Not Waste a Crisis - LewRockwell

Here’s a question for you. Which entities produce greater consumer
satisfaction: for-profit enterprises such as supermarkets, computer
makers and clothing stores, or nonprofit entities such as public… 771 more words

Kriz e Politik

Ou pa jamè vle wè yon kriz serie gaspiye.  E sa m vle di pa sa se yon apòtinite pou fè bagay ou panse ou pa t’ kapab fè oparavan.  8 more words


Lockdowns: Looks Like an Op, Smells Like an Op, Walks Six Feet Apart Like an Op - LewRockwell

Read that again: “the synthetic gene is incorporated into the
recipient’s own DNA.” Alteration of the human genetic makeup. Permanent

“’The sky’s the limit,’ 702 more words


We were “zooming” with our children when my oldest son became agitated upon learning that in some states, pig farmers are on the verge of slaughtering and then burying their pigs. 1,439 more words


Chicago's Not-So-Magnifcent 7

Everyone’s heard of the Magnificent Seven, the classic 1960 Western that dazzled moviegoers. Then there’s Chicago’s “Not-So-Magnificent Seven,” whom have created a political firestorm in the Windy City with a lasting, negative effect on America still evident to this day. 104 more words

Bureaucrats Run Amok

Clyburn Brazenly Admits What We Suspected: Dems Using COVID To Change America To Fit Their Vision

“This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” the South Carolina Democrat reportedly told his fellow Democratic lawmakers during the conference call. 845 more words