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This is Chiraq: As of Sunday afternoon 4 are dead and 36 were shot in holiday weekend shootings

Keep in mind that this month the good mayor Rahm Emanuel started a “Put the Guns Down” initiative. A “Put the Guns Down” event was held this weekend, which apparently had zero impact on Chiraq. 232 more words


"He Pays Less, We Pay More": Donald Trump’s Worthless Real Estate Math

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign disclosure reports declare that his buildings are worth a lot of money, in his view demonstrating phenomenal business acumen and how the Trump name adds luster. 1,284 more words

Donald Trump

Chicago-style Neoliberalism: Bike The Drive

Chicago’s annual Bike The Drive is just another exemplar of the American neoliberal state, and of Chicago-style neoliberalism in particular.

How? It’s a honorable “liberal” green cause (bicycling!) on a public road near a free park on Lake Michigan. 271 more words

Trained Workers As Lost Public Assets

The looting of public assets continues unabated here in Chicago. This time it’s building engineers in the Chicago Public School district.

The unelected, Rahm-appointed school board chose privatization for “efficiency” when existing engineers (i.e. 72 more words

It May Not Be Trending, But Rahm Emanuel Is Still Ruining Chicago

“Why has the #FireRahm inferno cooled, fully ablaze as it was just months ago? Self-serving media/political laziness is one factor. Why fight a stubbornly intransigent and still powerful City Hall when an election-year Trump is the headline-grabbing gift of a generation? 57 more words


Uber & The 606: The Worth and Work of Women of Color in the Neoliberalism Era

While riding with my daughter the other morning, we traveled down the new above-ground park-slash-bike/jogging trail called conversely The Bloomingdale Trail and The 606. While grabbing some water on the way up the 606, I noticed the trail was extra busy, with many joggers and walkers as it was such a brilliant, nice day. 1,053 more words


When people told me ‘It’s great to be here’, they meant at the house, not with me. – Rahm Emanuel http://ift.tt/1W9s03c

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