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Republicans lost the cities because they hate the cities.

Conservative writer Kevin Williamson believes that conservatives can someday win the vote in big cities.

He begins by listing off a litany of Democratic failures in city governance, some of which are certainly true — Rahm Emanuel’s sitting on that tape of the murderous cop until a FOIA request forced it out, no doubt due to the fearsome power of Chicago police unions; the sorry state of inner-city neighborhood schools, due mainly to the teachers’ unions; the considerations of black people having to take a back seat to the interests of the public sector unions; everything about Detroit. 854 more words

Protest Continues in Chicago on Michigan’s Mag Mile

Protest Continues in Chicago on Michigan’s Mag Mile

Disapproving of how the city has handled the shooting death of LaQuan McDonald moved demonstrators to hit the streets of Chicago again Saturday to protest the failure to charge Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke with murder sooner. 580 more words


Rahm Emanuel dithers himself into a crisis

It appears as though Rahm Emanuel has continued Chicago’s long tradition of corruption.  This boss waited a year before releasing the dash cam video and now the possibility of another video being deliberately disposed of.  20 more words


Chicago-The Last Petri Dish for the Left, Rahm Emanuel Vs Karen Lewis

Chicago is either at the begin of its recovery or tipping over the edge into liberal fire and brimstone (hell).  The irony is that the two local power players are both way far left.  1,307 more words

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An Officer Has Been Charged With The Murder Of Laquan McDonald. But What About The Cover-Up?



After the first murder charge against an active-duty Chicago police officer in over three decades, the city’s political establishment is eager to move on. 1,444 more words

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Spike Lee urges female college students to go on a "sex strike" to stop date rape

Conceal carry would be my preferred action to stop any rape or sexual assault. But that just me :)

Spike Lee has a brilliant solution to solve college campus sexual assaults: … 309 more words